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Catamaran Sailboats For Sale


Are You Searching for a Catamaran Sailboat to Purchase? Look No Further! Many of these boats have been chartered out over time and are now ready for sale. Read the Best info about BOATS FOR SALE IN US.

These boats offer the excitement of sailing while being easier to maneuver in congested waters, plus providing more living space than monohulls of equivalent size.

Size and Stability

A catamaran sailboat is more significant than its monohull counterparts and provides more living space and a luxurious cabin layout, making it suitable for families or groups of friends sailing together. Furthermore, these vessels boast spacious cockpit and galley areas for hosting entertaining guests on board.

Catamarans offer more advantages than monohulls beyond space: They sail faster, are easier to handle upwind, are safer since there’s less risk of healing, have stable anchorages, are designed to float even if capsized, and have redundant engines, charging systems, and other systems in case something breaks.

However, when purchasing a used cruising catamaran sailboat for sale, it is essential to understand that not all models are created equal. When looking at options, it is advisable to select a model with good reviews from an established manufacturer as well as one offering both parts and labor warranties.

Modern racing catamarans utilize hydrofoils and rigid sails shaped like aircraft wings to reach incredible speeds far faster than their propulsion by wind alone, making them capable of competing in events like the America’s Cup, which test sailors to push themselves beyond limits of skill, boat design, and sail design. Unfortunately, however, this means these boats tend to be more expensive than regular cruising catamaran sales; nonetheless, they remain an excellent way to enjoy thrilling experiences at sea while often needing additional crew for maintenance purposes and operation.


Comfort should always be top of mind when looking to purchase a catamaran sailboat for sale, and catamarans tend to offer much greater levels of relaxation compared with monohull boats of equal size. Their larger spaces on the deck and interior provide owners and guests with ample room to stretch out, relax, and socialize comfortably; furthermore, multi-hull designs provide tremendous stability.

Catamarans are typically faster than monohulls of similar size due to their larger sail area and displacement; they can cover hundreds of miles in a day, depending on conditions and your sailing skill.

Sailing through beautiful islands and oceans is a fantastic way to see new places while experiencing true relaxation. Cat sailing provides the ideal chance to do just that!

Navigating a boat should be easy, even for novice sailors. Most catamaran sailboats for sale are built to offer comfort and ease of use, so you’ll have complete confidence and safety when handling them.

Excess 11 offers a spacious cockpit with wrap-around seating and a drop-leaf table, along with a streamlined hardtop and fiberglass Bimini to provide protection from the sun and large windows so you can take in breathtaking views from any seat on board.

Other catamarans, like the Leopard 58, boast dual helm positions for improved sightlines and safer cruising. It also features push-button centerboards that rise automatically so you can navigate safely even in shallow water; its precise hull forms provide optimal strength-to-weight ratios; it even cruises upwind like a monohull!


Catamarans are known for their stability, lack of pitching, spaciousness, and high level of passenger comfort. Furthermore, unlike monohulls, they require less water to operate – making them an economical option for owners. Again, their wide beams create ample interior space ideal for dining, entertainment, and lounging purposes.

Sailing cats tend to heel less than monohulls and thus make for more straightforward navigation in windier conditions. Furthermore, their reduced vulnerability to rolling and pitching makes sailing much more fun for newcomers or beginners.

Furthermore, their parallel hulls create reliable stability, which reduces vessel roll at rest and while trolling, making these multihull boats more comfortable for passengers and eliminating seasickness, an issue that may arise for those new to sailing multihulls.

Catamarans offer another advantage over monohulls: when setting sail, trimming requires less adjustment due to more simplified rigging systems and sails being easily managed from within the cockpit.

On a catamaran with a mainsheet traveler installed to the cockpit roof aft of the skipper’s station, stowing and trimming of the mainsail is made easy using its mainsheet traveler system, unlike monohulls equipped with lazy jacks that require gymnastic skills for storage of mainsails in bags. This feature can be particularly beneficial to older people who may wish to avoid handling complex rigging themselves. Approved Boats specializes in helping buyers of Catamarans, providing finance arrangements, surveys, and insurance coverage, as well as direct transporting of yachts directly to their final destination worldwide. We specialize in helping buyers of Catamarans; we can assist buyers at every step of their purchase, including organizing finance, surveys, insurance coverage, and transport.

Ease of Maintenance

A catamaran’s design allows for plenty of internal living space and an expansive deck, making longer voyages much more comfortable and living aboard easier. Furthermore, they often have shallower drafts than monohulls, which makes navigating shallow waters and anchoring in remote spots much simpler.

Catamarans tend to be more stable than monohulls, making them an excellent solution for seasickness sufferers. Furthermore, due to having two hulls instead of just one, they typically experience less floating movement and thus provide increased stability in choppy water environments.

Catamaran sailboats also boast the advantage of needing significantly less maintenance than monohulls due to the multiple components and structures. This can save both time and money when making repairs; additionally, this helps lessen the chance of significant refits down the line.

Cats’ living areas tend to be located above the water line, making ventilation much simpler while sailing – something particularly helpful in humid and warm environments like the Caribbean.

However, living aboard a catamaran has some drawbacks. Catamarans tend to be more expensive than monohulls and more costly to charter due to their wider width; costs could increase up to 150% more depending on yacht length and marina charges; additionally, some marinas charge an extra premium for catamarans. But if you can accept these drawbacks, then living abroad can be a fantastic experience – contact Approved Boats now if you want help arranging finance, surveys, or insurance and shipping direct worldwide. Approved Boats make your dream of owning a catamaran sailboat for sale a reality!


New catamaran sailboats tend to cost more than their monohull counterparts due to the added comfort and luxury they provide. These additional costs will show up in the price tag; however, these figures could differ depending on currency exchange rates as well – especially if purchasing it from overseas manufacturers.

Sailing catamarans move through the water at about half the speed of monohull boats, making them attractive choices for sailors seeking fast sailing experiences. Furthermore, catamarans are widely recognized for their stability and comfort – two features that contribute to their immense popularity amongst cruisers.

Catamaran vessels offer more generous space for accommodating larger groups, making cruising with children or couples wanting some alone time easier. This feature can especially prove invaluable during extended cruise vacations.

Catamarans offer spacious cabins that can easily fit six adults comfortably while still allowing ample room for socializing and dining. Furthermore, their lack of rolling makes catamarans much more accommodating for people suffering from motion sickness or other health conditions.

Catamarans’ wide beam can make finding suitable marina berths difficult; however, this problem has gradually been alleviated as more facilities that cater specifically to multihull boats open. Maintenance costs tend to be higher as there is twice as much surface area to keep clean compared to monohull boats; antifouling frequency will, therefore, increase and thus drive up overall ownership costs.

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