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Columbia High School Basketball


Columbia boasts an extensive network of alumni who have gone on to find success in various professions, which stands as a testimony to the skills and values that this team imparts to its players.

Our team keeps a close watch on high school games and tournaments to identify prospects who would make good additions to our program. Evaluation includes studying game footage as well as statistics.

Attracting Top Talent

Over time, Columbia has attracted some of the finest players in its program, which demonstrates its dedication to excellence, player development, and the power of teamwork. They understand that athletes are also students whose academic achievements should not be discounted from being evaluated alongside athletic ones; as such, they have developed strategies designed to ensure both academic success and athletic brilliance are realized simultaneously.

One effective strategy for supporting top talent is offering scholarships. This helps attract top students and encourages them to put forth effort both academically and athletically; additionally, it gives them confidence that their dreams will not be compromised due to finances. Another approach involves making sure team players receive top-quality teachers and tutors; additionally, they’re encouraged to attend extracurricular activities as well as community service projects.

Coaches for Columbia Women’s Lacrosse keep a close watch on high school games and tournaments to identify players with the necessary mix of skills, attitude, work ethic, and cultural fit for the team’s culture and values. Their coaches have an outstanding track record at identifying talent at just the right moment and remain confident that their players will flourish once enrolled at Columbia.

Bishop Kelly will have the depth to contend for a district championship thanks to its talented incoming class, including Durrant (10.7 PPG and 10.10 RPG), who returns as both scorer and leader, while Martinez (9.8 PPG, 7.4 Rebounds, 1.8 Steals) provides added presence inside.

Ava Sciolla joined the Bears after averaging 14.1 points and 3.4 rebounds during her sophomore campaign at Bucknell, earning two-time Second Team All-Patriot League recognition. A native of Scranton, Pa., she was recognized with both Markwood Player of the Year and Suburban Player of the Year awards while at Pennsbury High School.

Preparing for a Big Game

Over the years, Columbia Lions have won numerous games, cementing their legacy of excellence. Through extensive preparation processes – from intense practice sessions to comprehensive game plans – every member plays an integral part in helping achieve their goals and help the Lions reach success.

At Youth Night at Elmer Kreiser Gymnasium on Saturday night, Westside coach and alumni Karl Kreiser spoke to young players from the community. His speech served as an insightful reminder that Columbia basketball goes far beyond simply being a sports team; its spirit lives on through both its talented players as well as coaches and staff who provide them with assistance all year long.

Thus, the Lions have put in tireless work and dedication, which have allowed them to compete at the highest levels of high school athletics. Their program is renowned for fostering academic excellence while striking a balance between academics and athletics; thus, many of its alumni have enjoyed successful post-college careers.

The Lions are led by head coach Jim Engles and assistant coaches Tobe Carberry, Jake Brown, and Austin Nisbett – together forming an exceptional coaching staff dedicated to preparing their players for big game success. Over time, they work closely with sports psychologists to help overcome mental obstacles while remaining focused on the long-term vision.

In order to attract top talent, the Lions utilize various strategies for recruitment, such as recruiting local players and hosting open tryouts for prospective students. By creating an inclusive culture for recruitment purposes, they have managed to win numerous games over time.

AdmissionSight’s experienced advisors can guide you through the application process with invaluable insight and advice, helping you secure a place on Columbia’s team and allowing it to thrive as part of its family.

Developing a Strong Team Culture

Team culture is paramount to any basketball team’s success. Not only does it build confidence and morale among its members, but it also fosters unity between teammates. Coaches should create an ideal environment in which their players can flourish; this can be accomplished by emphasizing a teamwork-based approach to play as well as setting clear expectations for all their players.

One effective strategy to foster a strong team culture is creating an encouraging locker room atmosphere. Doing this means providing players with a space where they feel free to express themselves and discuss emotions openly. In addition, by emphasizing teamwork as an ideal, coaches can encourage players to work together and support each other on the court.

Many Columbia alumni have gone on to lead distinguished lives both inside and outside of sports. Some even use their fame and fortune to make an impactful contribution to society – giving us an insightful glimpse of why Columbia basketball stands out amongst the competition.

Step one in creating a winning basketball team is identifying talented prospects. To achieve this objective, an intensive evaluation process – comprised of watching game footage, analyzing statistics, and conducting interviews – must take place to accurately understand each player’s strengths and weaknesses, the potential for growth and development, and any possible opportunities that present themselves.

A great coach is capable of recognizing and cultivating talent among his or her players, motivating them towards meeting their goals, and overcoming any barriers in the way of reaching those goals. Therefore, possessing both the personality and skills necessary to excel as a coach is vitally important.

As well as assessing talent, an effective coach must also prepare their team for major games with meticulous preparation processes that include intense practice sessions and game plans. Furthermore, creating an atmosphere within which all members feel inspired to give their all is crucial in creating a culture where players thrive at performing at their maximum potential.

As a result, Columbia Lions are off to an outstanding start this season, winning five out of their first six games and finishing in second place within the Ivy League – quite an improvement from former head coach Megan Griffith’s disappointing 2015-16 results!

Getting Started

Columbia High School’s sports program strives to foster discipline, teamwork, and healthy competition among its students. Offering both boys’ and girls’ varsity basketball teams, these teams have won several state championships and competed in the Paideia Cup tournament, which draws athletes from around the country.

At Columbian High School, there is also an array of clubs and organizations, such as its student newspaper, The Columbian, which was awarded recognition from the American Scholastic Press Association and regularly tackled political topics of both present and past relevance. Furthermore, an Ultimate Frisbee team from Columbian competes annually in state tournaments, winning 11 titles throughout its 13-year existence.

Elmer Kreiser left his mark on the gym he constructed, and while wins and championships may have tapered off over time, his spirit still permeates it. Karl knows this intimately; four days a week after school, he coaches the Columbia Unified Basketball Team, which brings together students both with and without intellectual disabilities.

The success of the Columbia High School basketball team has garnered considerable media coverage and garnered the appreciation of community members alike. To honor them and their accomplishments, Columbia is hosting a special event celebrating them and their actions. Former coaches, current players, parents, alumni, and parents from previous classes will all attend and experience a slideshow of memories and an auction with proceeds donated back to the basketball program – it is an ideal way to show players and the program an abundance of gratitude and to show appreciation for all that they have accomplished for our school and surrounding area.