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The best Sony Bravia 55X9000H review guide you will see


In this Sony Bravia 55X9000H review, I will give you a quick overview to make sure if you want it or not, let’s get started… To find out more about patitofeo click here.

Sony has a special position in the entertainment industry and a reputation that few businesses can match today.

Even as new entrants enter the market to make high-end features more available to a wider range of consumers, Sony is playing the luxury card by providing features and experiences that set its TVs apart from the competition.

Sony Bravia 55X9000H review: Sony’s new 4K set, the Bravia X9000H, is available in 55 and 65-inch sizes. Despite its size, the TV has a thin frame and even thinner bezels. This isn’t a flat design like some of the newer ones we’ve seen, but you don’t look behind a TV to see how small it is.

So, Sony has focused much of its attention on the show, which employs a full-array LED panel, which ensures the colors are consistent throughout the board and there are no bright spots. The X-tended dynamic range technology adjusts the brightness and depth of the screen as required.

Sony Bravia 55X9000H review – When you watch a show like Netflix’s Night on Earth, you realize what a deeper black means. This is the kind of frame with various shades of black, and on the Bravia X9000H, you can see all of them differentiated from one another.

This is also where you can see how Dolby Vision provides the kind of contrast that distinguishes these images from a standard display.

Sony Bravia 55X9000H review: resolution and display

Most of the Sony Bravia 55X9000H reviews agree that the Sony 55X9000H’s ability to manage motion was where it fell a little short through resolutions.

Turning off all motion enhancement features resulted in a jittery viewing experience, but leaving them on smoothed things out just slightly.

Artifacts were often evident in scenes of rapid motion, as seen in many action scenes in The Boys and the climactic fight scenes in JoJo Rabbit on Disney + Hotstar, and this was very distracting. This occurred at all resolutions but was especially noticeable with 4K content with otherwise sharp images.

Most low-cost 4K TVs struggle with upscaling lower-resolution content, especially 720p and standard definition video. The Sony 55X9000H proves its worth here, with strong output across resolutions.

Although some details and definitions are lost during the upscaling phase, Sony does a decent job of minimizing this and making all lower-resolution content look as good as it can, even with the large screen.

Sony Bravia 55X9000H review

Image source: amazon

Jojo Rabbit on Disney+Hotstar was bright, sharp, and enjoyable to watch, except for the aforementioned motion issues. Lower-resolution content, such as children’s videos on YouTube and Netflix, looked good as well, with the Sony 55X9000H having the colors, textures, and brightness correct most of the time.

The Sony Bravia 55X9000H review has a decent screen but falls short of other luxury TVs in terms of tone. At high volumes, the sound is just about sufficient thanks to two clear 10W full-range speakers firing downwards below the screen.

The tuning is adequate, and the volume levels are consistent, but the lack of power results in a sound that is not exceptional. It’s adequate for basic viewings, such as news or sitcoms, but short, noisy, and punchy scenes sounded a little dull through the TV’s speakers.

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Is the Sony Bravia a decent television?

Sony televisions are usually a good bet. They usually have excellent picture quality and a high level of shine. Their build quality is also higher than average.

Is the Sony X90H a good buy?

A lot of the Sony Bravia 55X9000H reviews agree that the X90H ticks almost every box, from design to display and audio. So, if you're looking for a premium 4K HDR10 TV with Dolby ATMOS technology, a dedicated Netflix mode, and an overall smooth user experience, the Bravia X90H is worth a look.