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What Does a Garden Contractor Do?


Garden contractors are professionals with expert knowledge in horticulture who work on trees, shrubs, flowers, and gardens and help maintain their overall health through pruning and trimming services. Find the landscaping Mountain View.

Professional landscapers know how to construct and install larger outdoor structures such as decks, outdoor kitchens, and water fountains – including grading or “sculpting” of the land – and provide regular maintenance.


Maintenance services provided by garden contractors cover a full spectrum of landscape services, but maintenance remains central to achieving beautiful gardens. This involves tasks like weeding, watering, pruning, and pest management, as well as patio/driveway cleaning as well as replacing light bulbs/sprinkler heads as necessary. Gardeners may also install complex landscaping features like walls, paths, and paving, as well as structures like pergolas/fences for added elegance and protection.

Gardners who provide maintenance work are known as ‘jobbing’ gardeners. They are usually recommended by word of mouth or from head gardeners, horticultural colleges, or garden centers in their locality. Before hiring one, it’s wise to check that they possess spray certification (PA1 for foundation application and PA6 for hand-held applicators) prior to contracting them for maintenance work.

ECLLD Garden Services LLC of New York City offers garden maintenance for residential terraces, rooftops, backyards, public spaces, and commercial properties in NYC. Each client’s needs and budget are considered when designing our maintenance plans; monthly visits are preferred, but we also provide biweekly or quarterly maintenance options if needed. Flexible scheduling ensures your garden receives care throughout the year without you needing to be present!


Garden contractors offer professional landscape designs. These designs can be tailored to suit your tastes and selection of plants or the architectural style of your home. It helps if you sketch out or write out what you hope to accomplish so contractors can better do their work and give you precisely what you desire in your garden. It may also be helpful if neighbors or friends provide references.


Garden contractors specialize in creating unique outdoor spaces for you. This may involve installing Bluestone patios and walkways, adding water features like fountains or ponds, building garden sheds or fences, and laying new turf lawns – not forgetting reshaping or reshaping lawns – as well as planting features like hedges of trees, shrubs, or architectural plants to complete the effect. Some garden contractors are members of professional bodies that require them to abide by specific standards and codes of conduct, while self-employed garden contractors must request quotes prior to starting work on projects – making their services essential when hiring them for such jobs!


Garden contractors provide installation services for landscaping elements such as plants, water features, stonework pathways, driveways, fences, and even garden sculptures. Landscape contractors install these elements to increase aesthetics while providing functional benefits and promoting garden sustainability. In addition, landscapers work hard to keep their surroundings looking good by pressure washing paved surfaces, cleaning gutters and downspouts, and replacing light bulbs or sprinkler heads, among many other tasks.

Native NY Gardens provides design-build garden installation and consultation, specializing in native plant species. The company helps clients create outdoor spaces on Manhattan rooftops, Brooklyn backyards, and New York City public gardens using native plant species. Projects completed include Bluestone patios and walkways as well as custom wood carpentry for seating, decking, and unique planter boxes crafted by Native NY Gardens’ skilled wood carpenters. After conducting a site visit and receiving your proposal with computer-animated or hand-drawn designs as well as plant lists with photos/descriptions as well as total project costs, the company provides site visits/proposals along with computer animation/hand-drawn designs as well as total project costs to help make decisions more accessible than ever!