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Milton Air Fittings


Milton air fittings, commonly referred to as quick-connect couplings, play a vital role in many compressed air applications such as paint spraying, sandblasting, and high CFM blowguns.

This kit contains steel plugs and couplers with 1/4″ basic flow sizes and maximum air flows of 40 SCFM, ideal for connecting tools that utilize compressed air for their operation. By matching color-coded couplers and plugs, you will help avoid mixing lubricated with unlubricated airlines, which could potentially result in costly downtime or damage to tools.

Color Coding

Milton offers a selection of colors to differentiate the various couplers and plugs shown, making it easier to pair them and avoid cross-contamination. Users can quickly identify which plug is appropriate for their needs while being sure that no higher pressure or lower flow airlines have been connected accidentally.

Milton S-765 V Style Hi-Flo Air Coupler was designed for high-flow applications like paint spray guns, sandblasting, and air tools requiring high volumes of air at low pressures, with its 33% larger size than standard 1/4″ couplers and an airflow rate of up to 34 SCFM.

This Milton M-Style COLORFIT Air Coupler/Plug Accessory Kit comprises five pieces. These include:

Guarded Sleeves

Workers often prioritize protecting their hands when it comes to working near potential hazards, but all parts of their bodies could also be at risk. Sleeves provide extra protection from crush, pinch, and blunt force injuries.

Sleeves come in many materials, from durable fabrics that resist cuts to those that meet ANSI cut-level standards and puncture resistance ratings. Some sleeves even reduce radiation exposure during welding jobs!

An air fitting company should also offer other accessories and equipment, including protective sleeves. This could include quick-change couplers that allow easy tool connections/disconnection. Tire gauges are another essential product that quickly assesses tire air pressure on cars, trucks, and trailers. They come in digital as well as analog forms to meet different applications, available through automotive distributors as well as online vendors.


Milton air fittings come in different sizes and designs to meet specific applications. Some have higher pressure ratings that can withstand more significant stresses; these make them suitable for heavy-duty tasks and situations with increased strain, such as those found in sandblasting or high CFM blowguns. Furthermore, these fittings also offer a more consistent flow for better tool performance while decreasing air consumption.

This kit offers an assortment of coupler/plug air accessory fittings with a 1/4″ essential flow size (air handling capacity). This set contains A-style couplers made of steel that have been coated to prevent rusting; its A-style plugs feature case-hardened steel construction with push-type sleeves for effortless operation.

This COLORFIT kit allows you to match couplers and plugs using color quickly. This enables quick identification between lubricated lines or high air pressure or non-lubricated lines using color codes, thus simplifying identification between lubricated vs non-lubricated lines or high and low air pressure lines. Suitable for use with traditional Milton M-style air couplers as well as competitor M-style air couplers for reduced cross-contamination on compressed air systems – each coupler/plug comes equipped with an easily identifiable colored plastic handle, which helps identify connections and prevent accidental misconnections preventing misconnections from obstructive misconnections from accidental misconnections of connections occurring accidentally between couplers/plugs/inlets/plugs to allow easy match up when matching is done using this kit.


Recoil air hoses differ from traditional air hoses in that they come with tight coil cords like telephone wires that compress when released, taking up less space and being easily accessible when needed – perfect for manufacturing plants, automotive shops, or home workshops with limited storage.

Our COLORFIT(r) system offers an efficient way of matching couplers and plugs together quickly. Utilizing its patent-pending color coding system, this system makes it simple to differentiate lubricated from non-lubricated lines as well as high pressure from low-pressure lines, eliminating cross-contamination while speeding up any project completion timeframes.

Our air accessory fittings are an ideal choice for air shop applications and feature a 1/4″ essential flow size (air handling capacity). Constructed of steel with an anti-rust coating to resist corrosion and feature push-type sleeves on their couplers and plugs. Furthermore, these fittings provide a maximum inlet pressure of 300 PSI and maximum airflow of 34 standard cubic feet per minute – as well as being compatible with traditional Milton (M-Style) industrial pneumatic air couplers as well as competitor blue couplers/plugs/couplers/plugs/couplers/plugs/couplers/plugs.


Milton air fittings are designed to increase airflow while simultaneously maintaining safe working pressure, making them an excellent solution for automotive and industrial applications such as paint spraying, sandblasting, high CFM blow guns, and more. Made in America for optimal durability and user-friendliness – making them suitable for professional body shops as well as D-I-Y enthusiasts – Milton fittings can also work seamlessly with tire inflator gauges and hoses for an enjoyable user experience.

This five-pack of Milton Air Couplers and Plugs offers a selection of sizes and styles designed to meet your specific needs. Constructed of heavy-duty steel plated with zinc for corrosion resistance and featuring a push-type sleeve for easy connection, these air accessory couplers and plugs offer an essential flow size of 3/8″, maximum air pressure of 300 PSI, and feature Buna-N seal compatibility – they even work with most major brand interchanges! Among their variety, there are H-style couplers and P-style plugs explicitly designed to fit most commercial compressors!