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One Day Trip Places in Dhanbad, India


Plenty of one-day-trip places in Dhanbad, India, are worth visiting. These include Parasnath Temple, Lilli Sthan Mandir, Bhatinda Waterfall, and Panchet Dam. For more information, read on. These places will give you a sense of what the city offers.

Panchet Dam

One of the most beautiful places in the Dhanbad district is the Panchet Dam. This dam, built across the Damodar river, was opened to the public in 1959 and has since become a popular tourist spot in the region. Many people visit this place with family and friends during Christmas and New Year to spend the day by the lake.

Several attractions within Dhanbad are not crowded and have unique natural beauty. There are lakes, dams, rivers, mountains, and wildlife to enjoy. The Panchet Dam and Bhatinda Falls are two great places to visit in Dhanbad. Several religious sites are worth visiting in the area.

Parasnath Temple

Dhanbad is a beautiful city full of natural beauty and rich history. You can explore the town’s great lakes, dams, rivers, and temples. This city is also famous for tourists interested in Jainism and Buddhist tourism. It is best to visit Dhanbad during the winter when the temperature is comfortable.

There is a scenic route to the top of Parasnath Hill. This is an easy hike that takes about an hour and a half. It starts slightly uphill and has some flat sections, but after a few kilometers, you’ll enjoy lovely town views and the surrounding countryside. You’ll pass several tea stalls along the way and can buy snacks and water. There are also bathing facilities available at the temple’s Jal Mandir.

Traveling by train, you can easily reach Parasnath Temple from Dhanbad. It is located about 63 km north of the city. Buses and taxis are available.

Lilli Sthan Mandir

Located on the banks of River Katri, Lilli Sthan Mandir is the most sacred Hindu place in Dhanbad. The temple was built over 800 years ago by a local king in honor of Goddess Lillori, the king’s ancestral deity. During the festival of Diwali, the temple is also visited by thousands of devotees.

There are many places to visit in Dhanbad, including Lilli Sthan Mandir, Jagannath Temple, and Birsa Munda Park. The city also boasts several dams, lakes, and rivers. Visitors can also explore the Bhatinda Falls and the Panchet Dam. In addition to these scenic attractions, visitors can also visit Dhanbad’s historic sites.

Shakti Mandir is another place worth visiting. This Hindu temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga. The Akhand Jyoti of the Goddess is also housed here. This temple is packed with devotees on special days, and on Fridays and Tuesdays, it becomes the hub of activity in Dhanbad.

Bhatinda Waterfall

Bhatinda Waterfall is surrounded by picturesque rocks and hills and is an excellent picnic spot. It is best visited before sunset when the view is at its most beautiful. There is limited lodging and no lifeguard on duty at the waterfall, so tourists should plan to bring their food and water.

It is located around 14 km away from the railway station in Dhanbad. There are some hotels in the city that offer a reasonable accommodation. However, the fall is famous during the monsoon season and can get extremely crowded during holidays. Fortunately, there are plenty of places to stay in Dhanbad that is accessible and comfortable for visitors.

Birsa Munda Park is another popular one-day trip place in Dhanbad. Located at the foot of a scenic hill, this park is a popular destination for locals and tourists. This 21-acre park has a toy train for children and many recreation spots. It is also home to several species of plants and trees.