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Oppo Find X3 Lite Review – An Affordable Smartphone with Professional Features



Smartphones say a lot about a person’s personality and are very important in determining your first impression. So, never show ignorance or negligence when buying your mobile phone. Are you an entrepreneur just starting his business with a hectic lifestyle, meeting clients almost every now and then, every day? Or Are you an employee in an office? In both cases, you must be looking for an affordable smartphone that will not only be within your budget but will also put you as a professional. Getting affordability and awesome features on one plate is surely a dream to many but at the same time is hard to find.To read more click here.

Oppo Find x3 Lite Review

For all those of you who have been searching for an affordable smartphone with highly professional features, your quest ends over here. Oppo has launched its Oppo Find x3 Lite Review. Its various features make it super suitable for professional life and besides that, it fits in your budget!

Oppo has launched a whole series of Oppo X3 smartphones, with each one offering something exciting, thrilling, and eye-catching. But what makes Oppo Find x3 Lite Review the best of them all? It is its exceptional balance between fulfilling user’s requirements and being within an average user’s budget. The other smartphones available in this series are highly expensive. But the Oppo Find x3 Lite Review, besides being an affordable smartphone, offers almost all of the features present in those expensive models.

Though it is still to be launched in India, you can easily find one of these at around $525 outside the country. But if in India you will have to wait until June 16, 2021. The expected price is Rs. 38,990/-. Meanwhile, you can go for the Oppo Reno5 5G. It has got almost the same features and price.

What is the one feature that makes it stand out among the rest?

Honestly speaking, there isn’t any such feature and that is its specialty. Without wasting money on boosting a single feature, the company has focused on providing its users an experience that will cover almost all of their needs. This idea though might seem ridiculous to some, many customers out there do idealize such a smartphone. Just think about it. What would you do with a high-resolution camera if you do not even have enough storage for your pictures? Also, some people do not even need a high-resolution camera. For them, spending money on a mobile phone which focuses on one aspect entirely would be a waste of money.

Oppo Find x3 Lite Review is a legit attempt to manufacture a piece without sacrificing neither the money nor any of the important features. It provides you all you want at the best affordable price. The company has used almost all the features but just had them a little less than the expensive versions to keep a difference.

Ok. So, what features does it cover and to what extend?

Now, enough of what it does not have. Let’s talk about what it has. This upcoming smartphone is the perfect match for businessmen or even other working people. The ones who do not buy a mobile phone to show off or to satisfy their aesthetics, but to meet their needs, this is your ultimate partner.

The ones who buy a phone to run their online business or even to manage the stuff for their offline work, this is the mobile phone that they should consider buying. It got almost all the features that you would generally find in a ridiculously expensive smartphone. Oppo specially made these for those who need to tone up their smartphone experience but don’t have that much money.

Let’s dive into the details of what this amazingly designed handset offers.

Oppo Find x3 Lite ReviewA powerful battery is a need for today’s fast life!

One of the remarkable qualities of this Oppo Find x3 Lite Review is its powerful battery. If you are fed up with your old handset taking hours to charge but minutes to drain out the entire battery, give a try to this new upcoming Oppo Find x3 Lite Review. Its Li-Po Non-removable and 4300 mAh battery will not only take much lesser time to charge but will also last much longer than others available at the same price range.

As said earlier, this feature makes it even fitter for the working class. Just give it an hour before leaving for work and it gets you covered for the whole day. In fact, in the advertisement, they claim that the 65W charging cable needs only 35 minutes from an empty battery to charge 100%. Isn’t that a wow factor? Though some might not consider it to be, those who value a good battery will find it amazing for sure.

Besides the powerful battery, there is a fallback. It does not provide you with the facility of wireless charging. But most probably, with a charging time of 35 minutes, you might not need this overly hyped feature.

Good memory, good storage! Another very important feature

What does a workaholic need? A smartphone that stores all his data and he might not need storage cards or USB that might even be misplaced sometimes. Again, comes the Oppo Find x3 Lite Review with another wonderful feature. The 128GB Built-in memory is most probably enough for all of your data.

