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Netlify – Build Better Experiences With Hugo and Netlify


Netlify simplifies site development, testing, and deployment: combines modern tools and APIs with a robust development workflow to deliver seamless websites, stores, and apps.

Deploy globally using our fast CDN and bring content directly to users. Prerender pages at build time with any tool of choice before deploying as static files as fast-loading static files.

Hugo Template

Hugo is a static site generator that enables users to create websites rapidly. Designed to be intuitive, Hugo features many pre-made templates to get you up and running quickly, as well as advanced features that let you personalize the look and functionality of your site, such as environment variables and custom build commands.

Hugo stands out from other static site generators with its incredible speed of website generation. Hugo can generate an entire website in less than one second, making it the perfect tool to kick off new projects quickly. It achieves this by compiling content into one file and serving it directly to the browser – a rapid process that results in clean and functional websites in mere moments!

This feature allows you to build a simple website to maintain and update, which is particularly helpful for companies with multiple employees working on different projects simultaneously. By making collaboration easier between them and ensuring files are in their correct places, time and effort are saved, thus improving overall productivity.

Hugo makes Markdown documents more potent by supporting shortcodes in Markdown documents, enabling you to insert content that would typically require extra code – like links or embeddings – directly into your content. However, please keep in mind that shortcodes only work through the. Content variable due to Hugo being a compiled language not designed for dynamic expansion like other dynamic languages are.

If you use an earlier version of Hugo (pre 1.6), the terminal may display the following error message due to its default behavior of trimming whitespace from both sides of a Go tag. You can rectify this by changing the default behavior of your application to eliminate this action.

Hugo stands out from other static websites with its support of data files. This feature allows you to store extra information in JSON, YAML, or TOML formats utilized by your template layer – especially useful when dealing with large data sets that cannot fit directly in a content or template file.

Hugo differs from traditional CMS platforms like WordPress in that it doesn’t feature an integrated content management system for managing website contents, instead relying on your folder structure and directory tree for this task. By organizing folders according to type (such as pages, posts, or podcasts), top-level directories can be created as needed for collecting different forms of media – perfect for managing pages, posts, or podcasts in particular.

Hugo websites allow content editors to easily add new pages using content sections, similar to custom post types in WordPress. Each content section has its directory where its files reside – for instance, “projects” could have its folder with this name within your /layouts/_default folder so Hugo would recognize these files as part of your website.


Stop worrying about managing web servers and create superior experiences with Netlify. Every deploy automatically publishes your apps onto our global edge network; cache dependencies to speed up subsequent builds; prioritize critical bodies by locking the site to their latest iteration; customize who can trigger builds and adjust plan settings – everything from managing individual web servers to building better experiences is possible with us!

Use server-side code to prerender routes at build time for faster load times, personalize content, localize media, intercept requests, and more, utilizing our full web architecture features. Create JavaScript or TypeScript functions as API endpoints connecting to third-party services and building dynamic experiences.

Automate the collection of browser metadata to QA, reproduce, and troubleshoot issues across multiple environments. Use BrowserStack to test in real browsers as well as virtual environments; easily connect to either your own self-managed Git repository or one from GitHub Enterprise Server and GitLab;


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