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General Accident Car Insurance Reviews


A quick review of General Accident Car Insurance will show that this company has middling insurance rates and customer service. While its mobile app is highly rated, its online portal is fairly unremarkable and provides only basic benefits and functionalities. We don’t recommend signing up for this insurance company because of its high cancellation fees or high excesses. But, the company may be the right choice if you are a high-risk driver.

General Accident Car Insurance. may cover high-risk drivers

If you are a new driver or have a low credit score, you may qualify for high-risk insurance. You will need to provide proof of six months of continuous insurance coverage. You may have had a traffic violation in the past, but the DMV will allow you to drive for a while without a record. You can lower your rate by taking a defensive driving course and keeping your auto insurance current.

While The General is marketed as an all-in-one auto insurance company, it also offers specific policies for high-risk drivers. They offer coverage in 46 states and have many discounts for students. The Double Deductible discount doubles your deductible for comprehensive coverage for 45 days. The Paid-in-Full discount allows you to pay for a full year at once, and you may qualify for the Previous Insurance discount if you switch from another provider.

Some auto insurance companies may refuse to cover high-risk drivers. In such cases, the best option is to sign up for a residual market plan, which brings high-risk drivers into a pool without raising the premiums of other motorists. High-risk drivers may also be covered by the Automobile Insurance Plan Service Office (AIPSO), which maintains a database of high-risk drivers by state.

The definition of a high-risk driver varies widely, but the most common factor is driving history. If you have multiple traffic violations or serious violations on your driving record, you may be considered high risk. The best insurer for high-risk drivers is State Farm. Its financial stability, affordability, and customer satisfaction make it an excellent option. The most common insurance provider for high-risk drivers is State Farm, which ranks highly among the top three insurers.

Depending on the type of traffic violations you’ve had, you may not be eligible for coverage. Minor traffic violations are recorded on your driving record for three years; major traffic violations can remain on your record for five to 10 years. Major traffic violations like speeding tickets will affect your insurance rates. However, driving safely and cautiously may lower your premium. In addition to being a low-risk driver, you may also qualify for discounts.

It offers flexible payment plans.

The General Accident Car Insurance offers flexible payment plans to fit your pay schedule and salary. The Six-Month Policy and 12-Month Policy payment plans offer you the opportunity to pay 100% of the premium up-front against a discount. The rest of the premium can be paid over time through monthly installments. You can select a flexible payment plan that suits your monthly expenses, such as biweekly payments.

The General is an excellent choice for drivers seeking affordable coverage. Flexible payment plans and easy credit checks are available for customers who cannot afford traditional payment plans. The General offers a variety of auto insurance coverage and has competitive rates in 46 states. Students who have maintained a B average may qualify for discounts such as Double Deductible, which doubles the deductible on comprehensive coverage. Another popular discount is Paid in Full, which lowers the premium when you pay for the entire year at once. The company also offers a Previous Insurance discount for customers who switch from another insurance provider.

It has high cancellation fees.

It is difficult to cancel General Accident Car Insurance due to the high cancellation fee. The cancellation fee amounts to around 10% of your unpaid premiums. However, you can avoid the fee by waiting until your policy’s renewal date. If you cancel early, you may receive a refund for the upfront premiums, but this is unlikely. In other words, you should wait until your car insurance renewal date to cancel the policy.

Although General Accident is an online brand, it is difficult to speak to a customer service representative once the policy is active. Those looking for support can contact customer service via email or live chat, but you’ll have to wait until the renewal window. Alternatively, you can contact the company through Facebook. The insurance company also offers a 24-hour helpline for accident recovery and glass repair. However, if you don’t want to wait for a refund, you might want to look elsewhere.

One of the biggest complaints with General Accident is that their policies are extremely difficult to cancel. They are notorious for canceling policies due to speeding. They have some telematics plans, though, and offer an upfront discount for setting up the plan. However, these plans require that you have a smartphone with Android or iOS 4 installed. If you have an old phone, you may want to look elsewhere for insurance.

If you plan to cancel your policy, you should know the cancellation fees associated with The General. However, switching insurers can cost you money if you don’t line up the cancellation and activation dates with each other. However, you can avoid this problem by keeping your current insurance provider and canceling it before it expires. It’s worth the effort, as it can save you hundreds of dollars a year.

It has high excesses.

If you have a car insurance policy, it may be tempting to reduce the excess if you don’t mind paying more for your cover. The excess is the amount you must pay for your insurance claim if your car is involved in an accident. However, it is vital to understand the rules regarding excesses in car insurance and how to choose a policy that suits your needs. Excess amounts vary widely across insurers and policies. Luckily, there are ways to reduce or waive them to help you save on your premium.

You may be wondering why your General Accident Car Insurance has high excesses. In most policies, the excess is the amount you must pay if your car is involved in an accident. This excess is calculated by your insurer and is based on several factors. As a general rule, younger drivers tend to pay higher insurance premiums and have higher excesses than older drivers. In some cases, your excess is higher than your insurance excess amount.

High excesses on a car insurance policy are important to understand. You may not be eligible to receive compensation if you do not pay a higher excess. If you do, this could put your insurance premium at risk. However, this excess is an important part of your insurance policy that can reduce your premium. Unlike the policy limits, your excess is determined by your circumstances. Before taking out a policy, you should always know the maximum amount.

Remember to read the small print carefully before taking out a policy. Some policies have high compulsory excesses while others don’t. When choosing a policy, read the small print and the terms and conditions. You can sometimes opt to lower the compulsory excess by increasing your premium. If you have to claim, your insurer will deduct the excess from the total bill, so check your policy details carefully.