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Metuchen Schools Calendar


Back-to-school preparation has already started in Edison and Metuchen, as the start date of classes is scheduled to occur later this summer. Parents can stay informed by accessing free calendars of school years.

Policy committee members voted in favor of the final version of the 2022-23 calendar, which maximizes learning time for all. Some board members, particularly those of Jewish faith, opposed making Rosh Hashanah an official school day.

School Closings

Metuchen Schools District kicked off its new school year Tuesday but had an abbreviated opening due to extreme heat. Early dismissals are anticipated throughout the week due to high temperatures. Superintendent Eric Johnson encouraged parents and students to plan accordingly; students are asked not to gather in maskless gatherings and to be honest when answering the daily screening questionnaires.

District 505 provides its students with a robust safety program, with teachers and students participating in mandatory COVID-19 training. Furthermore, there is an established emergency protocol, including locking building doors to protect staff and students during an incident and locking them all out safely when responding to emergencies. Furthermore, efforts will continue to educate families about COVID and encourage them to seek advice from local health services when seeking health advice.

Metuchen public schools are part of the Middlesex County school system, offering free public education to children across Middlesex County. Each year, Metuchen receives federal grants to fund its programs and student achievement; these funds help ensure quality schools where children can develop critical thinking skills. Furthermore, Metuchen Education Foundation (MEF) grants provide grants directly to educators or projects that address both schoolwide goals as well as individual classroom goals.

Metuchen School District’s 2023-2024 school calendar not only includes holidays but also important events for both teachers and students. These events include teacher preparation days, teachers services days, and professional development days that may not appear on an official schedule but still affect academic sessions.

Metuchen schools’ 2023-2024 school calendar includes all significant holiday dates for this academic session; however, they must regularly check the official New Jersey government website to see if there have been any adjustments or amendments made to this list.

Before the Board voted on next year’s school calendar, members of its policy committee engaged in an intense debate. Members favored some versions while opposing others designed to maximize learning time. The final calendar was approved 5-3, with one member abstaining.

Early Dismissal

If your child is not home at his/her regular dismissal time due to an appointment or special event, please notify his/her teacher prior to that day so the school can make arrangements for later pickup times. Students cannot return after school has ended for forgotten homework or materials, even if their home remains open.

Parents are accountable for making sure that their child completes his/her assignments on time, in an ideal learning environment free from distraction and with adequate lighting. Teachers may assign homework that requires extra study over weekends or holidays if your child cannot complete it by 2 pm on the due date. If this happens, please notify the school office as soon as possible so they may provide support before calling them off altogether.

School officials reserve the right to dismiss any student who violates its Code of Conduct. Should this occur, either the principal or assistant principal will assess and determine an appropriate penalty; otherwise, parents or guardians may be asked to pick up their children immediately from school; in extreme cases, they will be brought before the disciplinary board for action.

Students must abide by school policies both on school grounds and in-field experiences, such as being respectful to others and their property, obeying authority, cooperating with fellow students and staff members, and acting according to Catholic Church teachings while upholding human dignity – among many other requirements. Students also need to abide by state and local laws.

Envelopes may contain flyers for events and activities sponsored by the school – not private parties or functions – throughout the year. Parents are strongly advised to check these envelopes regularly for flyers from school.

Make-Up Days

Metuchen School District offers make-up days on its calendar for those students who miss school due to weather or other reasons and uses other school closing days as make-up days in order to ensure an uninterrupted education for its students.

The school district’s 2022-2023 calendar includes federal holidays, public holidays, and regional celebrations, as well as non-student days such as teacher preparation days or services days for teachers, as well as events and meetings related to education.

Parents can gain information on their child’s school schedule by visiting its website or calling its office. Parents should make sure to update any changes in their address, email address, or telephone numbers so the school has accurate contact details in case of emergencies.

The new school year is quickly approaching, which means it’s time for families to transition back into routine. To assist families, Metuchen schools have released official calendars for the 2022-2023 academic year that outline essential information like school closures and early dismissals.

Metuchen’s calendar features a more extended summer break than previous versions and allows students to make up missed days more easily. At its Feb 22 meeting, board members debated if this schedule maximizes learning, ultimately voting to approve it.

After the meeting, several parents voiced their discontent with the decision. Some claim the schedule does not give Jewish students enough time off for Rosh Hashanah; they want it observed as a school day on both days. Hazel-Ann Johnson-Marcus of the Policy Committee noted that they considered all religious holidays when creating the calendar.

On August 8, the district will host a COVID-19 parent information session and offer a special parent/teacher conference to all those interested.

Special Events

Metuchen School District now enjoys a more extended summer break thanks to the calendar approved at a board meeting. In September, two additional days were added – including Rosh Hashanah – which previously marked a religious holiday; some members of the community have raised objections regarding this move.

Metuchen schools host many events on their calendar throughout the year, such as concerts, movies, and dance performances. Furthermore, children and adolescents have access to after-school programs like sports leagues, clubs, and tutoring in addition to library services and activities for adults. Parents can visit the Metuchen Public Schools website for an exhaustive listing of activities and events taking place there.

Parents can access homework assignments and grade reports for their children by logging into the student information system. Parents can also use this system to inform homeroom teachers or principals of changes to addresses, email addresses, or telephone numbers, as well as sign up for reminders and receive notifications when their child is absent.

Metuchen Education Foundation (MEF) supports innovative and engaging learning experiences for teachers and their students in public schools through grants distributed to educators. Donations enable educators to create engaging activities such as field trips and special projects for their students; additionally, they may purchase classroom supplies and technology. MEF is a non-profit organization funded by donations from the community with grants awarded based on teacher applications; additional awards are presented annually to outstanding educators and administrators within their ranks – the organization boasts more than $1 Million in assets!