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Wyoming Secretary of State Business Search


Before selecting a name for your Wyoming LLC, it’s important to conduct an appropriate name search using this search tool, which offers access to an open public database hosted by the Secretary of State’s office.

To search, enter a Filing ID or name and click Search. A table should then display results corresponding to that ID/name pair.

Search by Filing ID

Those planning to open a shop in Wyoming can quickly check if their proposed name is available by searching Wyoming’s entities registry. It provides a primary interface, allowing users to search by name (limiting results to those beginning with desired name) or by Filing ID number; results appear as a list in a table, and you can click individual entity names for additional details about them.

The Wyoming Secretary of State’s office oversees various issues, such as registration of business entities; statewide elections; lobbyist registration and filing; ethics filings; document authentication; securities; public notaries; agricultural liens, and more. Established under the Wyoming state constitution, Chuck Gray serves as Wyoming’s Secretary of State.

When searching on the Wyoming Secretary of State website, the first step in searching is entering your desired name into the “Filing Name” field. To narrow your results further, you can adjust the search parameters using “Starts With” and “Contains” filters. After entering your desired name, click the “Search” button; your results page will show a table listing all entities matching your search, with their statuses, Filing ID numbers, and filing date displayed as table entries.

Once you’ve found the business you wish to investigate, click its name for details. These include its name, filing date, current standing, registered agent information, and more. In addition, this page will indicate whether the entity is active or inactive and current taxation standing status.

If your desired LLC name is unavailable in Wyoming, consider creating a unique variation that makes it distinct or searching the Trademark Electronic Search System to ensure no rights have been infringed upon.

Search by Filing Name

Are You Searching to Register a Business Name in Wyoming? The Wyoming Secretary of State provides complimentary services that allow individuals and companies to locate information regarding business entities situated in Wyoming as well as tips and other resources on registering them in Wyoming. For best results, it may be prudent to consult an attorney to ensure your proposed name fulfills all requirements set by state authorities.

The Secretary of State’s office performs many responsibilities, from registering businesses to maintaining records. Additionally, this office handles elections. Located in Cheyenne’s capital city of Cheyenne and divided into five divisions for efficiency purposes – its Business Division handles filings related to LLC forms, foreign LLCs, non-profit corporations, and trademarks.

Before searching, ensure your chosen name can easily be distinguished from those already registered in your state. Remember that even one letter or word could make all the difference in search results; otherwise, the Secretary of State could reject you as having too similar a name to yours.

The website for the Secretary of State features an easy, straightforward business search tool that enables users to conduct searches by name or Filing ID, narrow their results by company type or location, and quickly locate any required information. This makes finding information quickly and efficiently possible.

When setting your search criteria for optimal results, it is advised that you use only one word as your criteria. This will save you from spending unnecessary searching that only produces limited results. In addition, any designators such as “LLC” or “L.L.C.” and punctuation such as periods, commas, apostrophes, or quotes should be left out to ensure maximum efficiency.

Searching the name of your business entity can save time and money in legal expenses by helping to ensure its availability for registration with the Secretary of State. Tools like Incfile offer efficient searches to check if it conflicts with existing names, offer solutions, and offer lists of possible replacement names.

Search by Trade Name

Are You Searching For or Registering Your Wyoming Corporation Online? Using the Secretary of State’s Website Is A Perfect Way

Filing ID number searches allow you to gain more insight into specific businesses in Wyoming quickly. Every Wyoming LLC, C corp, and other entity type has an individual filing ID that can be searched using this tool; when used successfully, it will produce a list of those matching the matching number along with key business details like their initial filing date, location, and registered agent.

The Office of the Secretary of State handles filings for all state business entities, such as corporations and LLCs. They also deal with trademarks, document authentication, and agricultural liens. You can use their online system to file annual reports, reinstate an entity, and search records. Plus, they offer users PDF copies of filings.

Before selecting a Wyoming business name, running a trademark search through the Trademark Electronic Search System is wise. This will ensure no existing trademarks are associated with your chosen name and help prevent issues with other businesses using similar ones.

Be mindful that the name you select for a Wyoming business must contain either “limited liability company” or its abbreviations and not contain words that could potentially conflict with another trademark or name of an existing company. It’s advisable to search only a few letters of your desired name to eliminate potential duplication while leaving out designators such as “LLC,” “L.L.C.,” and punctuation marks, as the database will not recognize these.

Search by Registered Agent

If you plan on forming an LLC or corporation in Wyoming, make sure that the name you want to choose is available before registering. The Secretary of State offers a search tool that allows users to browse existing business names; search results include information such as name, filing date, filing status, and principal office address of each name viewed, as well as whether or not an active or inactive status exists for each search result page.

This search tool is easy to use; enter the name or Filing ID of a business you want to locate and click “Search.” A list will then appear of companies matching your criteria; to gain more details on any particular one, click its name!

While searching, it is essential to remember that state regulations regarding business names can be stringent. Your chosen name must be distinguishable from existing names, meaning it should not sound similar or contain specific words. Therefore, it is advised to conduct multiple searches to ensure it’s available before settling on one.

Business registration is generally straightforward and free of charge, providing access to federal tax ID numbers and ordering business cards, letterhead, and signage. To register your business visit the Secretary of State’s website and fill out their registration form – they’ll guide you step by step!

Once your business has been registered with the Secretary of State’s office, it is essential to remember that their records of transactions and activities are public and can be accessed by anyone – this serves several purposes, including verifying a company’s identity and background as well as helping protect against fraudulent activity.

Search engines may tempt you to use them to discover Wyoming’s most popular business names, but this could prove misleading. While famous names will show up, so will less frequently use words that could cause your customers or state to mistake one business for another – something which would harm both parties involved.