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Who is the Owner of Fandom.com?


Fandom is an entertainment media website that uses volunteer contributors and editors to produce articles covering pop culture news and fan topics, such as video games, movies, TV shows and interviews, and talk shows. To know about iganony viewer, visit here.

Comparably has provided 20 employees an opportunity to rate their work experience across various cultural dimensions, with particular strengths in Retention and Office Culture.

Wikia Inc.

Wikia Inc is an online encyclopedia community that allows users to create and edit articles. Wikis created within Wikia allow for in-depth coverage of specific topics like movies or TV shows and provide access to deeper levels of information not found elsewhere; perhaps one of its most well-known wikis is Wookieepedia which covers Star Wars.

Wikia not only provides fans with an engaging platform, but it also provides desktop and mobile applications to manage content efficiently in one central place. These user-friendly applications feature customizable feeds and support multiple macOS and Windows devices!

Jimmy Wales and Angela Beesley Starlings founded the company in 2004 in San Francisco. Since 2019, Perkins Miller has served as its current CEO; with extensive leadership experience at media and technology firms and significant operational and growth expertise, he brings significant experience to the table.

Angela Beesley Starlings

Fandom offers science fiction, fantasy, and horror entertainment fans an online environment tailored to meet their commerce, content, and community interests. In addition, it gives them access to tools they need for connecting with and celebrating their favorite icons from genre entertainment.

Burrell amassed an impressive list of geek credentials before creating her website: she chaired conventions, shot Super-8 films, and published zines – but her true passion was the participatory experience offered by fandom.

Fandom was established as a for-profit company in 2018 by private equity firm TPG Capital and media and tech veteran Jon Miller. Additionally, the company received funding from advertising revenue generated on its wiki sites. Headquartered in Seattle, Washington but with strong ties throughout Japan via donations from users, Fandom relies heavily on user donations as its funding source; its staff includes notable Internet community members; Fandom can often be seen as Wikipedia’s commercial counterpart.

Jimmy Wales

Jimmy Wales is an Internet entrepreneur best known as one of the founding members of Wikipedia, an open-forum online encyclopedia. Additionally, he serves as president of Fandom (formerly Wikia) hosting service and chairman emeritus of Wikimedia Foundation – which funds Wikipedia – a non-profit funding arm.

Our company aims to establish an international community around various topics of global interest, with members contributing knowledge and passion for helping each other write articles, which are then reviewed by site staff for approval or editing.

Users of the website can quickly locate information on any topic of interest; Star Wars fans, for instance, can create their wikis to cover recent news related to the franchise and share opinions with fellow fans – perfect for connecting with fellow enthusiasts and promoting movies/TV shows! Furthermore, the company offers an API that allows other websites to integrate its content.

Perkins Miller

Perkins Miller is the CEO of Fandom, a digital platform with 350 million monthly users and 250,000 fan-powered communities covering movies, games, and TV. Previously he held leadership roles at StubHub, WWE, and Vocativ before heading up e-commerce operations and global event digital initiatives at Fandom.

He possesses an in-depth knowledge of the needs and habits of streaming customers, regularly surveying his 300 million-strong audience to ascertain their behaviors and what will keep subscribers returning for more. Furthermore, he boasts extensive expertise regarding Formula One – the world’s premier and fastest motorsport.

Streamers face immense pressure to maintain subscribership, so understanding the needs and desires of fans is crucial for keeping subscribers. Miller understands this demand from his audience by remaining connected with people and brands they love – an outstanding leader whose team meets consumer demands exceptionally.