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Did You Say Something Meaning in Hindi


When traveling in Hindi-speaking countries, it’s essential to have a good English-Hindi dictionary handy. Translation software is also helpful, but it doesn’t always work.

Adjectives in Hindi must agree with the nouns for which they qualify. For example, a noun such as ‘big’ ends in aa or chota, while the adjective ends in ai or iya.


Did You Say Something’s meaning in Hindi is, and it can also be written as Kya Tumne Kuch Kaha. Here, you can find multiple English and Hindi meanings for this word, along with their definitions. You can use this vocabulary builder tool to enhance your linguistic skills.

To say “How are you?” in Hindi, you can use the phrase aap kya kr rhe haiN? (“aap” means you, “kaya” is what you are doing, and “the haiN” is you are). If speaking to a male older than you, you can replace the ‘raha/rahi’ with ‘rahi.’

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When you are saying goodbye, you can use the phrase tum kya kr rhe ho. if you are speaking to a male or aap kya kr rhii hai if you are talking to a female. These phrases are similar to the Urdu phrase kaa kr rahe ho. You can also say ‘kya haal hi’, which means ‘I am fine’.

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How are you doing? is a common question that people ask one another. The answer to this question depends on whether you are talking to a male or a female. For a male, you will say raha/rahe, and for a female, you will say rahi/rahi.

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The Hindi word for what you said is kya tumne kuch kaha, and it can be searched on this page. You will also find multiple definitions of this hindi word on the related pages. This will help you enhance your linguistic skills.


Did You Say Something? The meaning in Hindi is written as Kya Tumne Kuch Kaha and its English translation is also provided here. Along with the English sense, multiple definitions are also listed here to help you get a better understanding of the word. The Hamariweb platform offers a vast vocabulary database for you to enhance your linguistic skills as it enables you to communicate with others better.

Generally, people ask “How are you?” in Hindi by saying ” ” or. “However, this depends on whether you’re talking to a male or female. Males can also use ‘tum kya kr rhe hai’ and ‘tum kya kar rhi ho.’

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