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Lookout Mobile Security Review


Lookout Mobile Security is a free downloadable app that promotes security and privacy. It has many local and remote features that help users protect their mobile devices. The app is available for Android and iOS and cites over 30 million active users from over 170 countries. The features include antivirus protection, backup of contacts, restoring lost data, and finding your lost phone. If your phone is lost or stolen, you can also use the app to track its location and get help to retrieve it.


Download the Lookout mobile security anti-malware app and start protecting your smartphone from malware. This app offers three main features: it scans your device for malware, updates its history and prevents malware downloads. All three features make Lookout a great security app for mobile phones. Once you’ve downloaded the app, it’s easy to use and configure. In addition, the app is designed to protect your smartphone from threats.

Lookout is a company with more than ten years in the mobile security game. Its new security app, Lookout Security & Antivirus, is branded with the Lookout name and has over one million reviews on Google’s Play Store. It’s easy to install and features a clean interface that divides tabs by apps, web and wi-fi. It also scans installed apps, flagging those known to be malicious.

Lookout Mobile Security is a great way to protect your smartphone against malware, backup important data, and get remote management capabilities. The company operates as Lookout, Inc. and has a free trial to test its features. The premium plans come with several extras, including a lost phone finder, dark web scanning, security breach reports, privacy advisor and more. Lookout Mobile Security Basic is free and is the best option for most people.

Lookout Mobile Security offers three plans. The Basic plan has a limited number of features and comes without annoying ads. In addition, the Basic plan scans for corrupted files and apps and optimizes your phone’s performance. The Basic plan also has a map feature, unlike McAfee Mobile Security, which does not have that feature. This makes Lookout the better choice for protecting your phone, but you should also consider Bitdefender Mobile Security if you’re looking for the best mobile security app.

Lookout Security and Antivirus have basic anti-theft features, including location tracking and a Scream alarm. It’s worth noting, however, that most antivirus apps on Android only scan apps for “malware” when they are first uploaded. In most cases, malware on Android is related to advertising shenanigans and information harvesting. Lookout’s anti-malware won’t catch these apps, so ensure you’re careful when downloading apps from the Play Store.

Data backup

The Lookout mobile security app is designed to back up your contacts, pictures, call logs, media, and more. The app also includes anti-theft protection. You can also restore data to your device if it goes missing or is stolen. Backups are stored in the cloud, which is safe, but you can restore them manually by upgrading to the premium version. You can choose to back up all or select individual items.

The app is available for Android and iOS. You can download a 14-day trial of Lookout Premium or pay a monthly or yearly subscription. The service represents good value for money, but you will miss some advanced security features. Premium subscriptions also offer Remote Lock and Wipe. The free plan does not provide backup features, theft alerts, remote lock, or VPN. But, if you have these needs, you should consider upgrading to the premium version.

Looking to protect your device and data, Lookout may be a good option. The app can secure and protect your devices. The developer of Lookout, James Burgess, founded the company in 2007.

Besides protecting your phone from malware, Lookout offers data backup and remote management. In addition, it can also locate your lost device and can back up all your data. Lookout’s cloud-connected application is lightweight and efficient on your device. The app is widely available and is a world leader in smartphone security. It offers apps for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile. It is free for personal use, but Lookout targets business users with its promotional campaigns.

You can download Lookout from the Google Play App Store. Log in with your Lookout account to activate the product. After installing the app, you’ll be shown the seven features: security, safe browsing, secure wi-fi, ID scan, breach report, and missing device. The Lookout mobile security app is easy to install and set up. Once installed, you can log in using the app or website. Lookout offers a Personal, Partner, and Enterprise account.

Remote management

If you want to manage the security of your mobile device, Lookout is a great option. Its remote management capabilities make it easy for you to keep track of your mobile device and prevent any malicious activity. The Lookout app can back up contact details, media, call logs and more. It also provides anti-theft protection. However, you should know that Lookout requires access to your device’s GPS and Google’s Wireless Networks Location.

While the free version of Lookout Mobile Security is available for iOS and Android devices, its premium version provides additional advanced security features. You can also subscribe to Lookout Premium for a monthly or yearly fee, which is a reasonable value for money. However, remember that the free version of Lookout does not offer many features, such as the backup function, theft alerts, remote lock, VPN, or remote data backup. This may not be what you are looking for, but it can help you avoid big security gaps.

If you’re worried about your data privacy, the Lookout Zero Trust access solution protects your information through integrated data loss prevention. The solution analyzes telemetry data from more than 150 million devices and applications to detect threats. It uses machine intelligence to identify unknown threats automatically. Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security protects your privacy with zero false positives and respects your data. You can manage your mobile devices remotely, and you can even set up remote management.

The Lookout Premium Plus service is a $100 per year option that includes identity theft protection. Although it is considered an upgrade from free Lookout mobile security, it offers identity theft protection comparable to most standalone identity theft protection services. The Premium Plus feature is only available on the Lookout Premium Plus tier, which some people find pricey, but it’s still cheaper than standalone identity theft protection services. You can choose to cover up to five Android devices with this plan. However, premium Plus only protects one person’s identity and financial information.

Phishing protection

The Lookout mobile security platform protects millions of mobile devices from malware and phishing attacks. Its cloud modules are aligned with different organizations’ needs and scale to hundreds of thousands of endpoints. It blocks malware, phishing sites, and bad applications. The Lookout mobile security platform runs in the cloud, which means that it receives almost continuous updates. The latest updates are delivered to the user’s device without them having to update the Lookout app.

The Lookout mobile security solution integrates with VMware’s Workspace ONE security platform to eliminate data silos and accelerate the time to value information. In addition, the software uses artificial intelligence (AI) to identify risky sites and trigger alerts. This allows the IT team to respond to threats and protect users from security issues quickly. For example, phishing attacks take advantage of the smaller screen size and simplified user experience of mobile devices.

The Lookout mobile security app is easy to install and contains useful information. The Lookout gives users access to a secure online portal where they can activate remote device triggers, view the device’s location on a world map, and get basic information about the device, including carrier, handset model, and IMSI number. Lookout also boasts of the world’s best mobile security support team. The free version includes a lookout Virus Scanner and 360 total mobile security features.

If you’re looking for a mobile security solution that works on Android, look no further than Lookout. The company has been in the mobile security game for over ten years, and its security app is now a 4.5-star Android app. The app is free for Sprint customers, and Lookout offers a free version of Lookout for those who haven’t upgraded yet. In addition to preventing malware from infecting your device, Lookout’s phishing protection also protects you from scams.