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Van Rysel Bib Shorts Review


Decathlon’s Van Rysel brand offers these EDR bibs designed to simplify toilet stops. Equipped with a long easy zipper running from leg to leg and featuring women-specific B’Twin chamois for maximum coverage on top.

The chamois have two thicknesses to offer targeted support to pressure points on the saddle. Furthermore, its front design helps cradle sit bones.


Decathlon’s Van Rysel bibs address pee breaks by featuring a zip that runs from mid-thigh on one leg up the rear of the other leg, enabling users to zip off without stripping. Furthermore, these bibs employ MK3 pads, which we found less thick under-sit bones but don’t simply like some of their competitors do – perfect for pee breaks on long rides without too much discomfort during pee breaks!

The bibs are constructed of a highly flexible fabric blend that perfectly conforms to your body and feels comfortable against your skin, with polyamide, elastane, and polyester mixed for maximum suppleness and breathability. We found them comparable with many top-end sets we’ve tried: they wick away sweat effectively during rides without bunching up or interfering with jersey fit; wide shoulder straps reduce painful pressure points caused by tight bib straps.


These bib shorts feature leg grippers, a high front with a zipper, and small wind-blocking panels to block the wind. While comfortable and suitable for securely holding leg or knee warmers, they do not fit as snugly as more expensive thermal bib shorts such as Endura’s FS260 Pro Thermal or Rapha Pro Team Winter models.

Decathlon’s in-house brand, Van Rysel, produces an impressive line of cycling apparel, and their bib shorts are no exception. At an exceptional value and comparable with more premium offerings, these bibs from Decathlon make an impression with their performance and value proposition. Boasting a high-density chamois that rivals Rapha’s for pressure point support and oval back support to reduce shoulder stress during strenuous efforts in the saddle; and is made from mesh fabric combined with a skin-tight material that considerably enhances sweat-wicking over standard bib shorts – genuinely exceptional value and performance!


Bibs constructed with fabric that combines polyester and elastane are designed to offer maximum suppleness that embraces and supports the baby. Furthermore, their wide straps help eliminate bunched-up fabric issues that could otherwise lead to chafe issues.

These shorts are tailored for indoor training and feature lightweight and breathable fabric to wick away sweat effectively, yet do not include Windstopper front panels found on other winter bibs like Endura’s FS260 Pro Thermal Bib Shorts or Rapha Pro Team Winter Bib Shorts.

Decathlon’s Van Rysel brand of cycling shorts are well known, and these budget-friendly shorts aim to deliver performance at an accessible price point. Although comfortable, their low-slung bibs may not offer as much support compared to other options we tested, and their chamois may not match up to some higher-end alternatives; that being said, these will still provide satisfactory comfort on shorter rides for most riders while being an economical solution suited for beginners or those on tight budgets.


These cycling bib shorts are highly comfortable and well-constructed at an extremely reasonable price point. Their extraordinary shape suits standard hip-width enthusiasts while providing good compression. Their chamois are lovely, as is their seam treatment with silicone to prevent chafing at seam junctions.

These bibs are specifically designed to aid loo breaks. Their two-way zip runs from mid-thigh on one leg across to mid-thigh on the opposite leg – meaning cyclists can drop the rear of their bib and leave without taking off their jersey or pants first.

Decathlon is a large French sporting goods retailer with a presence in America and offers cycling clothing at reasonable prices through their Van Rysel brand, launched this year to meet entry-level clothing needs at affordable price points – such as this women’s bib, which makes an excellent option for budget riders looking for quality rides.