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Arvika Bike Rack Review


Arvika bike rack was designed with both convenience and durability in mind to offer an effective means of transporting bikes on travel trailers. It is crafted with premium materials for maximum longevity and features a rubberized coating for extra protection for your bikes.

Attaching securely to an A-frame on the front, this rack allows bikes to rest in trays. While overall secure, its more extended clamp arm sometimes jiggles during transport, which rubs against its paint surface during transit and leaves marks behind on my bike’s frame.

Front-Mounted Bike Rack

Are you in search of an easy and safe way to transport bikes on your trailer? Arvika’s front-mounted bike rack might just be what’s needed – mounted onto the A frame on the front of your trailer, this Canadian-made rack allows the bikes to rest atop propane tanks and batteries for secure transportation while leaving space open in your cargo bay for camping gear or other essentials.

This rack’s sturdy construction and thoughtful design ensure it is reliable and straightforward to set up. Its main frame is composed of solid aluminum, while its arms are constructed from steel coated with a rubberized protective covering to safeguard bike frames from any potential damage during transport. Furthermore, its reinforced components offer greater security and stability during travel trailer transport – an excellent feature to look out for!

This bike rack is highly flexible, accommodating various bicycle types. Featuring rotating arm clamps with 360-degree rotation and gutters that adapt tire sizes from skinny road bike tires up to 5-inch fat bike tires, you can secure bikes of various types using this rack.

Purchase of the 7000-AF Bike Attachment Kit allows you to mount up to four bikes on this rack securely. The kit contains an A-frame bracket capable of holding two bikes and a bike attachment that works with two or four bikes – you could also attach this rack directly to the hitch of your trailer, should desired.

Airstream owners looking to make more out of their RV can add a front-mounted bike rack as an effective solution to improve their experience. It allows riders to transport bikes for camping trips without fear of them swaying or flipping during transit while preventing overloading of the rear bumper. However, adding such accessories could increase tongue weight substantially, resulting in severe sway and, in some extreme cases, even powerful influence.

High Load Capacity

This bike rack was created with both durability and usability in mind. Constructed of high-grade aluminum and steel materials, its frame offers extra support while its reinforced arm provides added stability. Supporting up to 100 pounds per bike, its reinforced arm offers extra strength, allowing it to carry plenty of bikes during travel, while the user-friendly lock keeps your bikes secure when on the go.

RVers looking to bring their bicycles along for camping trips or outdoor excursions will find this bike rack an ideal way of transporting their bikes securely and conveniently. Attaching directly to the front of their travel trailer offers safe and convenient bike transport without making maneuvering more difficult when pulling their trailer.

This rack is compatible with various trailer types, such as fifth-wheel travel trailers, Airstream travel trailers, and teardrop travel trailers. It can transport up to four bikes at one time. Installation is straightforward without interference with trailer brake operation and features a raised platform that increases ground clearance suitable for accommodating different bicycle tires.

Bike racks can help spread out the weight more evenly, helping prevent any swaying or flipping while traveling. It is essential to keep in mind, though, that heavy bikes could cause issues with your hitch receiver – so it would be wise to have your trailer’s receiver thoroughly inspected prior to installing a bike rack.

Contrary to other bike racks that mount to the back of your trailer, this A-frame version can be used with both single- and multi-bike trailers. It holds three standard bikes at once and accommodates different frame sizes easily, featuring an integrated tie-down point platform with a rise shank that increases ground clearance; rubberized arms provide added protection from frame damage for added peace of mind.

This 4-bike rack is ideal for families and casual riders. Suitable for carbon frames, its foot pedal allows tilted trunk access and fold-up when not required; additionally, it comes complete with locks to secure bikes to trailers or storage space.

Versatile Design

The Arvika bike rack was created with versatility in mind, enabling you to transport a range of different bikes easily. Its 360-degree rotating arm clamps can secure bikes by their frame, handlebars, or bench mount, while its gutters accommodate tires ranging from thin road bike tires up to 5-inch fat bike tires. In addition, a reinforcement arm provides stability and security during transit or on rough roads.

An added benefit of mounting a bike rack on the front of your travel trailer is that it helps distribute the weight evenly among the bikes on it, improving overall balance and maneuverability while you drive. This also prevents cycles from swaying or flipping during transport, which could damage them as well as potentially injure other road users and cause injuries for yourself or others on the road.

Finally, installing and uninstalling the bike rack is quick and effortless on any travel trailer – from Airstream trailers to 5th wheelers. The 7000 series base mounts securely to your trailer’s A-frame via its included bracket, while its padded frame hooks secure your bicycles safely and comfortably. This rack can even fit inside some cargo vans!

Notably, plan on carrying three or four bikes at once on the Arvika bike rack. An additional telescoping support arm may be necessary to securely store them when traveling with a travel trailer or Airstream.

Easy Installation

This rack was designed with simplicity and durability in mind, making setup effortless without tools. The steel frame is strong yet lightweight, with reinforced arms explicitly designed to accommodate carbon frames as well as an elevated shank to increase ground clearance. Furthermore, it folds down for trunk access as well as includes locks to secure bikes – an excellent solution for riders who occasionally take family or friends along on rides.

This front-mounted bike rack secures the trailer hitch receiver on the front of your trailer with clamps to secure its front support, mounted to a power jack; furthermore, its curved bar comes down over its top to support and support bikes. This design enables you to see them while driving while keeping them away from any backward-swaying or rubbing against anything in your trailer.

The rack is designed for use with standard 2″ trailer hitches, featuring a covered keyhole and chrome plating to help prevent corrosion. Furthermore, you can key this rack to your other trailer accessories for extra security.

The bike rack comes in various sizes and boasts a heavy-duty design to withstand vibration and sway from being mounted on the back of a trailer. Ratcheting hooks hold frames securely while their padded arm protects paintwork during transportation. This rack is an ideal option for camping trips or family vacations where bikes will be taken along, as well as living in an RV where having your bikes ready to ride can be crucial.