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IPhone watch 4- an amazing and worthy buy for fitness freaks


iPhone watch 4 is the fourth-generation Apple Watch of this league which was launched recently. It stole the show and got latest updates over its predecessor. Also, it claimed that it is much more than the normal watch and the best for the people who want to stay fit and healthy. In this new version, it has several features like the ability to get ECG readings, better displays and improvised heart rate sensor, track your runs through GPS in a nutshell.


iPhone watch 4 – know about its design and display


In the new iPhone watch 4, the display has a new kind of heart rate sensor. The display also extends till the edge of the screen. In the new models, the optical heart rate sensor has one LED instead of many. The display is considered as the most unique features of this model. A little extra space has enabled Apple to include new watch faces and displaying more widgets. Thus, the enlarged band make it more comfortable and give a sporty look to.


iPhone watch 4 the setup process


In this iPhone watch 4 models, the LTE variants will enable to make phone calls and also receive messages even if your phone is not switched on. It also has magnetic charging cradle which is useful when comparing to other smartwatch companies. The setup process is also simple where you just need to open your iPhone and follow some simple instructions to tag the watch with your mobile.


Performance and usability of the watch


The performance of this new watch is way better and fast than its previous versions. Animations are also running properly in iPhone watch 4. The Apple S4 chip is the primary reason behind it. The microphones have also improved in this series. The workout features have also improved significantly. There is an introduction of a new feature for fitness conscious people like cadence where your step for the entire day can be counted. Even you can record your swimming workout too. Thus overall, it is better in term of performance and with the S4 chip and OS 5 version, it added more value to its features.


What about Battery life?


The battery life is almost the same if the workout mode is not on in iPhone watch 4. But when the same is on as you can easily go up to 30k run while this mode is activated. It has approximately around 4 hours of battery life if the GPS, workout mode and music is on and it is pretty impressive. You can also save power to put the battery in low power mode and increase battery life.


Software details


In iPhone watch 4 has info graph watch face. This enables us to take the entire extra screen to support any complications. But to reduce the complications you can opt for Utility and Modular watch face too. Walkie- Talkie is the new feature in this OS- 5 watches where you can able to communicate through watch with any other person who is using a watch from series 3 or above that. Thus, overall is a good buy for apple user and people who love to stay fit and healthy.


What are the benefits of Apple Watch 4?

In Apple Watch Series 4 with OS 5 brings new communicative features with health activity to detect several aspects in human being.

Is it worth buying Apple watch 4?

Yes, it is still one of the best buys with a Digital Crown.

Can you wear Apple watch while you sleep?

Yes, you can sleep wearing it into bed and also track your sleep.