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Joseph Watt Obituary


Joseph Watt was an exemplary family man who valued spending time with his children, grandchildren, and friends. Additionally, he directed a mixed-singles golf group and enjoyed duplicate bridges.

Watt drew criticism when he served as Interior secretary early in Ronald Reagan’s administration, unveiling controversial policies that expanded industry access to wilderness areas for drilling, mineral mining, and lumbering; cut land acquisition funding; and reduced programs protecting endangered species – prompting widespread outrage among conservative Republicans as well. His outspoken ways often left moderate Republicans wholly baffled.

Joseph Watt’s Life Story

Joseph Watt was an incredible individual who greatly valued family time. An avid fisherman, Joseph would enjoy going fishing at the beach with his family to catch redfish together. Additionally, Joseph enjoyed BBQ parties with friends as well as sharing stories through humor-rich storytelling sessions with all those he knew – he will surely be missed by everyone who knew him.

Joseph was born and raised in Ohio with humble beginnings, yet immediately distinguished himself through being inquisitive and an eager learner from childhood onward. In high school, he excelled in math and science classes, music, and art – ultimately embarking on a musical career playing keyboards and drums for several bands and artists worldwide, appearing on numerous albums as well as television broadcasts.

Watt made his first trip to London at 17 to start an apprenticeship as an instrument maker and soon after became adept in this craft. On his return to Glasgow, he immediately set about improving canals and deepening Scottish rivers, also making friends with Joseph Black, University of Glasgow Professor of Chemistry, who used model engines provided by Watt for lectures on latent heat.

Watt came up with an idea that revolutionized society on May 18, 1765, while strolling in a park near the Clyde. Realizing steam could power more efficient engines than its modern predecessor, Watt invented an ingenious device for condensing smoke while permitting some to pass through without cooling – an innovation that launched the Industrial Revolution.

Soon after the outbreak of World War I in August 1914, Watt volunteered for patrol service and was appointed captain on January 11, 1915. He was assigned HM Drifter Gowanlea – an 87ft wooden vessel based at Italy’s heel – where she became involved in an enemy sortie that sought to break through her lines and allow submarines to escape the Mediterranean Sea.

Joseph’s Career

Joseph Watt’s career as a professional football player was genuinely extraordinary. He won three NFL Defensive Player of the Year awards and five first-team All-Pro selections; additionally, he became the first player ever to record multiple seasons with 20 or more sacks. Despite all this success, he still managed to remain humble and dedicated to his craft, consistently placing teammates ahead of himself.

Watt not only played in the NFL, but he was also an attorney who practiced law for over two decades in Oklahoma State and served as both an Associate Judge and Special District Court Judge in this period. Additionally, he was a devoted husband to Eileen for 57 years and father to their seven children – including J.J. Watt (both Pittsburgh Steelers) and Derek Watt, who have joined them as NFL players – as well as a loving grandfather to nine grandchildren, including John Daniel, Lisa Brandon A J Conor Katie Anna Henry.

Watt was actively engaged in many charitable endeavors during his NFL career, earning himself the 2017 Walter Payton Man of the Year award for his efforts following Hurricane Harvey relief efforts in Houston alone. Additionally, he raised over $40 million and volunteered at numerous organizations like the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and the Children’s Museum of Oklahoma.

Watt has also made noteworthy contributions to music beyond his NFL work, contributing to various artists like pianist Clarence Williams. Additionally, he was an established presence on New York City club scenes with bands such as Wayman Carver’s Southern Ramblers and Jelly Roll Morton. He also appeared regularly as a studio musician for recording companies, having released multiple albums under his name with multiple genres covered.

Joseph’s Family

Joseph Watt’s dedication to his family extended well beyond those within its immediate circle. He often gave up much of his free time helping children in need and serving as a mentor to younger generations, in addition to making sure to give back to the local community by contributing whenever he could.

He is survived by his loving wife Christine, son JJ, and daughter Tessa; also by sister Lisa Miller (Lenny), brother-in-law Joseph Matthews (Patty), as well as many cousins, uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews, and friends. Joseph J. Watt is preceded in death by both of his parents, Linda D. Watt and Joseph J. Watt.

His legacy will live on for generations to come, affecting lives in every part of America. His contributions to aerospace were nothing short of revolutionary and garnered him numerous honors and awards, setting a standard that future generations of scientists and engineers could follow.

Joseph Watt loves spending his free time with his family. Additionally, he is a music producer and multi-instrumentalist with years of experience across a variety of genres, working with artists from pop, hip-hop, rock, as well as his most successful project under the alias jule.

Joseph Watt is both an accomplished musician and engineer, holding positions at various companies, including an aerospace firm. Additionally, he is a registered professional engineer in Oklahoma and Arkansas – as well as being an accomplished violinist!

Joseph Watt’s arrival to Oregon brought with it a large flock of sheep that established Willamette Woolen Manufacturing Company – the Pacific Coast’s first woolen mill – as well as numerous boards he served on in Yamhill County and his participation in politics – garnering him a score of -0.4 on Ballotpedia Partisan Index which indicates his liberal ideological leanings.

Joseph’s Philanthropic Work

Joseph Watt was a well-known and beloved figure within the NFL, giving him an international platform from which to do good deeds. As such, his charitable activities extended far beyond just his local community. He became an ambassador for Gatorade, Reebok, Verizon Wireless, Ford, and HEB Grocery, among many others.

He established the Justin J. Watt Foundation, a charitable organization supporting children’s health and wellness initiatives. Since its inception, it has assisted with rebuilding over 1,100 homes, dispersing 239 million meals, creating 971 childcare centers, and raising $129.4 million so far.

Watt was also an active proponent of children’s health and wellness initiatives, but also of military families and personnel. He often visited wounded service members at Camp Pendleton in California as well as providing holiday support to troops serving overseas.

Watt was delighted to host numerous children through the Make-A-Wish foundation and never turned down requests for visits. Will Martinez, 9, a cancer survivor, was thrilled when Watt made his wish come true by hosting two Texans practices as well as dissecting a team huddle.

After being released by the Texans and signing with the Arizona Cardinals in 2022, Watt continued his charitable involvement within Houston communities by working with Make-A-Wish and other charities such as the Children’s Museum of Houston and Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Watt was at the University of Wisconsin to challenge students to be part of making Earth an even better place, using his speech to inspire students to use every opportunity available to them to become positive influences in society and make it better.

Watt was always an advocate for his community, particularly after Gertrude Poole died. On her 99th birthday, she wanted to meet Watt, so she waited at NRG Stadium after warmups for him, and when she saw him, her arms opened wide with enthusiasm! Watt posed for photos with her before signing her jersey and football as promised.