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Viking Spas Reviews


Buying a new spa is a huge investment and can be daunting to think about. You need to be sure that you are getting the best quality for your money. This is why it is important to take the time to research the different spas available. With so many choices, it is important to know exactly what features are most important to you.

Filter system

Having a good filter system is a must if you want to enjoy a relaxing soak at the end of a long day. These days, there are numerous options, including UV-C technology, which will help you to avoid having to scrub your hot tub clean. The latest technology will also help you to keep your spa water free of debris, which will improve the overall quality of your spa water.

There are many hot tubs on the market, but only a few come with a good filter system. This will ensure that you enjoy a relaxing soak every time you sit in your spa.

TempShield Reflective Insulation

TempShield Reflective Insulation for Viking spas reduces energy loss and is a great way to keep heat in your spa. With a layer of TempShield Reflective Insulation, up to 95% of radiant energy is reflected back into the spa, reducing heat loss. It can also help lower energy costs during cold winter months. You can choose between a single bubble or double bubble version.

TempShield Single Bubble Reflective Insulation for Viking spas is made with a nominal 1/4” material and is fire rated to meet building codes. It is vapor retardant and has a bright, aluminized film surface. It is a great way to reduce heat loss in your spa and improve energy savings.

Arctic Insulation Package

TempShield (r) Reflective Insulation is a good way to keep the heat in your spa. This insulation uses a combination of foam board and reflective material to reflect back 95% of the radiant energy that is passing through your spa.

The Arctic Insulation Package is designed to keep your spa nice and toasty in the winter months while preventing overheating in the summer. The package features a number of high-density foam boards and a TempShield reflective material. These components together have the best insulation performance of any type of product available.

The Arctic Insulation Package also boasts a number of other features. These include high-density foam, a TempShield reflective material, and a patented slip-resistant satin surface. These features make it easy to maintain a safe bathing temperature while still enjoying the luxury of a hydrotherapy session.

SOFT-TOUCH Slip-Resistant Satin Surface

Having a slip-resistant satin surface can make your hot tub experience more enjoyable. In fact, Viking Spas offers this type of surface on their spas. It’s one of the many reasons to invest in a quality hot tub from this innovative manufacturer.

Viking Spas have been making quality spas since the 1970s. The company’s flagship product, the Royale Series, is its most affordable hot tub. This upscale model features a lighted LED spa, a Zero G lounger for therapeutic massage, and two captain’s seats. It’s Fortiflex(tm) HDPE shell is strong, and durable, and offers a comfortable seating experience for all.

As for the spa’s features, the company offers eight different models. The Royale’s top-notch features include a two-speed Waterways pump, Balboa controls, and a zero maintenance Vikashield(tm) cabinet. It’s a good thing the company also offers a lifetime warranty on its spas.

Customization options

Whether you are interested in a small tub for two or a massive unit for the whole family, Viking Spas have a model to fit your needs. They are designed to be maintenance-free and come with features that are designed to enhance the overall experience.

The Viking spas are also energy efficient. Their motors are from proven industry leaders. The cabinetry on the spa looks like real wood and the seating is ergonomic. The spa can hold two to six people and is available in a wide range of styles and sizes. It can be plugged into a standard outlet and is easy to install.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about Viking Spas are answered on their website. The company manufactures high-quality spas and is dedicated to providing customers with the best spas and hydrotherapy experience. They also offer a variety of spa models to choose from.

The company has established itself as a leader in the spa industry and has kept its primary rule of simplicity. They have introduced a wide range of spa models to meet different hydrotherapy needs. The company‘s lineup includes eight molds, each capable of meeting different hydrotherapy requirements. The company is also known for providing the best value in the spa industry. The company’s website also has a blog that provides users with tips and tricks for proper spa care and maintenance. The blog also features information on the latest spa industry news and releases.