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Private Boat Hire in Malta


Rent a private boat in Malta to experience its beauty. Swim in the crystal blue waters of Crystal Lagoon or sail out before sunrise to the famous Blue Grotto. Discover caves and rock formations on Gozo. Experience its caves. Read the Best info about the Malta yacht charters.

Malta boasts numerous historical landmarks. For an authentic cultural experience, visit Malta’s capital, Valletta, and Mdina.

Boats for hire

Malta is known for its stunning waters and beaches, which make for perfect swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing. Renting a boat in Malta can provide an unforgettable experience, so whether you’re an experienced sailor or someone starting, renting one is sure to maximize your time on the water!

With a private yacht charter, you can escape the crowds and discover everything Malta has to offer. Set sail for Comino and Gozo, where you can explore their electric blue waters at Blue Lagoon or discover shipwrecks off Malta’s coasts – plus visit locations featured in blockbuster movies such as “The Count of Monte Cristo” or “Troy.”

Click&amp Boat makes renting a boat easy in Malta by connecting you with local boat owners to find the ideal vessel for you and your needs. Choose from sailboats, RIBs, or luxury motor yachts while setting passenger counts and whether or not a skipper/crew is desired.

Malta boats feature many skippered and crewed options, so you can feel safe when sailing the waters of Malta. Skippers have been trained in reading weather patterns to guarantee an exceptional sailing experience.

Skipper and crew

Malta boats for chartering often include an option to hire a skipper and crew, with either these services included within the rental price or charged separately, depending on the boat. A skipper aboard can make sailing much more enjoyable, as they will tailor the sailing route according to your individual preferences and the needs of your group—creating a trip you won’t soon forget!

Private yacht rentals in Malta provide you with an unparalleled opportunity to experience some of the country’s iconic landmarks from a unique viewpoint. Sail through Grand Harbor and admire its historical forts from the water, or visit Blue Lagoon, Comino Island’s idyllic bay featuring crystal-blue waters shimmering in all shades of blue. Do not forget Santa Maria Caves, which is an unforgettable free diving spot!

Sailing Malta’s beautiful coast can be an unforgettable experience, but novice sailors may need help to start sailing without the appropriate equipment. That is why renting a boat with a skipper in Malta may be best; their services will oversee both technical matters of boating as well as help teach how to maneuver a sailing vessel in open waters.


A yacht charter is an exciting and rewarding way to experience Malta. The archipelago’s sparkling waters host a wealth of attractions; whether you’re relaxing on sandy beaches or exploring Valletta, Malta has something special waiting for everyone. Additionally, snorkeling or diving offers additional pleasure.

Malta and its sister islands of Gozo and Comino offer crystal-clear waters perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and other watersports activities such as sailing or kayaking. You’ll be stunned by the magnificent underwater scenery, including numerous shipwrecks! In addition to swimming and snorkeling, sailing, kayaking, or other aquatic adventures are also possible here in Malta’s Mediterranean waters.

Malta boasts more than its share of seaside attractions; it also has an abundance of culture and history to discover. Mdina’s medieval walled city is an unforgettable place, where time seems to stand still among its charming streets and historic palaces. Additionally, Valletta boasts the Grand Harbor, which provides natural port access. Traveling during spring or autumn can provide an excellent opportunity to see all Malta has to offer without the crowds; weather conditions tend to be warm yet pleasant enough for exploring Grand Harbor; plus, it gives visitors an opportunity to connect with locals who love chatting about their country’s rich heritage!


Malta’s beautiful waters and diverse history make it an ideal vacation spot. From romantic sunset cruises to adventurous island tours, Sailo makes finding yacht charters tailored to your preferences and budget easy. Enter travel dates, number of passengers, and price range into its filters before narrowing your options by type of boat and price range filters. Once you find a suitable rental yacht, click ‘Message Owner’ to discuss booking details directly with its skipper!

Your amount of sailing holiday time will determine which vessel is appropriate. For shorter excursions of several days or less, choose a fast RIB or motorboat that will enable you to visit all your sightseeing destinations quickly, while for extended trips of one week or longer, we suggest chartering a catamaran or yacht that provides more space and amenities to make your journey comfortable.

Valletta offers visitors much to experience and explore, from historical landmarks to beautiful harbors. Its location at the crossroads between Europe, Africa, and Asia has left an imprint of culture upon it. Explore these attractions with an experienced skipper and crew aboard your private yacht rental for a memorable tour through this historical and modern city!