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Travelbag Trustpilot Review


Travelbag is a popular travel luggage service, but it has its faults, too. One of them is that it’s not suitable for single people. Another is that it doesn’t feel obliged to fulfill requests and ensure people’s safety. It is therefore best avoided by people who are traveling alone. In addition, there are many complaints on the Trustpilot site. For this reason, we’ve listed a few things to look for goair pnr status, and that helps enough when somebody is on tour.


The online customer service at Travelbag is utterly deceitful and misleading. It tries to lure people by offering a good price only to send them an email asking them to cancel the booking. This leaves customers in an impossible position and unable to look for other options. Worse, they make you pay for the premium rate line, which is PS200 per person, despite your inability to change your mind. This is an awful company.


If you want to buy a bag online, it is best to avoid Travelbag. This company is a scam. They charge your credit card and tell you that you signed up for their membership before you have even received your bag. They then steal your money, despite the fact that you are a paying member.


Recommendations on the Travelbag Trust pilot are a good way to determine whether a company is worthy of your trust. The website is confusing, and Travelbag tries to lure you with a low price and then sends you an email requesting cancellation. This leaves you in limbo, and unable to find alternative companies. Travelbag also tries to charge you more by charging a premium rate line, which costs more than PS200 per person. Overall, I’d recommend looking elsewhere.


Travelbag’s online service is not very helpful. It lures you in with a low price, but once you buy, you’re left in the lurch, unable to find another deal. They then charge you a premium rate for a premium rate line. They also charge you PS200 more per person than you expected. That’s just not right.