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The Best Commercial Lawyers in Fresno


No matter your business stage, having an experienced legal team on board is essential. These lawyers will guide you through all legal aspects of your venture from forming a corporation to defending against creditor claims.

The top commercial lawyers in Fresno can provide you with experienced representation and help your business achieve successful outcomes. These firms demonstrate a dedication to their clients and an intimate knowledge of their needs.

1. Gora LLC

Starting a business in Fresno can seem like an impossible feat without legal assistance. You’ll need someone who is experienced at handling legal tasks such as registering your company, filing taxes and hiring employees legally. With legal counsel on board, starting your business venture won’t be nearly as daunting an ordeal.

The top commercial lawyers in Fresno will have an intimate knowledge of your industry and know where to find the information needed for success. Furthermore, they understand how best to communicate with you so that you feel secure in their decisions. With so many lawyers available, it is essential that you take time to compare them before selecting one for your startup’s legal needs; failing to do so could have long-term detrimental effects on growth and profitability. When selecting a commercial lawyer it’s essential that they possess both expertise and personality traits necessary for successful operation.

2. Baker Manock & Jensen

Since 1903, Baker Manock & Jensen has been one of Central California’s most esteemed law firms. Its clients range from agribusiness and alternative dispute resolution to business litigation, health care law, intellectual property rights and estate planning.

The firm’s real estate practice encompasses the acquisition, sale, exchange and leasing of commercial and agricultural properties. Additionally, they represent public agencies in a range of land use and development matters such as zoning regulations, financing structures, environmental compliance issues and real estate leasing or sales transactions.

The firm’s business, tax and regulatory law practice encompasses corporate, partnership and individual income tax matters as well as contracts, secured loans and supply agreements. Furthermore, its patent and trademark attorneys assist clients with the identification, protection and enforcement of trade secrets and other intellectual property rights.

3. Wild Carter & Tipton

Established in 1893, Wild Carter & Tipton has been a cornerstone of Fresno for over 125 years. Their highly experienced attorneys possess an in-depth understanding of legal matters and are ready to offer cost-effective guidance for businesses of all sizes.

Their expertise and dedicated approach will guarantee that your business’ legal objectives are achieved. They provide a range of legal services, such as dispute resolution, corporate governance, debt restructuring and contract negotiation.

They specialize in handling matters related to employment discrimination, wrongful termination, personal injury, medical malpractice, insurance claims and professional and health care liability. Their clients range from corporations and small businesses to individuals.

4. Hatmaker Law Group

Hatmaker Law Group, situated in Fresno’s downtown business district, provides superior legal services to its clients. Their commercial lawyers are well-versed in the details of local, state and federal laws that affect businesses of all sizes – from employee contracts to litigation and settlements. Plus, they boast an impressive track record for success by going the extra mile for their clients. Their clientele includes Fortune 500 companies, small to mid-size business owners and entrepreneurs. The firm’s attorneys strive to give strength to every client through advocacy and devoted service. If you need an elite legal team that can handle all your corporate needs at once, contact them today for a complimentary consultation!

5. Dowling Aaron Incorporated

Established in 1977, Dowling Aaron Incorporated has grown to be the preeminent full-service law firm in central California, representing the diverse interests of a sophisticated client base. With offices located in Fresno, Bakersfield and Visalia, the firm handles an array of legal matters such as agribusiness, construction, public agency work, employment law issues, environmental protection laws non-profit entity formation processes and tax law.

Dave Weiland is the Chair of Dowling Aaron Incorporated’s Construction Litigation and Public Agency Departments. His practice areas include professional liability defense, construction litigation, municipal law, real estate transactions and land use matters. He earned his undergraduate degree from California State University at Fresno and law degree from San Joaquin College of Law; additionally he is a member of Fresno County and Tulare County Bar Associations as well as Association of Business Trial Lawyers.