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Top 5 YouTube MP3 Downloader Apps


If you enjoy listening to music on your mobile phone, try downloading any song as an MP3 using a YouTube MP3 downloader app. These applications allow privacy-preserving downloading without root access on your phone and ensure access for downloading songs as MP3.

These online YouTube converters can quickly, easily, and securely convert videos to high-quality MP3 files – offering users an accessible way to listen to music on the go.


YMusic is an app that lets you easily download music from YouTube and save it as audio files, enabling you to listen even on slow internet connections and with limited battery power. Furthermore, this tool supports all major audio formats. Again, its intuitive design makes YMusic simple for any user.

YMusic stands out from other apps that focus on downloading videos by offering an intuitive user interface with simple navigation features that allow for customizing its look and feel, such as customizable font colors. Furthermore, its search feature makes finding specific songs and artists easy, while its integration with YouTube gives users access to an extensive library of tunes for discovery.

This application is free to download, free from viruses or malware that could harm your device, and does not violate copyright laws in certain countries. To use it properly, it requires at least an Android phone with at least 1.6GHz processor speed and 1GB RAM capacity.

YMusic stands out as an exceptional music player by being able to play music in the background. Not many other players offer this capability, and it can come in very handy when working on other tasks or when your screen is locked. Furthermore, YMusic supports various audio formats, including MP3.

NoxPlayer and MEmu Play emulators provide a cost-free method of installing YMusic onto your computer, suitable for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux users. Although each emulator differs in how side-loading an APK works, the process remains similar overall. To install YMusic using NoxPlayer or MEmu Play, open them both up and enable unknown sources in their security settings – once complete, click to install!


TubeMate is a free video downloader that lets users save songs and videos from popular websites while streaming. The app’s simple user interface makes it user-friendly; compatibility with significant video sites works on all devices while multiple files can be downloaded simultaneously as audio MP3 files; it even supports HD quality files!

This program may have minor drawbacks, but its functionality makes it an excellent option for users wishing to keep their favorite media ready for offline viewing. Furthermore, its caption-downloading capabilities make it worthwhile for hearing-impaired individuals, and its dark theme reduces eye strain while having significantly fewer ads than comparable programs.

TubeMate’s most attractive feature is its ability to download MP3 files from YouTube videos, making it perfect for those wanting to listen to music without using up data connection. With an intuitive user interface and built-in player that lets you watch while downloading, plus an active download manager you can stop or restart at any time, it makes listening to music effortless!

TubeMate can be an indispensable tool for those wanting to preserve music and videos for later viewing, but its ethical ramifications must also be considered. Given its ability to circumvent some protections on YouTube videos, TubeMate may be used illegally to copy protected content; consequently, Google Play Store banned it – however, it still appears elsewhere in online stores and websites.


YTMP3 is a free online tool that makes converting YouTube videos to MP3 files quick and simple, making them part of your music collection with just a few clicks. However, be wary when using it; some sites may ask for your data, and beware when providing it. Also, install reliable antivirus software and keep your device updated; create a separate folder for downloaded files to avoid accidental deletions of downloaded songs!

No matter your musical preferences – whether offline access, language learning, or podcast listening convenience – Ytmp3 offers the ideal solution. This powerful tool extracts audio from YouTube videos and converts them to high-quality MP3 files to enjoy your songs everywhere and anytime!

Start by searching YouTube for the video you wish to download and copying its URL from your browser. Next, visit the Ytmp3 website and paste your copied link in its textbox before selecting the file type and quality before clicking “Convert.” Finally, the resultant MP3 file can be played on any media player or computer.

Ytmp3 is widely recognized for its user-friendly interface, fast conversion speeds, and various bitrate options to meet different musical tastes. Unfortunately, however, the service has come under criticism due to its copyright policies; users should be wary of any legal implications when using this service to convert copyrighted material and should understand any restrictions placed upon their ability to download specific videos due to copyright restrictions.


Y2mate is an online tool that enables users to download videos from YouTube. This feature primarily benefits people looking for music video downloads from the service. In addition, the software offers additional features such as video conversion and customized playlist creation – making Y2mate accessible and user-friendly! Compatible with modern browsers and devices and supporting many file formats, playing videos across devices is straightforward.

Although Y2mate offers a simple interface and functionality, its website contains ads and adware, which could cause serious harm to Macs. Adware often disguises itself as system notifications to prompt click-through, leading to malicious websites or apps that contain malware that could infiltrate your computer and compromise its security.

Y2mate’s site poses other security threats as well. For example, it frequently asks users to enable notifications – an intended feature used by web browsers to inform you of emails, messages, and news articles – but is being misused by Y2mate to serve you advertisements that are irrelevant and may even redirect to untrustworthy websites or even download malware onto Mac computers.

While Y2mate is free to use, it is essential to be mindful that downloading copyrighted material without authorization may be illegal in some countries. Therefore, finding another YouTube downloader that respects users’ copyrights would be prudent.


Vidmate is one of the world’s most acclaimed multi-platform HD video, movie, and music downloaders. The many features that set it apart from its rivals are its ability to pause/resume downloads and its built-in media player. Furthermore, you can use Vidmate to create shortcuts to websites, browse in incognito mode, or bookmark sites – and this program is available both for Android devices and PC emulators.

Vidmate’s latest version boasts an exciting new feature to make accessing videos easier from various websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Pikashow, and Dailymotion. YouTube downloads can even be completed using this application; its versatility also supports multiple audio formats, making converting songs into high-quality MP3 files simple and efficient.

Vidmate stands out among its competition because it is free for users. Its developers strive to deliver top-quality content in an inviting, safe environment; however, downloads that bypass copyright regulations could violate copyright regulations and cause legal complications, such as loss of personal information or the introduction of malware from unauthorized sources.

While Vidmate may offer many advantages over other video-downloading programs, it should not be installed on your device if your privacy is of utmost concern. Apps requiring access to personal information should never be installed on public computers, and the developer of Vidmate was previously banned from Google Play; for your safety, it is safest to download only from trusted sources and be wary of downloading apps promising multiple features as they may not be as secure.