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Assault Bike Pro X Review


Assault Bike Pro was designed to increase resistance as speed increased automatically – giving you total control of your training session! Boasting a heavy-duty steel frame with reinforced pedals and sealed cartridge bearings in each pivot, as well as built-in extra protection against sweat, dust, dirt, and debris build-up, the Assault Bike Pro gives athletes complete power.

The Assault Bike Pro features our Elite console, equipped with high contrast LCD screens, Bluetooth & ANT+ connectivity to track workout metrics on smartphones or tablets, and seven programming options & competition mode setting options for a personalized training experience.

Dual Belt-Drive

If you prefer an e-bike with less maintenance and increased silence, a dual belt-drive setup might be proper for you. While more costly than hub motor options, its longer lifespan and quieter operation make this type of motor better at climbing hills than others. But keep in mind that dual belt drive e-bikes may require additional knowledge of their workings as they may be harder to adjust than hub motor models.

Schwinn Airdyne Pro is the ultimate dual belt-drive e-bike. More compact than other air bikes, this model makes an excellent choice for people of short stature. While many features of other air bikes, such as its durable frame that can withstand powerful pedaling, can be found here as well, some unique elements set it apart.

This bike features a Gates carbon drive system, which is more durable and quieter than chains. Additionally, this model includes an ergonomic saddle and a large display screen to show workout data and monitor built-in workouts such as Tabata and pacing workouts; plus, it also comes equipped with an internal timer that helps ensure workout success!

Contrary to most bikes, this model’s carbon frame can withstand high amounts of power without bending. Furthermore, carbon frames are lighter than steel ones, making the bike easier to maneuver and ride and offering greater stopping power than standard brakes.

Carbon frames don’t easily replace damaged sections and are more costly than steel or aluminum options; however, the Carbon Airdyne Pro makes for a high-quality and robust e-bike experience.

Rohloff hubs are another popular choice, as they require less maintenance than a regular bike. Before using one of these setups, however, make sure your frame meets specific stiffness criteria; more specifically, its rear triangle must withstand specific amounts of stiffness.

Low Maintenance

The Assault Bike Pro stands apart from many home gym equipment options by not requiring any maintenance. Its heavy-duty steel frame provides stability and support, along with reinforced pedals equipped with sealed cartridge bearings in each pivot and an anti-sweat, dust, dirt, and debris-protected bottom bracket to guarantee a smooth ride experience.

As is true of any air resistance bike, the Assault Bike Pro can accommodate athletes of all skill levels. With its combination of high intensity, low impact cardiovascular training and customizable resistance levels allowing users to tailor their workout intensity according to personal needs, this bike provides high power yet intense impact cardio training that’s tailor-made for every user’s workout intensity needs.

Air resistance works on a straightforward principle: as you exert yourself more vigorously on a bike, the more air resistance it creates to offset your efforts. This makes the Assault Bike Pro an excellent solution for any exercise or training program; its balanced design and user-friendly features make it the most scalable bike available today; its comfortable padded seat, convenient foot pegs, and supportive handlebar grips offer a user-friendly workout experience regardless of skill or fitness level.

For those who prefer staying connected, the Assault Bike Pro X comes equipped with our Elite console that can sync wirelessly with either Bluetooth or ANT+ to provide an all-inclusive workout tracking experience. Furthermore, this console offers seven preloaded programs and competition mode settings.

The Assault Bike Pro is an ideal option for athletes looking to elevate their cardio workout to new levels. Boasting heavy-duty construction, scalable resistance, and advanced connectivity features – such as LCDs and basic preset activities – the Assault Bike Pro makes an excellent addition to any home gym or professional training facility. Furthermore, its simple LCD and basic preset workouts make training with this bike simple; alternatively, it can connect via ANT+ or Bluetooth connectivity to cycling apps for an enhanced training experience.


The Assault Bike Pro X uses a dual belt-drive system, harnessing athlete power directly into its machine without slippage like traditional fan bikes do – giving athletes a consistent workout without slippage and extra protection against sweat, dust, and dirt; additionally, it boasts built-in additional protection from work build up as well as being low maintenance to date! This makes the Pro X an impressive, low-maintenance assault bike.

A heavy-duty steel frame is designed for support and stability with sealed cartridge bearings at each pivot point for smooth, efficient running without sweat and dirt accumulation. A sealed bottom bracket protects from sweat accumulation, while convenient foot pegs create an enjoyable, user-friendly ride for athletes of all abilities.

At home, in personal fitness studios, or in commercial gyms alike, the Assault Bike Pro provides an effective cardio workout with minimal impact. Its comfortable padded seat and conveniently placed footpegs facilitate proper form for maximum efficiency and effectiveness during training sessions.

Connect the Assault Bike to your smartphone and pair it with the FIIT App (sold separately) for an immersive training experience. Boasting world-class trainers, this exciting new way of training encourages you to go beyond your limits and push beyond them!

Assault Air Bike Pro provides more features desired by CrossFitters when compared with the Rogue Echo Bike, including slimmer fan blades and more seat adjustability that would suit a wider variety of users. Furthermore, at just 125 pounds, it’s more compact with transport wheels for easy repositioning in any given room.


The Pro X model from Assault Fitness fan bikes offers maximum comfort. It includes a padded seat, foot pegs set at optimal height for athletes of all sizes, and an ergonomic Q factor that offers great workout potential. Furthermore, an extended front stabilizer keeps this bike secure no matter how hard or fast a workout becomes.

Dual belt transmission directly harnesses athlete power in the machine, eliminating slippage and producing a smooth ride – perfect for high-intensity yet low-impact cardio training suitable for athletes of all levels. Furthermore, its advanced Elite console boasts a high-contrast LCD screen and Bluetooth connectivity so athletes can sync their smartphones to track performance via the Assault Fitness app or one of seven built-in programming options or competition mode.

All three Assault bikes feature heavy-duty steel frames equipped with sealed cartridge bearings in every pivot point for smooth and durable operation, as well as an enclosed bottom bracket to guard against sweat, dirt, and dust accumulation.

Though more comfortable than many other models, Assault air bikes still provide a challenging workout when used at complete resistance and exertion. If athletes prefer something gentler for training purposes, alternative chains could include Echo Bike.

No matter which Assault Bike you select, you will enjoy an exceptional customer experience from all retailers. Rogue Fitness and Amazon provide convenient return policies with swift returns for those not completely satisfied with their purchase or needing to change size. Assault Fitness also has an impressive warranty, which should be carefully considered when investing in expensive fitness equipment. Read carefully through their return policies before purchasing, and be sure to inquire about warranty information prior to making a decision; should anything go amiss after receipt, you can return your purchase within 30 days for a full refund – read thoroughly so there will be no unpleasant surprises later down the line.