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Let’s Get Fit Game Review


Let’s Get Fit is one of the most comprehensive and versatile exercise games on Switch, featuring achievements and leaderboards similar to Ring Fit Adventure for tracking statistics over time and motivating exercise.

Cepzid Creation’s fanmade gym modpack features 12 furniture items and 14 functional objects with new animations to give Sims, who loves hitting the gym, an advantage in terms of equipment.

Fitness Equipment

Since people are becoming more aware of health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, and being overweight due to overeating fast food and drinking alcoholic beverages, working out has become an increasing trend – leading to the growth of the fitness equipment market.

The global fitness equipment market is driven by an increased interest in increasing muscle mass and flexibility – both of which are particularly crucial for seniors. Furthermore, due to government initiatives promoting healthier lifestyles, this market continues to expand exponentially.

Bowflex, ICON Fitness, Nautilus, and Life Fitness are some of the top players in the fitness equipment market. Their functional “Let’s Get Fit” mod pack provides your Sims with access to various gym equipment ranging from punching bags and barbells/dumbbells/stationary bikes/pull-up bars/workout benches/exercise radios/sporty decals/cabinets/lockers etc.