But still, if you think it might be not enough for you, consider some other model because this one does not have an option for a memory card. Instead of regretting it later, think thoroughly before buying. Check on your presently available phone storage and see if you can manage in the one Oppo Find x3 Lite Review is providing. If yes, then go for it. Otherwise, you should rather think about some other model.

The RAM, the processor, the overall performance!

The 8GB RAM provides good performance. You will hardly ever find your mobile to stop working or to hang on between the apps. It has an octa-core processor adding much more value to its performance.

The display

The display is always one of the topmost features that almost everyone takes a look at when buying a smartphone. To be honest, Oppo Find x3 Lite Review lacks a bit in this region. The 6.43 inches large screen does provide a fascinating display and the resolution of 1080 x 2400 Pixels (~409 PPI) adds a lot to it. Gorilla Glass 5 provides protection which is a great plus for those who often tend to drop their cell phones.

Oppo Find x3 Lite Review

Besides all these features they claim to have AMOLED technology for captivating colors. But it lacks a bit. Maybe the components used didn’t match up completely. The colors of the display aren’t that good if we compare it to the price and the fact that they claim to have AMOLED technology. But still, if you are willing to sacrifice vibrant colors, this smartphone could be a great match for you. Other than that, it has a refresh rate of 90 Hz. Hence, apart from the little less vibrant colors, consider the smoothness it will provide at 90 Hz.

The brightness ranges from 600 nits to a peak of 750 nits, which is again not very much captivating but still a good one.

Now, let’s talk about Connectivity; It’s got 5G!

Another great feature of this Oppo Find x3 Lite Review is the availability of 5G. You won’t find 5G connectivity in other handsets ranging in the same price limit. The Snapdragon 765 processor makes it possible to provide 5G. Also, the processor comes from the Qualcomm manufacturer, which although is not the company’s best, but is a good one.

Apart from 5G, other connectivity features are just like the usual. The usual Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and FM radio.

The Front and Back Cameras

Oppo Find x3 Lite Review – Camera quality and experience count a lot when manufacturing a high-quality smartphone. Oppo Find x3 Lite Review also has great camera quality with its 64MP+8MP+2MP+2MP quad camera with LED flash at the rear. The camera is quite bulging out which would have made it look out-of-date, but the company has very aptly curved the edges to give it more of a modern look.

Also, the quad-camera provides various additional features, like Geo-tagging, touch focus, face detection, along HDR and panorama capturing.

Oppo Find x3 Lite Review

The camera features also got a zoom factor. You can zoom your pictures up to 20X without losing much of the detailing and resolution. The 64 MP camera makes it possible to have a good in-depth look at the pictures taken. Another amazing feature associated with the camera is the panorama view. It allows you to take wider scenario pictures. You can take a single picture of a whole scene with a single click.

The 32 MP front camera is perfect for your day-to-day selfies may it be at work or a party. The front camera is adjusted at a corner which helps in maintaining a more subtle front look.

Oppo Find x3 Lite Review – You might be thinking high of it by now, but let me tell you, there is still a feature that will make you love it even more. The dual video option. Yes, you all vloggers, it’s true! This amazing handset brings in the amazing feature of dual video making at such as affordable price.

Oppo Find x3 Lite Review

Some additional features

Besides all the above-mentioned features, there are also some additional ones that add up to the value of this affordable smartphone.

  • There is a fingerprint sensor on the display screen. It’s pushed towards the bottom line to give a subtle display.
  • Accelerometer, compass, gyro, and proximity sensors are also offered in this affordable price range.
  • The HTML5 increases your browsing speed.
  • For protection, the front glass is supplemented with gorilla glass 5.
  • There is night mode available for dark lovers.

