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Miamisburg Schools Calendar 2022


The Miamisburg Schools Calendar 2022 features holidays and celebration days for both students and teachers, which can help teachers plan their work effectively. This calendar also allows teachers to manage their workload more effectively.

On November 7th, students can experience personalized learning for grades PreK-12. Elementary school students will participate in home learning day.


Miamisburg schools provide students with numerous extracurricular activities. These activities range from music and theatre classes, chess clubs, and robotics programs to summer camps and foreign language programs. Students also participate in a wide range of sports – known for having consistently high test scores and graduation rates.

In recent years, the district adopted a revised school calendar that features longer summer break days and shorter school weeks, leading to some debate among parents, but many feel that this change will support higher academic achievement.

This year, the district added two non-student days at the beginning of each school year to allow teachers time for preparation for the school year preparation, collaboration, professional development, and planning for vacations and scheduled breaks. Furthermore, these non-student days give schools time to ensure that there will be sufficient preparation time prior to classes beginning on day 1.

Students taking exams or participating in extracurricular activities will also find these days invaluable, helping them make better choices and avoid missing valuable learning opportunities. It is wise to check with their schools/teachers regarding the exact dates of these days.

Beginning in 2022, the district will construct a new middle school and replace its existing buildings, with construction to be complete by 2024. This project will cost over $100 million and include amenities such as an atrium with a main stairwell, a modernized media center, expanded student dining commons and a dedicated wrestling gym, renovated music classrooms, and state-of-the-art television production studios.

This year, students and parents should plan accordingly as no school will be in session during Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, or Columbus Day – when traveling is necessary, they should contact their respective schools for accurate travel arrangements.

Special Events

This Miamisburg City Schools Holiday Calendar 2022 highlights all significant holidays and events of the academic session while providing special days for students so they can begin preparing early and make the most out of their school experience.

Miamisburg City Schools District provides grades 9-12 education to the town of Miamisburg in Ohio. It is administered by a Board of Education, led by current principal Michael Black. Athletic teams known as Vikings represent this school, which wears royal blue and white as its colors.

Outside its regular student activities, this school also provides extracurricular programs such as musicals, drama productions, cheerleading, swimming, track & field, wrestling, and other sports for its approximately 2,000 students enrolled. Each full-time employed teacher serves 18 pupils; most students are white American with some minority representation from African American and Hispanic populations.

Miamisburg High School is currently undertaking a multimillion-dollar reconstruction project that should be completed by fall 2019. This construction includes building a new auxiliary gymnasium at its western end, reconfiguring the main stairwell in the atrium area, completely renovating their 400s classroom “swing wing” built in 1982, updating the music room and media center facilities, setting up state-of-the-art television production studio facilities for television production as well as creating dedicated weight training and physical fitness gym facilities – just to name a few projects underway at Miamisburg High.

The school has also adjusted its uniform policy to provide greater flexibility for both students and families. Students may select from any of the following consistent options:

Home Learning Day

Home learning days are an integral component of any academic curriculum. They allow students to continue their education without the hassle of traveling and enable parents and their children to work together on education projects. To maximize these days, teachers should ensure students feel at ease working from home, sending student login credentials for all programs expected of them on remote learning days so they remain productive and focused throughout the day.

The district prioritizes quality teaching and learning while protecting student and staff health and safety and has committed to maintaining continuity of instruction through E-Learning Days for elementary school (4K-6). Secondary students (7-12) will continue having traditional inclement weather days.

On days when the High School serves as a polling station, these will be marked on the district website as “Emergency Flexible Learning Days.”

To minimize academic loss during an emergency flexible learning day, the district is encouraging parents and students to focus on review and enrichment activities to reduce the workload on an emergency day as well as stress levels.

Miamisburg City Schools will host two non-student days dedicated to teacher preparation and services during the 2022-2023 school year, giving teachers time to prepare for what lies ahead while giving them time for reflection and relaxation.

The district has also implemented several changes to the school calendar based on feedback from students, families, and teachers. These include adding planned flexible learning days at the start of each year as well as altering when High School acts as a polling station during elections. We believe these modifications will have positive ramifications on both staff and students alike.

Personalized Learning Day

Personalized learning allows students to work at their own pace while still meeting age-appropriate standards. It emphasizes strengths, needs, and interests to keep students more engaged in the classroom. Through this approach, personalized learning helps develop lifelong learning skills such as working cooperatively with others, problem-solving, and decision-making that will be helpful in later years.

On day one of this event, Thomas Murray will speak about his latest book, “Personal and Authentic,” discussing how personalized learning is revolutionizing schools and providing all students with more agency. Additionally, he will share strategies and best practices for implementing a personalized learning approach in your classrooms. There will also be breakout sessions led by teachers and learners, as well as networking opportunities between all attendees.

The first 20 days of school are essential in setting expectations and establishing classroom rules and procedures. By taking advantage of this time to implement personalized learning tactics early in the school year, educators can empower their students from day one and set them on a path to success all year long. Students can explore their passions while learning ways that spark their interest – creating more engaged classroom experiences that may even spark something more!

Summit Education has long been recognized for its bold approach to personalizing learning, with its willingness to overhaul schools and break free from traditional teaching models completely. Their iZone360 model gives schools the chance to conduct full-scale learning experiments while revamping budgets, staffing arrangements, and instruction methods accordingly.

Personalization has become an invaluable strategy to increase student learning in an age when children struggle to remain focused and engaged in class portfolios, online assignments, and online assessments. By adapting educational experiences according to each child’s specific strengths, needs, and interests, personalized learning enables all children to reach their full potential. Examples of customized learning could include student-created portfolios of work as well as assessments designed specifically for them.