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PFA tubing is used in every production cycle yet often goes overlooked. Due to its various properties and applications, however, PFA tubing proves invaluable in many applications. An exceptionally fantastic fact about Info over PFA tube Shop.

Saint-Gobain HP PFA is ideal for fluid transfer applications that demand high purity. Its molecular structure reduces chemical extractability while protecting against ionic contamination, and it performs exceptionally well in extreme temperatures.

Chemical Resistance

PFA stands out among fluoropolymers as it provides unparalleled protection from chemical corrosion, permeation, and reaction due to the solid fluorine-carbon bonds present within its polymer chain, which ensures it remains relatively inert.

PFA tubing is widely utilized within the pharmaceutical industry due to its excellent durability when exposed to acidic substances such as nitric and phosphoric acids, along with its high purity levels and transparency, allowing technicians to identify blockages quickly due to PFA tubing’s transparency.

Additionally, this wire feeder features dry lubrication. This makes it easier for technicians to feed wires through extended tubing channels and into tight compartments and spaces.

Electrical insulation and high dielectric strength properties make PFA the perfect material to protect wiring harnesses from sparks or similar sources of ignition, such as metallic contamination. Expanded spiral wrap or cut forms provide additional abrasion protection. Furthermore, dissipative PFA varieties can help eliminate metallic contamination by absorbing and dispersing its electrical charge, eliminating sparks or similar sources of ignition in its path.

High Purity

PFA tubing is an excellent solution for fluid transfer applications that demand ultraclean systems, such as critical fluid transfer or chemical reactions that need an ultraclean environment. Its molecular structure works to fight against ionic contamination while remaining nonreactive to most chemicals – and can even withstand high temperatures without losing integrity.

This material is widely utilized across semiconductor, laboratory, environmental, and pharmaceutical industries that require ultrapure chemicals – including deionized water – with precise quality controls to maintain. Standard and high-purity grades are readily available to meet even the most stringent demands.

PFA tubing’s transparency allows technicians to observe fluid movement through extended tubing channels and restricted compartments or spaces, making it easier for them to spot blockages quickly without disassembling equipment. Furthermore, clear PFA tubing enables users to see which chemicals are flowing through it for easier cross-contamination management in food and beverage manufacturing applications.


PFA tubing offers all the advantages of FEP and PTFE tubing combined, including resistance to higher working pressures and temperatures, making it an excellent choice for critical fluid transportation applications. Furthermore, its stiffer nature helps make it less likely to collapse like other fluoropolymer tubing solutions.

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology labs often rely on PFA tubing due to its many desirable qualities in production processes, with its transparency making it easy for professionals to monitor flow and quickly identify any back-ups or deposits – saving time in the process. Furthermore, high-purity PFA tubing provides exceptional resistance against acids like nitric acid.

Electrical companies value PFA for its dielectric strength and insulating qualities, especially its flexibility as a flexible conduit. PFA tube used as flexible conduit helps shield wire harnesses from abrasion while offering additional electrical conductivity insulation. A PFA body fitting with a Click-Gauge indicates when its fastening nut has reached the ideal position, helping avoid overtightening, which could damage the tube.


PFA tubing material offers outstanding flexibility, crack, and break resistance, high temperatures, and pressure tolerance, and is resistant to chemical attacks that could damage other tubing materials.

Rigid plastic makes for an excellent material choice when connecting elements or compensating pieces in existing systems or vessels, quickly cutting into smaller parts for assembly in any given space, as well as being easily formed to meet various spaces – not to mention helping keep systems clean! This flexibility also facilitates cleaning systems.

PFA tubing is designed to be transparent, making it easy for production processes and blockages to be spotted quickly and detected early. Furthermore, its transparency allows the proper tubing for any given job, saving both time and money in time-saving procedures.

Swagelok offers an expansive selection of PFA flexible tubing, both high purity and industrial grades, ideal for applications where maximum purity is necessary, while industrial-grade options can meet less demanding environments. Both sizes feature various end connections. Contact your nearest authorized sales and service center for more details about options and configurations for these tubing products.


PFA tubing is transparent, enabling users to track fluid movement within it quickly, and is perfect for monitoring applications involving hazardous or corrosive materials that must be handled carefully or can pose risks when mishandled. This quality makes PFA tubing ideal for taking potentially harmful materials such as acids.

PFA plastic’s transparency allows users to easily spot blockages in production processes, saving both time and money in production costs. Because of this feature, PFA plastic is increasingly being utilized by multiple industries – from aerospace to water treatment – for its benefits.

PFA plastic’s transparency allows users to monitor the temperature of the fluid within its tubes, making it useful in medical and pharmaceutical settings where patients’ safety must be ensured. PFA is also widely used by semiconductor companies due to its chemical resistance and high purity, which makes it suitable for wafer processing equipment.

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