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The best in Bulgaria – What you should See, Things to Do


It is very tough to recommend what you should see throughout Bulgaria! There are so many things to do along with places to visit – natural, ethnic and archaeological landmarks in the land!

Let’s take a look step by step so what can Bulgaria offer. Besides traditional summer resorts, we will explain something about caves, mountains as well as towns in this country.


The lovers of hills and mountain climbing should go in order to Rila Mountain, Pirin Hill, Rhodope Mountains, Vitosha Hill or Stara Planina Hill. Musala (2925 m) may be the highest peak in Getaway. These places are to should go if you are interested in hills. It is situated in Rila Hill and is one of the 100 nationwide tourist sites. Rila Hill is also famous for the 7 Rila Lakes. All the ponds have names, that greatest characterize some of their specific characteristics.

Salata (The Tear) could be the highest lake. It is referred to in this way, due to its clear normal water, which allows visibility in depth. Typically the lake with a perfectly square form, second in height, is referred to as Okoto (The Eye). Various other natural phenomena, which I completely admire, are the incredibly gorgeous gorges in Bulgaria.

Probably the most famous gorges are The Trigrad Gorge. It is situated in the southern parts of Rhodope Hills. The picturesque gorge is really a canyon of vertical marbled rocks and encloses the actual stream of Trigrad Water, which plunges into Dyavolskoto Garlo (Devil’s Throat) Give and comes out as a karst spring.

The Erma Water Gorge is another favourite location for lovers of character. It is located near the traditional western border of Bulgaria, alongside a small town, called Tran. There is a specially built link over the Erma River, that allows you to enjoy the adorable stuff.

Caves – a special spot to visit in Bulgaria

In case you are very fond of nature as well as its landmarks, you will be certainly inquisitive to see the caves in Getaway! There are numerous caves all over the country.

One of the most popular is Dyavolskoto Garlo (The Devil’s Throat) Cavern, Ledenika Cave, Magura Cavern, Bacho Kiro Cave along with Yagodina Cave.

It is assumed that the Devil’s Throat Cave is usually 300 000 years old. The cavern is 1 km extended. In the cave, you can see the most important cascade of waterfalls in the Balkan Peninsula, with an entire height of 60m. Typically the longest cave on the Balkan Peninsula is Yagodina Cavern. Its length is twelve km. This is a five-storied extra tall cave, which has many abysses and labyrinths inside. Many of the formations in the cave mimic Santa Claus, Snow-White and the Several Dwarfs.

Magura Cave is extremely attractive because of its paintings, 7000 years old. The pictures represent searching scenes, love scenes as well as dance scenes.

If you nevertheless don’t know where to go in Getaway here are other places as well as things to do:

Summer resorts — traditional places to go within Bulgaria

Probably the most popular you are Golden Sands – mainly preferable by young people as well as couples due to many actions in this never-sleeping beach city.

Bulgaria provides a great problem for your summer holiday. There are several summer resorts where to go in this country – we will go on a detailed look at them in your next articles.

Architectural stored – Tsarevets

If you are happy to know more about Bulgarian culture along with history, you should probably visit many of the numerous churches and monasteries along with architectural and ethnographic stores. One of the most imposing architectural stores is Tsarevets.

It is based on Tsarevets hill, from the town of Veliko Tarnovo, northern Bulgaria. Tsarevets can be a medieval stronghold. It was the important fortress of the Second Bulgarian Empire. Behind its higher walls, there were patriarchal as well as royal palaces.

Nearby Veliko Tarnovo is located in the town associated with Gabrovo. Apart from its popularity as a Bulgarian town associated with humour and satire, Gabrovo is well-known for The Etar Architectural-Ethnographic Complex. It is an open-air museum, which presents Bulgarian craftsmanship, culture and customs. The complex shows the pattern of life and architecture in the area during the Bulgarian National Rebirth.

Towns to visit

One of the best places in Bulgaria may be the city of Plovdiv and its architectural-historical complex “The Old Plovdiv”. There are remains, preserved through Antiquity, Middle Ages and the Rebirth, such as an Ancient amphitheatre as well as Roman Stadium. The Ethnographic Museum in Plovdiv had been inaugurated in 1917.

You will discover over 40 000 physical objects, exhibited in the museum. These folks were used in agriculture, crafts, material, furniture, art and play instruments in18th and nineteenth centuries.

Other impressive system reserves in Bulgaria, that must be seen, are Koprivshtitsa, Zheravna and Zlatograd.

As a part of Bulgarian culture, I would consider the wonderful monasteries and churches in the united kingdom. Do not miss the Rila Monastery when visiting Bulgaria! This can be the largest monastery in the country. It turned out founded in the 10th century and was regarded as one of the important cultural, architectural in addition to historical places.

One of the 75 national tourist sites will be the Boyana Church. It was integrated into three stages and has been finished in the 19th hundred years. There are amazing frescoes given that 1259, which demonstrate the particular exceptional achievements of mediaeval Bulgarian culture.

Other top places to visit are cities like Sofia, Burgas and Varna.

One more thing to do in Bulgaria

The best in Bulgaria when you are a lover of archaeology? Bulgaria gives you plenty of archaeological remains, offering proof of the life of men and women in this region since ancient times. Madara (northeastern Bulgaria) is a village using a significant archaeological and traditional reserve. It includes a Thracian settlement, ancient Roman suite and fortress, medieval development and Christian monasteries in addition to churches.

Madara is popular for the Madara Rider, a large rock relief, carved with 8th century by Bulgars. If you are interested in the Thracian story you should also visit the Thracian Grave of Kazanlak (Central Bulgaria), the ancient Thracian associated with Perperikon (eastern Rhodope Mountains) or Veliki Preslav (north-eastern Bulgaria), which was the capital the First Bulgarian Empire.

If you’d prefer wellness and spa vacation rentals Bulgaria can offer this provider too! Moreover, there are some exclusive hotels providing special techniques when you suffer from back pain in addition to heritage.

Of course, there are many exhibits, museums and monuments, which usually give a lot of information about the lifestyle and history of Getaway. So if you do not have enough time to see all the magnificent places inside Bulgaria, you are always here you are at come again!

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