The professional Looks

This handset is so made for professional people, and this does not get said enough. The looks and appearance are highly professional, classy, elegant, and sophisticated. In short, the looks are the real essence of this smartphone

Oppo Find x3 Lite Review – The glass front with the camera purging out in the corner and the fingerprint sensor being in-display provides a very fine and decent front display. The frame is made up of Aluminum and is available in three stunning colors, Galactic Silver, Azure Blue, and Starry Black.

Oppo Find x3 Lite Review – Again, all the colors available give it a professional look, making the statement more stand out. Among these three amazing colors, the Galactic silver is said to have a classy glass finish. The other two are available in matte finishing. Thinking practically, the matte one would be more preferable. But in the end, it all depends on the buyer’s personal preferences.

The dimensions of 159.1 x 73.4 x 7.9mm, combined with a weight of 172 g might sometimes make it a bit difficult to handle, especially when spending hours watching videos.

Besides all the good, you got to sacrifice a few

You have got to admit that, you can get everything, especially in this price range. You need to be willing to sacrifice at least some of them. Here are a few features that you will be sacrificing when buying the Oppo Find x3 Lite Review.

Not water resistant

Oppo Find x3 Lite Review – Yes, you heard it right. It does not have water resistance, if you happen to fall it, pray it to be on the ground because the gorilla glass might save it over there. But had it fallen in a water body, it got nothing to protect itself. The water will most probably destroy your mobile phone.

Also, keep a plastic zipper handy. So. That you can manage to save it if you encounter rainy weather.

Flat and Dull image capturing

Oppo Find x3 Lite Review – Though the smartphone has high pixels of both the rear and the front camera, the images seem to be a little too dull. Even the AMOLED technology does not make up for it. The pictures taken seem to be dull, flat, and lacking luster. The colors do not appear to be vibrant or attractive.

The camera instead of adding to the beauty of the scene being captures, actually makes it look a bit dull due to its unattractive color adjustments. The same goes for the front camera. Your selfies might seem a little dull. Although it has AI beautification, it could hardly make up for the dull color palette.

So, if you choose to buy it, either adjust yourself to less attractive pictures or get used to editing your pictures now and then.

What will be your first expression? And how will be your experience?

Oppo Find x3 Lite Review – Most probably you would firstly demean the handset as it got no stand-out features. But a little detailed research will let you know that this affordable handset has got much more than a single wow factor. The company has focused on people’s requirements and needs sacrificing the wow factors that usually stand no importance once the hype dies out.

At the start, you might find it a little disappointing to miss out on the wow factors that other handsets in the same price range offer. But the bundle of amazingly good features will surely affect your experience and will make it a pleasant one.

The Bottom Line

Oppo Find x3 Lite Review – The bottom line would be “Value for money”. The newly launched Oppo Find x3 Lite Review is surely the one that focuses on the value for money. In a very much affordable price range, it covers everything that comes in highly expensive handsets. Though they have toned down every other feature a bit to manage it within the budget, it provides the customers with plenty of features to look at.

If you are a college student who needs a smartphone to show it off among his friends or to take stunning pictures, this handset got all the reasons to disappoint you. But if you are a person who needs a smartphone that has all features to fulfill his requirements. From powerful battery to good storage, the Oppo Find x3 Lite Review got you covered. If you are finding something that fits your small budget and also looks fantastic, consider buying the Oppo Find X3 Lite.

Oppo Find x3 Lite Review – The crux of the matter to be explained is that if you lack on budget and are searching for an affordable smartphone, you should consider buying Oppo Find x3 Lite Review. Though the mobile phone covers almost all the features, it tends to tone down all of them. In short, you’ll get a professional-looking handset at a very affordable price but will get none of the wow factors.

Oppo Find x3 Lite Review – Oppo has very aptly managed to provide its users with a premium smartphone experience without tickling down much of the features. This Oppo Find x3 Lite Review is a perfect handset for those who want high-performance features but can’t afford those expensive handsets.

If you have always dreamt about having a phone that charges quickly, provides high-resolution pictures, looks stunning, performs pretty well, you no longer have to yearn for the huge money. Oppo has managed to fit such a mobile phone into your budget by just compromising on the few features.

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