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A Hawaiian Necklace is a Meaningful and Symbolic Way to Connect With Your Roots


An authentic Hawaiian necklace can be a dynamic way to connect with your roots and show your pride in Hawaii. Thom’s classic Hawaiian name necklace designs honor Hawaii’s heritage while simultaneously reflecting your taste.

Queen Liliuokalani established the tradition of Hawaiian heirloom jewelry when she gave gold bracelets bearing her name as gifts for loved ones, which eventually evolved into what has become Hawaiian family heirloom jewelry today.

Cowrie shells

Cowrie shells have long been seen as an emblem of feminine symbolism in various cultures, often worn as jewelry and used in fertility and childbirth rituals. Additionally, these symbolic objects have also been believed to bring prosperity as well as teach stories of respect and humanity.

Cowrie shells belong to the Cypraeidae family of sea snails and can be found throughout coastal regions in both the Indian and Pacific oceans. These light beige-colored oval shells with their distinctive curve represent feminine power and wealth; they are also popularly seen as symbols in African cultures.

Cowrie shells make an exquisite present. In Hawaiian culture, these symbolic shells represent love, prosperity, and fertility. Leis made with fragrant plumeria flowers can also make beautiful necklaces made out of leis. Additionally, these cowrie shells can also be carved into beautiful figurines or beads.

Cowries are marine birds with ridged shells typically composed of white bodies that feature black spots or blotches on them. These animals can be made into beads to create bracelets, earrings, and necklaces or used to decorate furniture.

Cowrie shells were once widely used as currency in Africa. Due to their minor, durable nature and ease of handling, these marine snails became known by their nickname: money cowries.

The Tiger Cowrie (Cypraea tigris) is a giant sea snail found living on tropical reefs in tropical environments like the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean along East Africa (Aldabra, Madagascar, Mozambique, Mauritius, Tanzania, Kenya) as well as the Western and Central Pacific Ocean (New Zealand Australia North Sulawesi and Borneo). Their distinctive shell features two flexible extensions of their mantle, which cover the whole dorsal surface when necessary.

Coconut beads

Coconut beads are an attractive material used in the crafting of various jewelry pieces and home decor items. Crafted from coconut outer shells, they can be cut, polished, and shaped to give an organic appearance, while their diverse sizes make them suitable for framing projects of all sorts.

Coco beads are considered eco-friendly as they are made from a renewable resource: coconut shells. Biodegradable and made with no heavy metals like gold and platinum plating, coconut beads offer an eco-friendly alternative for jewelry and home decor purposes alike. In addition to their eco-friendliness, coconut beads also boast natural, eye-catching appeal, which adds beauty and depth.

Coconut shells offer the perfect way to add tropical flair to any outfit. Plus, their glossy surface makes for excellent jewelry-making materials, particularly necklaces! Combine this natural material with cowrie shells or bamboo for an impressive Hawaiian chain.

No matter if you are planning an upcoming vacation to Hawaii or want a bit of the island spirit with you, a Hawaiian necklace can make the perfect accessory. Not only are these necklaces stunning pieces to add style and flair to any wardrobe, but they can quickly help make you feel at home as soon as you put one on!

Hawaiian necklaces are easy to wear and come in various styles that suit anyone. There will surely be one to fit any taste – simple or more intricate designs alike are guaranteed to find their ideal place among them!


Bamboo has long been an integral part of Hawaiian culture, serving many purposes ranging from food preparation and flooring installation, hut thatching, and cordage making to jewelry production, basket weaving, and musical instrument manufacturing. Bamboo’s popularity has steadily grown over the years and become an essential source of income for many families in Hawaii.

Hawaiian heirloom necklaces often include intricate decorative details of flowing script and tropical flowers like Hawaiian hibiscus or plumeria that symbolize protection by angels or guardian spirits. Furthermore, Thom Lauhala’s lauhala pieces feature these patterns repeatedly for added mysticism.

Hawaiian heirloom jewelry stands out with the use of genuine dark brown kukui nuts from trees brought over by early Polynesians, believed to contain spiritual energy that will protect and help elevate spiritual awareness levels in those wearing them.

The Kukui Nut is the epitome of love and romance for men, symbolizing both the lust and passion a man has for his partner. Additionally, this oil-rich fruit was once essential in early Hawaiian surfing culture, where riders felt an intimate connection to Earth through riding its waves as it felt spiritual.

Kukui wood is used in Hawaii as an integral component of surfboarding culture, thanks to its durable yet lightweight nature that resists rotting and corrosion, acting as an insulator against heat loss while repelling insects – not forgetting that it is a beautiful furniture material!


Hawaii’s abundant flora is featured in beaded necklaces to capture its beauty, with plumeria, hibiscus, and maile leaves being three of its more beloved flowers that often find their way onto beaded chains representing Hawaii. Each flower carries with it symbolic meaning for positivity and grace, while plumeria stands for positivity and grace, hibiscus beauty and peace, and maile leaf spiritual growth. Geometric shapes such as circles are also frequently featured, symbolizing unity and completeness – some geometric forms representing these same qualities, if not more so.

Hawaiian flower necklaces, or leis, are an expressive way for both locals and visitors to show their affection for one another. Leis are worn during special events like weddings and hula dances and are frequently decorated with various types of flowers and shells, such as Heliconia rostrata (better known as hanging lobster claw). These stunning blooms boast a gorgeous appearance and fragrant scent.

Heliconia plants make lovely additions to any home, both aesthetic and aromatic. Their fragrant tubular blooms resemble orchids or flowering ginger, while their lush green foliage adds an exotic tropical ambiance. Plus, this perennial makes an excellent houseplant as it thrives both in bright sunlight and cool temperatures!

A lei is a garland composed of flowers, leaves, shells, or feathers worn around the neck as a form of jewelry. Its tradition in Aloha culture dates back centuries, and giving a lei can bring good luck if given to someone you care for or receiving one in return. Proper lei etiquette should always be observed; taking it off someone without their consent would be considered rude as this removes their love and blessings in return.


Although most people associate Hawaiian jewelry with flowers, there are plenty of other beautiful and exciting necklaces to choose from. One popular tradition is money lei necklaces, which replace the usual flowers with cash instead – an excellent way to show appreciation or aloha as well as make a memorable graduation or children’s gift!

Money may not be the only item made famous by Hawaii, but its use dates back for millennia. Kukui nuts from the Kukui tree were once revered for making leis and were valued as durable symbols of beauty and strength. Furthermore, these nuts also make great torches and oil sources. Symbolizing Hawaii and its spirit through time.

Maile, the lustrous and fragrant jungle vine, has long been considered an icon of Hawaiian culture. Once worn by Hawaiian royalty to signify their lineage back to the gods, its significance lessened after most people converted to Christianity during the nineteenth century; nonetheless, beautiful arrangements of Maile leaves are still often featured at weddings or other important celebrations in Hawaii today.

Thom’s Hawaiian Jewelry honors these rich traditions with beautiful and innovative designs inspired by island life. Our beautiful pieces showcase traditional Old English scrolling as well as elegant Maile leaf patterns or hibiscus or plumeria flower patterns, handmade and hand-finished for unparalleled quality heirloom pieces that will last generations!