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What is a Thot?


That is a derogatory slang word for “That hoe over there.” It’s commonly used in rap and trap music. Its origins are unknown, but the term was first defined in the Urban Dictionary on December 5th, 2012. The word is also commonly used to refer to a slut.

That is slang for a promiscuous woman

That is a term used to refer to a promiscuous woman. This word originated in rap music. The word means “that ho over there.” Although it is typically used as a derogatory term for a woman, that is also used playfully.

It’s not uncommon to hear this term in the comments section of a Facebook post. Facebook groups dedicated to identifying potential ‘thotties’ have popped up. While these groups can help find women of color, they can also be abused by trolls. These trolls mock women in front of hundreds of thousands of followers. Sometimes, these trolls attempt to defame them by chasing them off social media. While that is not banned, many other controversial words have been taken back by people they have wronged. Among them is slut, which victims of sexual assault reclaimed.

that is a nerd

The word geek is usually used as an insult and refers to a nerd or geek. It is similar to words such as dinner, gasman, and wasteman. Other similar words include old-timer and thot. The acronym THOT stands for ‘that ho over there.’ It also means uglier contemporaries.

that is a sexy, confident person

The term “thot” originated in the urban dictionary, which first appeared in 2012. Its usage has increased as rappers, and other social media users have become more widespread. It is used in various contexts, from an adverbial phrase to an insult. A “thot” is generally a confident, sexy person. However, it can also mean a whore or slut.

The definition of a “thot” is subjective and varies from person to person. It is often associated with a black person. However, it can also describe a person who wears natural hair. The word is also often used to describe a model who is not Caucasian.

that is a sluttish person

‘Thot’ is a term that denotes a sluttish person. Initially, the word meant “that hoe over there.” But, it has since been used in rap and trap music and is often associated with self-professed thots.

Men use this term to refer to promiscuous women. Women are often thots, as they pretend to be a valuable female commodity but are just a cheap imitation of a “good girl.”

that is a queer identifier

“Thot” is a common queer identifier many LGBT+ individuals use to identify themselves. But the word itself has a troubled history. Homophobic individuals and predatory men have used it to label their victims. It is essential to recognize that calling someone a ‘thot’ is sexist and misogynistic, even if the person using it is not.

The term queer means “not straight.” Queer describes anyone who is not heteronormative in their sexuality or orientation. Although the term is sometimes an insult, the LGBTQ+ community has taken it back and reclaimed the word as an empowering identity.

thot patrols prevent men from interacting with thots

The idea for that patrols came about during a conversation on the Wikzilla Discord server. These groups aim to prevent men from interacting with thots and are led by Big Nibbana. To do so, they allied with the Derp Cat Legion. This alliance obtained clearance from the United Memes to destroy Thotville.

The urban dictionary defines a thot as a woman. This definition is much tamer than some other examples of thot-bashing. However, some people may use a more vulgar term. For example, in San Antonio, “Thot Patrol” members have been seen at the Alamo Ranch plaza several times.