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iMacPro – Unbelievable Perfection


The iMacPro retailing at $4999, could easily rank as one of the most expensive all-in-one PCs. The price is a little bit shocking, but with the machine’s specs, the iMacPro price is justifiable. First launched in 2017, the all in one PC has managed to stand its ground, thanks to its future proof features. We will be looking at some of the features that make the iMac retail at such a price and why the pricing is perfect.

iMac Pro- The perfect in one PC?

The all-in-one PC market has seen a boom, with other players like HP and Lenovo aggressively trying to take over the market. Most tech experts have often labeled the iMacPro as the best in one PC on the market. We are going to be looking at one of the aspects that might have earned it that title.

iMac Pro-Design

With a 27 inch display, the iMac Pro is undoubtedly the perfect graphics design on the market. The iMac Pro is only 5 mm thick, making it one of the slimmest all-in-one PC designs on the market.

The sleek design means that everything is tucked in between the display and the PC’s back cover. It takes some great design and a lot of money, too, to get this done. The slim design also means that you get to unite a good deal in terms of weight. The iMacPro is light, only weighing 0.7kg.

The iMac Pero, unlike other PCs from Apple, was released in one color. The PC is available in Space Grey. You will love the color scheme. It is both stylish and modern, something we have become accustomed to when it comes to Apple PCs.

iMac Pro Display

Apple has touted the display on the iMac Pro as one of the best shows on the market. The 5k display is worthy of all the touting, though. The 500 nit brightness display brings a whole new dimension to the color display scene. The color is rich and seamless, and this can be attributed to the P3 Gamut support that comes with the machine. This display will offer you the freedom to express your creativity without a glitch if you are a professional.

iMac Pro Processor

The iMacPro comes with an Intel Xeon-W processor that has up to 18 cores. This processor can reach processing speeds of up to 4.5 GHz. This is the fastest processor on the PC market now and is one of the main factors why the price is that high. The processor is supported by an AMD Radeon Vega 56 graphics card. The graphics card provides 8GB of VRAM. For the RAM, the machine comes with 32GB of RAM. The iMac Pro does not have an HDD. It comes with a 1TB SSD. There is a 4Tb SSD version that is also available on the market for a higher price.


The machine’s retail price is high, but the iMacPro comes with enough power to back the price. If you are a professional, getting the iMac Pro is a good investment, considering that you will get plenty of years of Apple support with your purchase. The best way to purchase an iMac Pro is through the Apple store. Resellers may charge you more.

The iMacPro is the epitome of perfection, and you have to understand that model does not come cheap.


How much is the iMac Pro?

The iMac Pro costs $4 999

When was the iMac Pro Released?

The iMac Pro was released in 2017

Which colours does the iMac Pro come in?

The iMac Pro comes in space grey