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Places to Visit in Dandeli, Karnataka


Located in the western Indian state of Karnataka, Dandeli has numerous natural attractions. For example, the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is home to elephants, monkeys, and black panthers. You can also visit the Dandeli Temple and the Kavala Caves, which feature stalagmite formations. The Anshi National Park is also nearby and includes the Kali Tiger Reserve.

Supa Dam

Supa Dam is one of the most popular picnic spots in Dandeli. With various water sports, this dam provides visitors with hours of fun. Located in the Joida Taluk of Uttara Kannada district in Karnataka, Supa Dam is close to Ganeshgudi, Karwar, and Hubli.

If you’re interested in learning about water and the natural environment, Supa Dam is an excellent place to visit. This dam, located on the Kali River, is a beautiful spot for swimming and picnics. It also provides hydroelectric power to the surrounding area. Visitors can also take a boat ride down the river. If you’re traveling by car, Supa Dam is about a 20-minute drive from Dandeli’s Bus Stand.

Supa Dam is the second largest dam in the state and is located on the Kali river 25 km outside of Dandeli. This hydroelectricity plant provides electricity to many parts of the state and provides irrigation for local farms. Visitors can take a boat ride or picnic in the lush green plantations surrounding the dam.

Kavala Caves

If you’re visiting Dandeli, the Kavala Caves are a must-see. The caves, formed thousands of years ago during volcanic activity, contain large stalagmite formations and are home to snakes and bats. However, the small caves offer a stunning view of the River Kali.

This attraction is an enticing destination for anyone looking for an outdoor adventure. You can go for a jungle jeep safari and explore the picturesque landscape. You can also take a scenic ride by the gushing River Kali. There are also several religious sites in Dandeli that are worth exploring.

The caves are surrounded by dense forests and are home to several wild animals. These animals rely on the creeks and ponds to get their water. Unfortunately, these animals may be forced to leave the area if tourists keep coming. As a result, environmentalists have been working to ban the caves’ entry to protect the animals. They also contend that the increasing level of pollution is disturbing wildlife.

Moulage Eco Park

Moulage Eco Park is one of the major tourist attractions in Dandeli. Here you can indulge in various adventurous activities like rafting, kayaking, coracle riding, and trekking. You can also enjoy mountain biking and zorbing.

This popular eco-park is spread over 12 acres of land. It is surrounded by thick bamboo and evergreen forests. The park also has cliffs and rock formations. A meandering river runs through the park. It is connected to the Kali River. Visitors can take a nature walk through the park and see the animals and plants that thrive there.

Moulage Eco Park is one of the best places to visit in Dandeli during summer. It is a perfect place for camping and wildlife watching. Also, you can take your kids here for a nature walk.

Sri Tulaja Bhavani Temple

The town of Dandeli offers several tourist attractions. The Shivaji Fort is one of them. It is a beautiful and historic fort around 25 km from the city. It is believed that the Maratha king Chhatrapati Shivaji built it. It was later occupied by Sangoli Rayanna, who fought the British tooth and nail. The fort provides a fascinating insight into the philosophy of war and the architectural style of the time.

Other Dandeli tourist attractions include the Kavala Caves, formed by volcanic activity. These caves are also home to a naturally formed Shiv Linga, about 40 feet below the earth’s surface. To reach this natural formation, you must descend 375 steps. You can also see stalagmite formations and caves linked to the Mahabharata.