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BookVIP Vacations Review


BookVIP Vacations is a discount travel company that offers discounted trips year-round. However, it requires you to attend a timeshare presentation before you can book a vacation. Another complaint about BookVIP is that it does not honor travel dates. Before you can book your vacation, you must read its terms of service. Then you will know what you’re getting yourself into. If you’re not comfortable with timeshares, avoid this discount travel company.

Book Vip Vacations is a discount travel company

If you are looking for a discount travel company, BookVIP is a great choice. It offers customizable vacation packages, timeshare promotions, and resort tours. The company also offers lead generation. Be sure to read the company’s terms and conditions before booking a trip. This discount travel company has been around since 2008, and the owners have experience in the travel industry.

BookVIP has a full-service customer support department that is available twenty-four hours a day. It also offers night trips to popular locations, and it has tie-ups with many of the world’s top hotels and cruise lines. Its customer service representatives speak several languages, making it easy for customers to find the best travel deal.

It requires you to attend a timeshare presentation

You are required to attend a timeshare presentation when you want to take advantage of special offers. These offers typically include free weekend stays, travel credit, and food and drink credit. Investing two hours of your time can help you fund a dream vacation across the country. Before you go to a timeshare presentation, however, it is important to do your research and educate yourself about the company.

The sales presentation can last 90 to 120 minutes. However, in some cases, these presentations may stretch out for several hours. Be sure to keep track of your availability, especially if you have other activities on your schedule or young children waiting for you. Also, if you feel the time is running long, ask the sales representative to close early. Professional timeshare sales representatives will respect your requests.

It does not honor travel dates

BookVIP customers who wish to enjoy special offers must meet the eligibility criteria of the resort and attend a 90-120 minute sales presentation. BookVIP has no discretion over the requirements, which are set by the resort developer. If you do not meet these requirements, BookVIP reserves the right to cancel your reservation before the scheduled arrival date.

It is a scam

BookVIP Vacations is a company that offers discounted all-inclusive getaway packages for married couples. The company also sells timeshares. Its main goal is to attract new buyers by offering them low prices on vacation packages and holiday packages. The company operates in North America and Europe. It is owned by the House of Berlin, a marketing firm with affiliates in various countries. However, some consumers have reported negative experiences with the company.

BookVIP has been in business since 2008 and sells timeshares, resort tours, and lead generation for hotels. The company’s owners are well-connected and have built a strong reputation in the industry. They have even been recognized by the Mexico Tourism Board for bringing thousands of tourists to the country each year.