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BOB online banking – Avail The Amazing Online Banking Service


Do you have any idea about the BOB online banking service? When we think of those things which made our lives easier, we all would take a few names which help us to live an easy life. Among all mobile phones, cars, home appliances are common. Don’t you miss out on an important one? Guess what? The BOB online banking. The arrival of online banking is the biggest boost to live an easy life. Think that you don’t have to go to the bank, everything can be done online. How online banking of Bank of Baroda will help you,


Benefits of online BOB online banking


With the BOB online banking customers can enjoy the Instant accessibility of their bank account from the mobile and computer. Not only me, but my parents have also been using the account for ages.


  • You can check the account balance whenever you want and see the records of your previous transactions.
  • Easily fund transfer between other accounts are available
  • Pay telephone bill or electricity bill every month and you can make an easy setup for an auto payment mode
  • Access to the account 24/7
  • You do not have to ask any bank clerk for a statement, you can print or download the statement for tax or for personal records.


How to register for BOB online Banking


  • Here I will share easy procedures on how you can register for the BOB online banking, and how I help my parents to avoid the bank crowd and go online.


  • Now get the application form get downloaded from the site for the corporate and retail users.
  • You can also get the application directly from the bank, those who are not very much aware of online banking can try the direct way.


  • For corporate users- All the partnership firms, companies, sole proprietors, and companies can use the corporate form.


  • Fill the form fully and signatories should sign in the form, like joint account holders, and all the partners of the partnership firms.


  • Submit the form through BOB online banking or you can visit the bank directly to submit the form hand by hand and maintain the accounting process.


  • After this Customer will receive the user ID through courier service at your address, and if you submit your form online you will receive all the login details in your mail-id.


  • For passwords, you need to visit the nearest BOB bank. Online users can “Reset or set the password” online from bobibanking.com As my father is not well versed with this online service I helped him to get all these done.


  • The customer will get the debit card by post. No need to visit the branch.
  • Now when you have all the details put the user id and password to log in


Features of the online banking system of BOB


Now manage different accounts- Once you login to BOB online banking with the help of user id and password simultaneously you can have access to the other accounts like loan account, fixed deposit, operative from the same place. If you have multiple accounts like my parents you can access all from one login, but obviously, for that, you need to have the same customer id.

View account details– Now you can easily view all the account details of your bank account and from one login account you will be able to check that


Is the bank of Baroda is a good one?

Of Course yes, it is a good one.

Who is the owner of the bank of Baroda?

It was founded by the Maharaja of Baroda

Where is the headquarter of the Bank of Baroda?

It is in Vadodara.