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Cebu Pacific Travel Fund


If you’ve been a frequent Cebu Pacific flyer, you might have wondered how to use your travel fund. This article will discuss how you can transfer your booking to your MyCebuPacific account, use your travel fund to make a new booking or add-on, and see when your travel fund expires. It also answers the most commonly asked questions about the Travel Fund. So, let’s get started!

Cebu Pacific Travel Fund

A Cebu Pacific Travel Fund can be used to pay for new bookings and add-ons, such as hotel accommodations. The number of available funds is applied to the total purchase price. You can use the whole amount if you’re lucky enough to have enough funds left over. The amount includes fares, taxes, and any new add-ons. It excludes the flight fee. Its validity is six months.

One of the benefits of the Travel Fund is unlimited rebooking. This feature allows you to cancel or change flights without paying any change fees. In 2020, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of this feature permanently. Your Travel Fund can also be used for other add-ons, such as meals. Cebu Pacific has 14 destinations worldwide, and you can easily travel to more than a dozen countries.

The Travel Fund works much like a virtual wallet, allowing you to store the value of unused air tickets on your phone. You can use it for future bookings and make rescheduled flights using your funds. All you have to do is use your funds within the stipulated time frame. This is an excellent way to protect your travel funds, especially if you are a frequent flyer. You can even get a discount on future flights if you’ve accumulated enough funds.

Another feature of the Travel Fund is that it can be used to book travel for someone else. It also allows you to gift someone travel and use it to pay for their flight. This feature allows you to book tickets for family members or friends. The Travel Fund is also flexible – if the recipient can’t afford them, it’s an easy way to surprise them with a travel gift. The traveler will not know it has come from their pocket, which is great for their wallets!

Using a Travel Fund is a great way to avoid paying full airfare. Instead, you can use your money to purchase ancillary products and services. A Cebu Pacific Travel Fund expires two years after it is first converted. That means you can use it for flights as far out as 2023. However, if you don’t use it during that time frame, your Travel Fund will expire in 2023. However, you can still redeem it for travel expenses, such as a a hotel or car rental.

Transferring your booking to your MyCebuPacific account

If you’ve made a reservation on Cebu Pacific, you can transfer your booking to your MyCebuPacific account to make it easier to manage. You can also pay through the Payment Center. To pay through the Payment Center, write down your Booking Reference Number, the amount to be paid, and the payment center’s 14-digit payment code. After entering this information, your booking will be verified.

Your travel fund is available for use on future bookings and add-ons with Cebu Pacific. Your account will be linked to your Cebu Pacific bookings and accessible to you when you log in with your MyCebuPacific account. Your Travel Fund will be available in your MyCebuPacific account within six months. Once you’ve converted your booking, you’ll be able to access it and use it for future bookings and add-ons.

After transferring your booking, you must log into your MyCebuPacific account to access the Travel Fund. You’ll be notified by email 45 days before your Travel Fund expires. After that, you’ll be able to use your Travel Fund to book tickets for others. But you can’t transfer your booking to someone else if you’ve already made a reservation.

Once you’ve done so, you’ll be able to view your booking in MyCebuPacific and make further changes to your account. The transfer will be done automatically,, and you’ll receive an email from Cebu Pacific with your travel fund credits. Just remember to keep this information for future reference! This way, you won’t have to worry about losing your booking if you cancel the trip.

Using your travel fund to pay for a new booking or add-ons

You can use your Cebu Pacific Travel Fund to pay for unused airline tickets, hotels, or add-ons. In addition, you can use it to pay for the entire purchase if you have enough fund balance. This fund is available for any purchase on the Cebu Pacific website, including flights, add-ons, and baggage allowance. Your fund is also transferable and valid for six months.

To use your Travel Fund to pay for a new booking, you must first transfer your Travel Fund to your MyCebuPacific account. If you don’t have the funds in your account, you’ll be unable to manage your flight. To transfer your Travel Fund to a new booking, enter the Booking Reference Number of the flight you wish to purchase. You must enter your name and last name to complete the booking.

Using Cebu Pacific Travel Fund to pay for a new booking or add-ons is possible when you have unused travel funds from a previous flight. To use the Travel Fund, you must use it before the travel funds expire. If you have several Travel Funds, you can split them amongst the passengers on your booking. To avoid confusion, Cebu Pacific sends reminder emails 45 days before expiration.

Once you have transferred the Travel Fund to your MyCebuPacific account, you can use it to pay for your new bookings or add-ons. However, you do not have to be a passenger to use the Travel Fund. Your MyCebuPacific account will show the balance of the Travel Fund and the transactions you’ve made using the Travel Fund.

To use the Travel Fund, you must use it before it expires. Unlike other types of travel funds, you cannot extend the validity of your Travel Fund. It expires in 2023. Once it expires, you will have to cancel your flight or make any other changes. To avoid expiry, you can exchange your Travel Fund for CEB Flexi up to two hours before your trip.

The expiration date of your travel fund

You can always use your Travel Fund to pay for a flight when planning a trip to Cebu. Cebu Pacific has made its travel policies more flexible, and now their Travel Funds are valid for two years. This way, you can use your stored tickets for two more years! To take advantage of this service, you can sign up for Cebu Pacific’s Flexi program. You can learn more about the benefits of Cebu’s Flexi program.

Travel funds from Cebu Pacific can be used right away. Once you have them, you can book your flight. The validity of a travel fund is usually 90 days or three months, although Cebu Pacific has increased this time frame to a year. After a year, however, the Travel Fund expiration date becomes invalid. For this reason, it is important to use it right away! However, it would be best to remember that you cannot transfer the travel fund to another person.

If you have a Cebu Pacific Travel Fund, you can use it to pay for future bookings and add-ons. You can book more than one flight during the validity period if you use the funds before the expiry date. In addition, if you have more than one flight scheduled during the period, you can split the Travel Fund among the passengers in the same booking. This way, you can save money on your future travel.

The Travel Fund is valid for two years and is available for redemption when booking a flight. It can be used to pay for the plane ticket, add-ons, and book a flight. To redeem a Travel Fund, log in to your MyCebuPacific account and select the appropriate flight and add-ons. You can use your Travel Fund to pay for these things.

To redeem your Travel Fund, you must use your guest reference number. The amount of the fund depends on the booking reference number of the traveler. If you do not use the Travel Fund for your first flight, you must cancel it within a week. After that, Cebu Pacific will refund the difference in fares. But if you cancel the flight, you can also use your Travel Fund for a new flight. Once you have redeemed your Travel Fund, you can enjoy the benefits that come with it.