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Amel 54 Sailing Yacht For Sale


Amel yachts are known for their legendary durability and seaworthiness, offering elegance with safety, comfort, shorthanded sailing ease and shorthanded sailing ease. This US-flagged luxurious ketch is equipped for ocean cruising. To know more, check out lookboat.com/boat/amel-54-for-sale-in-greece

This Amel 54 is one of the best-equipped Amels on the market, boasting an inner forestay designed to hold staysails.


The Amel 54 is an efficient sailing yacht designed for long ocean voyages. Equipped with everything needed for an enjoyable journey – such as spacious seating areas and luxurious accommodations – the Amel 54 provides everything required for a successful trip, from its comfortable cockpit and luxurious accommodations to robust stainless-steel guard rails that protect against rough seas, as well as navigation tools that help make life onboard easier for its captain and passengers alike.

French entrepreneur Henri Amin France el established Amel Yachts in a Franward-winning shipyard that offers unique yacht designs. Their motto is “Quality, Rigor and Care,” with each boat featuring top-quality construction techniques and designs with refined interior decor that features cutting-edge technologies for an enjoyable sailing experience.

The Amel 54 was developed as the successor to the Super Maramu and has quickly become a favorite among cruising sailors. It boasts a sturdy fiberglass hull with balsa sandwich construction on the deck for extra strength and insulation, and Amel’s boats also come equipped with retractable bow thrusters explicitly designed by them – powerful tools when maintained well, they enable effortless boat maneuverability through tight anchorages or narrow channels.

Deck layout

Chantiers Amel launched the Amel 54 luxury cruising yacht in 2005 and produced it until 2011. This yacht is known for its robust construction, comfortable accommodations, and superior sailing performance. Both its hull and deck are constructed using solid fiberglass for durability and resistance to osmosis, and its electrical system includes engine-driven alternators/generator technology for reliable operation.

Both the Amel 54 and its sister ship, Amel Super Maramu, were designed for long-distance cruising; however, there are some critical differences between the two boats that set them apart: the 54 is slightly longer with more beam and interior space; its locker hatches also make opening and closing easier without tripping or stubbing over obstructions on deck.

Another distinct difference between the 54 and Super Maramu lies in its aft cabin size; on the 54, it’s much more significant. Furthermore, this space comes complete with an additional double bed to make it perfect for guests. In addition, more opening hatches allow for better passive ventilation when underway.

The Amel 54 was designed with safety in mind, featuring a large center cockpit and dedicated liferaft locker, robust stainless-steel guard rail, and spacious engine room. Sailing it is a pleasure, with superb upwind performance and easy handling that make this luxurious cruising yacht ideal for family trips as well as long-distance expeditions.


The Amel 54 provides guests with luxurious accommodations and plenty of storage space. The prominent owner’s cabin aft has an ensuite, while the port-side cabin offers a double berth, and the starboard cabin offers two bunk berths; these cabins also include bathrooms and workrooms. Furthermore, its galley features state-of-the-art appliances for cooking fresh food during long voyages; in fact, its refrigerators and freezers have enough capacity for that!

The Amel’s unique design ensures both safety and comfort when underway. Her hull and deck are constructed of solid fiberglass for durability and resistance to osmosis; four watertight bulkheads separate six watertight compartments onboard for extra security; the engine room sits directly under her cockpit to reduce noise pollution, smells while at sea; this design allows the Amel to maintain maximum privacy at sea.

The Amel 54 is an ideal blue-water cruiser designed for comfort and shorthanded sailing. It features a comprehensive suite of navigation and communication equipment and is suitable for trips up to six months long.


Chantiers Amel, a French company known for producing luxury cruising sailboats, designed and constructed the Amel 54 to meet all your luxury cruising sailboat needs – offering comfort, performance, and reliability – making for an outstanding sailing experience no matter if it is weekend sailing or an international voyage.

The Amel 54 is a staysail ketch that expertly blends classic sailing lines with modern features. Its sturdy construction makes it ideal for long-distance cruising, while its powerful engine can reach 7 knots when under power. Furthermore, its large fuel tanks ensure ample range on ocean voyages.

The Amel 54 features not only a spacious cockpit but also boasts an expansive aft deck equipped with a solar arch and dinghy davits for added solar protection and dating of small sailboats. In addition, there’s a full-length stainless-steel guard rail and four watertight bulkheads to provide additional safety and security features.

The Amel 54 was designed as the successor to Chantiers Amel’s Super Maramu, and it’s widely considered one of the finest world-cruising boats ever constructed. Constructed from solid fiberglass for durability and resistance to osmosis, its electrical system utilizes engine-driven alternators with generator backup for uninterrupted power supply; its numerous opening hatches provide maximum ventilation when underway while its navigation station allows for more extended period stays than most Super Maramus do – something most Super Maramus lack.

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