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How Tall is Jimmy Fallon?


Jimmy Fallon is an American comedian known for his comic performances and impersonations of various celebrities.

People are fascinated with Jimmy’s height. Although height alone doesn’t guarantee professional success, most television moderators are notoriously tall.


Jimmy Fallon is an award-winning talk show host who has made waves in the business for many years. Known for impersonating famous figures in his shows and performing musical covers onstage, Jimmy Fallon also holds musical credentials and writes books with humor that have left audiences laughing throughout his career.

Jimmy stands at around 6 feet. This makes him much taller than most talk show hosts and may explain part of his success. Additionally, he’s beautiful and boasts an engaging personality, which further contributes to his popularity.

Jimmy stands at 6’6, yet remains relatively light, having a slim build and an ideal body type. While not an avid bodybuilder, he does possess an admirable physique. In addition to being beautiful with excellent body language and great looks, Jimmy also has a keen sense of humor, which ensures his shows always fill.

Jimmy has also found success as an actor and television show performer, including appearing on comedy series such as “Spin City,” before auditioning for the long-running talk show Saturday Night Live where he landed an acting role by imitating several different personas.

Jimmy has hosted “The Price Is Right”. In addition to acting and hosting the show, Jimmy is also an accomplished musician. He composed music for “Taxi,” performed musical theater shows like Les Miserables, and appeared online in various stand-up comedy videos.


Jimmy Fallon is an award-winning American comedian, TV show host, actor, and album creator known for his comedy albums. With fans worldwide and an exceptional sense of humor – not to mention being close friends with Justin Timberlake and Drew Barrymore! – Fallon remains a firm fan favorite!

Not only has he hosted numerous popular shows like The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and Saturday Night Live, but he has also written several books and graduated from Saugerties High School and College of Saint Rose. Nancy Juvonen is his wife. They reside together in Sagaponack, New York, with their two children and dog. In his free time, he enjoys rooting for the New York Yankees!

He has amassed immense wealth through his acting and television careers, appearing in commercials for various companies and accumulating over $1 Million in net worth – winning numerous awards.

Even with his immense success, Jimmy remains quite self-conscious about his weight. Fearful of becoming overweight, he keeps to a healthy diet and exercise regimen; fruit and vegetables are particularly appealing, while junk food must be avoided at all costs.

Many are confused about Jimmy’s height because it can be hard to tell his accurate height when wearing shoes; however, he appears significantly taller when barefoot. In one video clip with supermodel Karlie Kloss (6’1.75″ and wearing shoes herself) next to Jimmy, who stands approximately two inches shorter than her. Therefore, he likely stands 6f2″. Likewise, he stands three inches above 5’9″ actor Mario Lopez and two taller than 6’3″ actress Gisele Bundchen, respectively.

Body Measurements

Jimmy Fallon is an award-winning comedian and TV host known for his humorous comedic genius. With two comedy albums released and writing several books under his belt, most of his success can be attributed to his wit rather than height – which stands at 6 feet!

TV personalities and actors tend to look taller on screen due to perception. People perceive them as more striking when depicted on film or TV shows, hence why most entertainers and show hosts tend to be quite tall, with most American male actors and TV presenters typically standing 5 feet 9 inches; Jimmy Fallon certainly follows this rule and stands much taller than average American men.

He stands roughly the same height as Justin Timberlake and approaches Arnold Schwarzenegger in size. With impeccable posture and the ability to stand up straight, his appearance makes him look taller than his actual stature.

However, Fallon’s claims of being 6 feet tall are highly questionable when placed next to supermodel Karlie Kloss (estimated at 5’11”). Additionally, wearing shoes on his shows makes him seem significantly shorter.

James Thomas Fallon Jr. was born September 19th, 1974, in Brooklyn, New York City, of Irish-German and Norwegian heritage. After attending Saugerties High School, he studied computer science before dropping out to pursue comedy full-time. Since then, he has married Nancy Juvonen, a film producer from Finland with whom he shares two children.

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Jimmy Fallon is an American comedian, talk show host, and actor born September 19, 1974, in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, New York City, United States. A huge Yankees fan with a penchant for pizza as his go-to food choice, Jimmy takes pride in being an attentive father to his two daughters, whom he considers his closest companions.

He was raised in a family with Irish, German, and Norwegian roots and attended Saugerties High School, where he took part in many stage productions and served twice as class social director. Additionally, he took acting classes at The Groundlings in Los Angeles before performing stand-up comedy across various venues nationwide.

After graduating from Saugerties High School in 1992, he launched his television career by joining Saturday Night Live’s cast as an award-winning sketch performer dubbed the “Fallonator.” Aside from SNL work, he has featured in multiple movies, including Taxi and Factory Girl comedies and Whip It.

He is also a musician, having released multiple albums of his music. He has collaborated with world-class musicians such as Adele and The Roots; his YouTube music videos have amassed millions of views. As an interviewer and frequent guest on various late-night talk shows like The Tonight Show, Starring Jay Leno, and numerous others, he is well-known for his unconventional interview techniques involving celebrities in skits or ideas for his show, encouraging guests to try something they may find uncomfortable if needed.


Jimmy Fallon created “Later Night with Jimmy Fallon” in 2009, winning multiple awards, including an Emmy. Additionally, two comedy albums of his have also proven popular with viewers. Jimmy has proven his talents and hard work through this show as well as two popular comedy albums which have also proven popular. Jimmy credits his success to the support of his family, who remain vital members of his success journey.

Since 2007, he and Nancy Juvonen have been in a loving marriage and together have given birth to Winnie and Frances. Both love traveling, playing outdoor sports and doing other fun activities together. Recently, I posted an Instagram photo that showed both looking incredibly contented.

While his family has supported his success, he has experienced several personal tragedies. In 2010, James Fallon Sr. passed away due to cancer, and during that same year, his show had to be postponed because his mother passed away unexpectedly.

He has revealed his height as six feet and looks quite tall compared to other talk-show hosts; however, Conan O’Brien stands 6 feet 4 inches, earning the distinction as the most elevated TV host. Business Insider’s research shows 70% of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors are 6 feet or taller.