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Where to Get Married in Italy


If you are a UK national, marrying in Italy legally can be done legally, provided the proper documentation is presented. Working with a wedding planner or paperwork expert may assist in this regard. Read the Best info about Princess Apulia wedding packages in Italy.

Italy boasts many beautiful venues for hosting your wedding celebration, from rustic country villas and palazzos to glamorous hotels and stunning beaches. Italy provides many stunning wedding celebration locations.


The Tuscany countryside is ideal for couples who appreciate nature and quiet. There are swimming pools, incredible views, and even adorable animals – an iconic location made famous in movies such as Under the Tuscan Sun or Letters to Juliet.

City centers are buzzing with activity, from restaurants and shops to art galleries and churches like Florence’s Ognissanti Church with its stunning Renaissance decoration by Botticelli and Ghirlandaio frescoes. Additionally, Italian city halls are stunning; usually situated in historic palazzos such as Palazzo Vecchio, where Caterina Medici once resided – in Florence, the famous Sala Rossa is located within this palace where she once resided.

Summer weather is often hot and humid; most weddings occur during this season. Suppose you prefer an alternative time with lower crowds and temperatures that remain comfortably warm while having low rain chances. In that case, the autumn months are ideal for hosting your ceremony.


If your dream wedding involves the sea, Sardinia provides endless options with beautiful landscapes and luxury hotels offering private beaches and intimate spots like Tonnara di Marzamemi.

According to Make Love In Italy, late March or April is an ideal time to marry in Sardinia; weather conditions range from mild to warm, and the countryside begins its bloom.

Hire a professional wedding planner for an unforgettable celebration. Their experience and knowledge will allow your vision and dreams to become a reality, all while keeping within budget. For instance, they can recommend local dishes like crunchy flatbread (panettone carasau) and malloreddus (small pasta). Furthermore, they may recommend traditional favors like sweets or chocolates in pretty boxes or bags to ensure everything runs smoothly on your big day.

La Dolce Vita

Experience Italy at its finest with breathtaking bays and caressing coastal breezes as your backdrop on your special day in La Dolce Vita. Be it intimate elopements or large celebrations, your guests can immerse themselves in this unforgettable Italian experience.

Endless views, sparkling clear waters, and captivating landscapes – this crescent-shaped stretch of coastline in Liguria makes for the perfect wedding destination!

Fellini’s most significant hit catapulted Marcello Mastroianni into international stardom and offered an insightful glimpse into Rome’s culture of celebrity that foretold our current society of gossipy celebrity culture. One unforgettable scene features Marcello disporting himself gallantly at Trevi fountain while dancing with visiting Hollywood diva Sylvia; without Fellini’s great editing, this scene would not have been half as effective! You can add this package all year long when staying five nights or longer; visit their website here for more details!


Selecting an Italian location to hold your wedding can be daunting. There are so many iconic locations, each providing a different experience, that it may take a lot of work to narrow your search down. But Italy provides solutions for every budget.

Tuscany is an increasingly popular wedding destination, boasting stunning countryside views and historic hilltop towns. But for something different, Lake Como provides a peaceful country option with elegant villas and historic vineyards.

Puglia offers something truly unforgettable when it comes to wedding destinations – the stunning Trulli of Alberobello is part of Unesco World Heritage and makes for an enchanting sight when lit at night or decorated for Christmas, making this location an excellent option for a truly unforgettable wedding experience! Getting married here would make for an unforgettable memory!

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