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157 Garden Gate Court, Green Bay, WI 53313


157 Garden Gate Court is a single-family home in Green Bay, WI 53313, currently not for sale. Homemetry allows users to research home values, recent sale prices, and neighborhood information for this property.

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Home Features

157 Garden Gate Court is a single-family home on 1.71 acres of land with five bedrooms and five bathrooms, built in 2022 and not currently listed for sale. You can research its details such as average price per square foot, number of comparable houses nearby, and more; additionally, compare property taxes, annual real estate costs, and school info before deciding to buy or not buy this home.

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Connect with a local lender to explore available rates; you could qualify for an FHA or VA loan. Furthermore, gather info on nearby neighborhoods with high crime and safety ratings and recent home sales to help decide whether this location is ideal.

Home Amenities

At 157 Garden Gate Court in Green Bay, Wisconsin, you’ll find an array of home amenities, such as a master suite, outdoor deck, updated kitchen, laundry services, and garage facilities. Also conveniently located nearby, you will find laundry facilities, laundry pickup services, and garage access. 157 Garden Gate Court can easily be accessed by nearby restaurants and shops for added convenience.

This home features two bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms and is on 1.71 acres.

Several home features can be found at this property, such as stainless steel appliances and a granite vanity top. The living room is open, featuring large windows to let in plenty of natural light, while the master suite includes a private bath and a king bed. A second guest bedroom contains a queen bed for additional guests and access to the hall bathroom.

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Home Size

Single-family homes are an increasingly popular residential option. Discover the average home size on Garden Gate Court and other neighborhoods by reviewing property details such as rooms, square footage, etc., to understand how much room there is for you and your family to relax.

These homes on this street typically boast between three and five bedrooms and three and three-and-a-half bathrooms, making them a suitable size for many families and proving an advantage if purchasing your first home together or as a couple.

Use the map to quickly pinpoint which houses are nearby and their proximity to nearby locations such as parks, hospitals, or schools. For commuters looking for housing close to public transit stops – or when planning trips abroad – finding one nearby, such as 157 Garden Gate Court, can save time and money! This location falls in the Green Bay, WI 54313 zip code.

Home Price

157 Garden Gate Court is a single-family home with five bedrooms and five bathrooms on a 1.71-acre lot in Green Bay, Wisconsin 54313, completed in 2022.

This home is not currently for sale; however, you can estimate its worth based on past prices and similar properties nearby. Discover detailed information such as its price per square foot and year built; compare this with nearby properties to better understand its true worth.

A street’s number of homes indicates its activity level and wealth among its residents; more houses mean more expensive properties.

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