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Bounce Houses Near Me Rental


Bounce houses are an integral component of any party or gathering, providing hours of entertainment to children of all ages. Rental companies specialize in inflatable bounce house delivery and set-up to make planning simpler while assuring safe environments for play.

Physical activity in bounce houses promotes muscle development and healthy bones, while the exhilarating experience of bouncing creates an incredible feeling of happiness and well-being.

Safety First

Party rentals total approximately $6bn annually, and bounce houses play a prominent role in that value chain. Although the COVID-19 pandemic affected this industry sector significantly, jump house rentals have since seen renewed success – so much so that many entrepreneurs now specialize solely in inflatable play as their business. Before diving in headfirst, though, it’s wise to do your research thoroughly on both market opportunities and possible pitfalls before venturing forward with inflatable play-focused ventures.

Safety should always be at the core of your business model. Inspect your bounce houses regularly and in good condition before each use; develop a risk assessment and control system; obtain insurance for your business – these are all key aspects that need to be covered to be successful in business.

Your business requires both safety and a sound marketing strategy in order to set itself apart from competitors. While inflatable bounce houses are popular at children’s birthday parties, you need a way to differentiate your services and attract customers – having an original name and logo may help. Furthermore, well-designed websites and social media accounts can all assist you with spreading the word about your company.

Your next decision must be whether to run your rental company from home or a commercial location. Many rental companies choose the former option as this reduces overhead costs while still enabling them to focus on customer service; however, working from home has some disadvantages that should be considered, including decreased visibility and theft risks.

Commercial spaces may be ideal for your bounce house business, though they may be more costly. If your budget allows it, renting one could help your company flourish and grow successfully. Researching the area you are targeting to ensure there is enough demand for your services is critical for ensuring success.

Kids love jumping around with their friends, making themed bounce houses the ideal solution for a birthday party celebration. Available in various shapes and sizes for indoor or outdoor use, these durable yet clean materials-made jump houses provide hours of bouncing fun while parents can easily monitor them from both within or without.

Cleanliness is Key

Bounce houses are an integral component of any party, but they must remain clean to ensure everyone’s safety when using them. When germs are present, people could become sick from playing in it, leading to even more severe illnesses than initially suspected. That’s why any bounce house rental near me must be adequately cleaned before and after each use.

The first step to cleaning a bounce house properly is vacuuming it thoroughly, as small rocks or sand may hide in hidden nooks that could harm its stitching. After vacuuming, all surfaces of the inflatable should be given a good wipe down using sanitizing wipes – this will remove visible dirt and debris, while degreasers may also help clean any stubborn spots that are not possible with soap and water alone. Once finished, the entire structure should be rinsed under running water before being stored away for storage.

Cleaning a bounce house can be a time-consuming endeavor, primarily if the bouncers use it often. Inflatable cleaning companies have systems set up to streamline and speed up this process and may charge an extra fee, but ultimately, it’s worth paying extra so as to keep children safe and content!

Businesses and other public facilities also must maintain cleanliness when renting bounce houses; companies, in particular, should ensure their equipment is kept spotlessly sanitary to reduce germ accumulation and make people sick. Instruct children on how vital hygiene can be when using such inflatables as bounce houses.

Before renting a bounce house, be sure to inquire with your rental company on how best to maintain its cleanliness. They should be able to advise on which cleaners work best and how long it should take them. In addition, inform them whether you will be setting it up on concrete, grass, or another surface, as this will affect how easy or difficult cleaning will be and which products may be needed for maintenance.

Fun for All Ages

Bounce house rentals aren’t just limited to children; adults can have just as much fun! Obstacle course bounce house rentals allow adults to test their balance and coordination or push themselves further in an inflatable fitness rental. Inflatables such as this make great additions for corporate functions, fundraisers, and graduation parties – some even feature themed inflatables from movies or television shows for added entertainment!

Combo bounce houses are ideal for children who like playing together with many friends, as they accommodate up to eight at the same time and often feature unique obstacles that require more than simply bouncing. For instance, inflatables allow kids to jump through pins, crawl through tunnels, push up walls, and climb obstacles before reaching their slide – or water slides that transform your backyard into a mini waterpark for the day!

Add an inflatable water slide to your bounce house rental in Brooklyn, NY, to keep children occupied all day. Not only can the calm waters soothe hot bodies after playing in the bounce house, but the added thrill makes playing even more refreshing! These slides are particularly great for summer birthday parties or outdoor activities but can be utilized all year round.

Add interactive games to your Brooklyn, NY, bounce house rental for an unforgettable event. There are inflatables designed to challenge kids at Simon Says or let them compete against each other in a giant game of Duck, Duck, Goose. There may even be rentals that include concession machines for snacks during your party!

Before renting a bounce house, make sure to measure your available space carefully so you can select an appropriate size for your party. For more significant events, it may also be worthwhile hiring an attendant during your rental so children remain safe while you relax and enjoy yourself at the event.


Bounce houses are an integral component of any party or event, but choosing one to fit your space and guest list can be tricky. Do The Happy Bounce provides an extensive selection of rental bounce houses and water slides perfect for every special event!

No matter the occasion, our selection of basic bounce houses, inflatable water slides, and combo units has everything you need for an enjoyable party experience. Perfect for birthday parties, family reunions, or neighborhood block parties, kids of all ages will love bouncing around on their inflatable castle, while parents will appreciate knowing their children are being safely monitored in an enclosed and controlled environment.

Water slides are a timeless summertime tradition and make an exciting addition to any bounce house rental in New York. Functional both dry or wet, they are sure to delight crowds of guests! Combo bounce houses also prove popular, offering both trampolines and slides all-in-one units!

At Kids Events Rentals, we also provide themed bounce house rentals for unique children’s events. These inflatable structures make an excellent way to add an entertaining touch to a specific party theme and can feature popular characters from movies, TV shows, or books! For added excitement throughout the day, rent concession machines or arrange for a mascot character visit! We also have other party rentals, such as concession machines.