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Top 5 2023 Matchbox Cars


Matchbox manufacturer Mattel has unveiled an elaborate little horse-drawn carriage used during Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation as part of their 70th anniversary collection.

Mattel now owns both Matchbox and Hot Wheels, giving both brands a renewed focus on realism and details.

MBX Rescue ’51 Hudson Hornet

This matchbox model captures perfectly the Fabulous Hudson Hornet, a legendary NASCAR race car from 1951-57 that made an appearance in Disney/Pixar film Cars as well as several spinoff video games. Additionally, its presence was used as the basis of Doc Hudson, played by Paul Newman – an avid auto racing enthusiast himself!

The MBX Rescue ’51 Hudson Hornet comes complete with a fantastic kit featuring plenty of parts and instructions, making assembly an easy process. All major components are included and spread out across several gray sprues for the group; there are transparent windows and marker lights as well as preprinted wide whitewall tires to complete this classic model car’s look – making this model an outstanding addition to any collection of diecast cars!

Hudson Hornet models were produced in several variations during its production run, from two-door coupes and four-door sedans to convertibles and hardtop coupes with L-head engines that offered excellent performance despite having lower capacities than those found in its Super Eight and Commodore Eight counterparts. Fans and drivers alike quickly came to appreciate its sleek body, low center of gravity, and impressive speed compared to competitors such as Chevrolet Impalas.

Matchbox City Series City Adventure II set features more than just the Hornet; other vehicles in this series include the Honda Civic hatchback, Cadillac Escalade, Mercedes GLE Coupe, and Chow Mobile. An orange Meter-made security unit features a light gray interior with smoky windows, while a metal flake black Honda Civic hatchback features Honda logos and clear windows.

This unique vehicle set is perfect for kids who love playing with vehicles. This set features a yellow and white sea hunter helicopter, pink fire service trail tracker, silver Subaru Impreza police car, and Pierce Dash fire engine, all made of die-cast metal and equipped with rolling wheels – suitable for indoor and outdoor play – inspiring everyday heroes with real-world replicas – perfect for ages 3+.

MBX Auto Bahn Express

MBX Auto Bahn Express makes a fantastic addition to any matchbox collection. This die-cast vehicle boasts front and rear detailing as well as smooth wheels for travel across any surface and a clear window color to view inner details and keep naughty thieves at bay. Ideal for patrolling an imaginary town and protecting its inhabitants against miscreants!

The 2023 Matchbox Car lineup now boasts the MBX Auto Bahn Express as a fantastic new addition. Boasting classic German styling and equipped with police lights to deter thieves, this fun toy car makes an engaging way for kids and parents alike to play together and inspires everyday heroes in all. Plus, it makes an excellent present for collectors of Matchbox cars!

Unlike the MBX Rescue ’51 Hudson Hornet, this model isn’t a carry-forward from 2019. Instead, it was first released as MB99 in 2019 before being discontinued in favor of Mercedes-Benz W123 Wagon models. Now available again under Honda’s Crystal Black Pearl series nameplate as MB1227 (it looks similar but with a subdued style).

2023 Matchbox Cars Are Now Coming Out with Special Color Variations MBX Auto Bahn Express is one of two 2023 matchbox cars to feature an entirely new color variation from its initial release; another is the McLaren 720S in lime green and yellow, which may be challenging to find stores; collectors will find this easier.

This Matchbox set features six vehicles inspired by real-world transportation and is designed to encourage creative push-around play for kids three years and older. Each model is crafted from metal with front and rear detailing and textured wheels to allow quick, smooth movement; perfect gifts for young automotive fans!

MBX ’63 Austin Healey Roadster

Car collectors might enjoy this Matchbox die-cast model. Featuring detailed interior and exterior surfaces, smooth wheels that roll freely, and a quickly moving base texture, this matchbox die-cast model makes driving fun!

The MBX ’63 Austin Healey Roadster is a three-wheeled vehicle constructed to resemble its real-world counterpart closely. Made of die-cast material in blue and orange with Polaris branding, this highway car model measures 1:64 scale.

This toy car is an ideal way to encourage creativity and storytelling among children three and up. With realistic themes and authentic details, children can use their imagination and construct their narratives through playtime with this excellent toy car! Also makes an ideal present!

Toy cars can make an excellent addition to any collection, especially when well-constructed with intricate interior details and smooth movements on the road. When selecting one for long journeys, it must move freely along its route while featuring an open cockpit design with clear windows so you can see inside!

Matchbox cars are more than just pretty toys – they’re also fun to play with! Boasting unique designs and an assortment of vibrant hues, they make excellent birthday party favors or gifts for other special events.

Lights and sounds in the car provide another exciting feature, making the experience more engaging for children. Children can create their racetrack and test out its capabilities.

As well as these features, a quality Matchbox car must be constructed well and feature a durable body, essential elements of die-cast toys that stand up over time. In addition, it should have a high-quality motor capable of moving swiftly over any terrain – all features that ensure it remains a safe toy for children to play with.

MBX Convoys

MBX Convoys models were first released for Matchbox by Mattel in 1982. Since then, their collection has seen several name and packaging variations and even served as the basis for later cab and trailer multipacks and series (such as Super Rigs). At the same time, cabs and trailers from different generations do not connect seamlessly.

These modernized versions of classic Matchbox vehicles boast more contemporary looks and feel, with eye-catching graphics and utility features that capture kids’ attention. Their goal is to inspire creative play among children of all ages, mimicking real-life vehicles for added fun! Matchbox gifts make perfect presents for kids of all ages.

Hot Wheels models feature special features or accessories to differentiate themselves, while Matchbox vehicles are more realistic-looking, which appeals to collectors by giving them a closer experience of how cars might appear in real life. Furthermore, Matchbox reimagined vehicles are featured both online and in TV ads.

As well as featuring imaginatively imagined vehicles, the line also included non-diecast Matchbox toys such as puzzles of photographs depicting these vehicles in realistic-looking settings, race track sets (Matchbox Motorways were challenging plastic snap-together tracks that resembled roadways with small spring loops on vehicle undersides that interlocked with these tracks), wall display systems and even slot car systems for standard (non-powered) car models.

This 2023 set contains two vehicles: a green 1965 Mustang GT with “Happy Holidays” written on its door and a red 1964 Austin Mini Cooper with white ribbon accents; plus, it includes a case containing a Shell tanker with Western Star 49X cab as well as cargo loader/trailer featuring two spare tires with snowflake designs and snowflake-shaped accessories – providing hours of play for children three years old or up. This set will give your child plenty of adventure!