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Acko Mobile Insurance Review


If you’ve been searching for a mobile insurance provider, you’ve likely come across Acko. The service provides coverage for accidents and breakdowns, cashless repairs, and an easy 3-step application process. It also partners with Amazon India, an attractive feature for consumers. The company is also known for its customer service.

Offers protection against accidents and breakdowns

Acko Mobile Insurance is a great way to protect yourself in case of breakdowns and accidents with your motorbike. The company’s customer service will handle the claim settlement process for you. You can even get your car picked up and dropped off at your doorstep if there is minor damage. Acko has two car insurance plans to help you pay for minor repairs and expenses.

Acko General Insurance is a new entrant in the Indian insurance market and was launched in November 2016. The company follows an entirely online-led model to sell its insurance products. It has partnered with Amazon India to offer its mobile insurance plans. Acko Mobile Insurance allows you to get cover for accidents and breakdowns with your mobile, and you can easily manage your policy online.

Offers cashless repairs

If your smartphone gets damaged and you don’t want to spend money on repairs, Acko Mobile Insurance can help you. This insurance covers accidental physical damage, screen damage, and liquid damage. There are some restrictions, however. These policies do not cover theft or loss of the device. They also do not cover damages that have occurred after seven days after the purchase date, nor do they cover accessories. This insurance comes with Syska Gadget Secure, a device tracking and blocking service. The service also provides antivirus protection.

With ACKO Mobile Insurance, you can receive instant insurance policies. You can also use your policy to receive cashless repairs through participating garages. The process of claiming an insurance claim is easy and convenient. You can file claims through the ACKO website or app. Once you receive a repair quote, you can drop off your car at an ACKO cashless garage. Experts will evaluate the damages and provide an estimate.

Offers simple 3-step application mode

Acko is an online insurance company that offers a variety of policies in a simple and hassle-free application process. Whether you’re in search of a medical insurance policy or just a general health insurance policy, the company has the option to fit your needs. Its application process is straightforward, and you can complete it in just a few minutes. The company is also committed to ensuring a stress-free claims process.

You simply enter your email address and city, and the search will return results containing relevant health insurance plans. After choosing the right plan based on your budget and coverage term, you simply fill out the form and pay the premiums via a secured payment gateway.

Has partnered with Amazon India

Amazon India is expanding into the Indian motor insurance market, partnered with Acko General Insurance. This new partnership will allow Amazon customers to purchase two and four-wheeler insurance policies on the Amazon app and mobile web. Acko will underwrite the policies and will offer Amazon Prime subscribers a discount. It also claims to provide a hassle-free claim process.

Acko’s partnership with Amazon India is the latest example of how the online retail giant integrates its products. In September 2018, Amazon filed to sell insurance products in India. In March 2019, the government granted the company a corporate agent license. Acko has also collaborated with Amazon Pay to provide insurance coverage for its sellers in India. This partnership will make purchasing insurance a seamless process and provide the convenience of online insurance through the Amazon app.

Offers 20%-30% commission

If you have a blog or website, you can sign up as an Acko mobile insurance affiliate today to earn a 20%-30% commission from every sale. The Acko Mobile Insurance company offers insurance for mobile phones and two-wheelers. Its services include comprehensive and in-trip domestic insurance. Its CEO, Varun Dua, oversees all operations related to car insurance. The company has raised $42 million in under two years.

The Acko marketing campaign features two guys talking about low car insurance premiums. The ad has a humorous yet educational tone. The third guy overhears the conversation and learns about Acko’s in-trip insurance. He is amazed to learn that the insurance premiums offered by Acko are lower than those of traditional insurers.