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Open An Account In the best Bank Of America Corp


Opening a bank account in the bank of America corp is really easy these days. In the age of fast internet, you do not have to go to the bank directly and stand in the queue, producing all the documents and wanting for your turn. Those days are gone. Now you can open your account online from your home. I too had tried and it was a really awesome experience.

bank of America corp I must say no other bank can beat the bank of America corp service. It’s so smooth and easy to handle. Saving is a good habit, try to save as much as you can. Money is the biggest strength. Save today and enjoy the rest of your life. The new year countdown has already begun, only three more days are left. Perfect time to start your savings account. Let’s have a look at how you can open your account.


Check the account that suits you

Before opening an account check whether the account is suitable for you or not. The bank offers the main three options to open an account. These are,


Bank of America Advantage Plus Banking- This is the best option to check for an account to avoid the monthly fee. This account has overdraft facilities which will help you in the transaction if you do not have money to check.


Bank of America Advantage SafeBalance Banking- The account of bank of America corp is for those people who have a low balance and do not want to check often. This can be the best option for students who are under 24 also can avoid the monthly fee


bank of America corp Advantage Relationship Banking- This account is for those customers who keep all the balance high. As you keep the balance high it provides high interest too. Checking and overdraft programs are also available.


Documents needed to open the account

To open an account in bank of America corp you will need to provide the below-mentioned documents,


Current residential address

Tax identification number or social security number


Email address

  • Your funding method (here you need to produce the debit card number of the existing account, your account number)
  • Same information for the joint account holder


Verify your identification

This stage of identification is not needed if you open an account online. But if you open the account at the branch then obviously you need to go through the verification process. You need to produce two ID forms. This ID form should include the passport, driving license, security card, or state ID.


Fill the application details

You can do this through the official website of Bank of America Corp from your computer or laptop or your smartphone. If you still missing out on any documents and cannot fill in the application details I would suggest you visit the nearest branch of the bank of America.


Why should you choose a bank of America over others?

Those who are reading this will ask me why I have chosen this bank and ask you guys to use this bank account. Because I feel this is one of the best options among others, why?

  • The maintenance cost is Cheap
  • You will get the bonus after opening an account
  • The bank will help you to get the credit access
  • Easy way to save money
  • The safest way to save money


Does bank of America provide an amount for opening an account?

If you open an account by depositing $4000 you will get a $300 bonus within 90 days.

Where is the headquarter of Bank of America?

It is in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

When Bank of America was founded?

In the year 1956 Bank of America was founded