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Ziprent Review


Ziprent is a property management company in San Francisco that offers full-service property management services at affordable prices. The company integrates cutting-edge technology with friendly customer service to provide the highest level of property monetization and maintenance at the lowest cost possible. The company’s San Francisco area rental management services start at $100 per monthly unit. In addition, there are no cancellation or credit card fees.

The full-service property management company

Ziprent, a San Francisco property management company, integrates technology and friendly customer service to offer the highest quality property monetization, maintenance, and tenant placement at the lowest cost. The company offers San Francisco rental property management services for a monthly fee of $100 per unit and no cancellation fees.

Ziprent’s hands-on approach to property management is complemented by its extensive experience in the industry. Its leadership has owned over 100 properties, enabling it to bring a hands-on, personal touch to client properties. This allows Ziprent to manage their client properties with the same quality as their own. However, Ziprent does not control the budget and cannot approve or disburse funds for landlords.

Ziprent also provides many other benefits, from improving the tenant experience to streamlining the property management process. They handle maintenance issues, evictions, and coordinating maintenance. This helps both landlords and renters maximize their investment properties.

24/7 customer service hotline

With the 24/7 customer service hotline provided by Ziprent, you can always ask your questions and get answers to your concerns. Your questions are answered by a natural person, not a recording. The company is also available to answer your questions about property management, such as submitting maintenance requests and paying rent. In addition, Ziprent offers efficient tenant placement, local property management, and a customer portal to help you manage your property.

Ziprent requires its properties to be move-in ready and performs a routine inspection during the first visit. The inspection looks for habitability issues and other visible failures that could impact tenants’ satisfaction. In addition, prospective tenants can report any pending problems, and Ziprent will coordinate with the owner to fix them. However, Ziprent cannot initiate repair coordination without the owner’s consent.


If you’re looking to maximize your rental income, Ziprent is an excellent choice. The service provides professional tenant placement and property management at an affordable price. It also provides active listing and marketing of your property. So whether you’re a first-time landlord or a seasoned property manager, Ziprent can help you find the perfect tenant for your home.


Ziprent is a service that helps landlords find rental properties by providing comprehensive information on available rentals. They act as agents on behalf of owners and provide the information they deem reliable. They also provide 24-hour concierge service. Rent includes utilities such as water and gas. Ziprent also allows tenants to bring small pets with an additional $500 deposit.