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Using Content Marketing To Pre-Sell Your Next Book


As a self-published author, if you want your publication to get noticed by any person outside of your immediate circle of friends you’ve got to approach marketing in a successful way.

But there’s good news!

Just as self-publishing makes it possible for virtually any writer to transform their concepts into a marketable book, article marketing makes it possible for anyone that can communicate well with thoughts to create a marketing machine that functions just as well as a promotion covered by big money.

The key to what would make content marketing work so well to get self-published book promotion is it allows you to pre-sell your visitors with the idea of buying your personal book.

When your audience is definitely warmed up before they as always, see your book offer, they are seen on your sales page feeling including buying your book is a natural step to take in the future.

Your Author’s Website is the best foundation

If you’re an article author who plans to self-publish your books, you must have a great author website. There’s no approach around it.

Your creator website is like your start pad, your ground no, or your calling card. This is how all of your current customers will go to find out more about you, what you stand for, and what you must offer.

If done correctly, your current author website is also where you will collect the e-mail of people who want to hear much more about your current and upcoming assignments.

It’s where you integrate your current email marketing, blogging, social media as well as other content marketing strategies that all level your target audience to the goal product or service – your books.

Consider carefully your author’s website as your article’s marketing “hub” and make that something special. Check out creator websites from E. D. James, Gillian Flynn, and also Mark Dawson for creativity.

Blog Your Way to Hugh Success

Having a blog is probably the best way to leverage the power of article marketing to attract and presell customers to your brand and also offerings.

In fact, along with social media marketing and email marketing, blogging is probably the type of content marketing that delivers the highest return on investment.


Individuals want fresh content provided on a continual basis.

Nowadays, 81% of people looking for GST (goods & services tax) do research online just before they make a purchase.

Knowing this specific fact means that one of your current major goals should be to supply members of your target audience having as much information as possible. This will make it easier for them to come across your info during their research, which leads these phones your book offers, and consequently, to the point that they make a purchase.

Writing a blog offers the perfect vehicle due to process to happen and the gains are tremendous:

You develop many opportunities to get located in the search engines.
You attract your personal ideal customer by producing blog posts that specifically desire them.
You boost the WEB OPTIMIZATION factor of your website in addition to book offers.
You make trust and likeability with the audience with regularly kept up-to-date and interesting blog posts.
You retain your audience up-to-date with tidbits about your books, painting them in and warming up to buy before you launch each fresh book.
Stay Top-of-Mind together with Regular Emails

I described earlier that one of the most crucial aspects of your author site is having a way to collect your message address of anyone who also comes across your page trying to find more information.

Email marketing is a strong weapon to use in your self-publishing success arsenal.

When completed the right way, email marketing offers the most effective forms of content marketing and advertising that you can use to presell a great audience and get them enthusiastic and eager to buy your publication the moment it comes out.

Research shows that 80% of revenue happens after five follow-ups (or a total of half a dozen contacts)! This is because today’s buyers mainly buy from people they will know and like.

Simply by marketing on an ongoing schedule with email, your customers get to know more about you along with your books as you provide them with focused and helpful content provided on a regular basis right to their mail.

This helps to deepen the particular newly established relationship as time passes, with the goal being in order to earn a sale and succeed a new customer for life.

Utilizing a good email marketing system provides you with the power to automate the whole process with just a few mouse clicks of a mouse.

Done over the period of days, weeks, or even months, effective email marketing places your audience into the correct frame of mind to hit the “buy” button when it’s time for your own book release.

Give Something Away Now to Sell Much More Later

Along with establishing the stellar author website, running a blog on a regular basis, and having a message marketing system in place, one of the most effective ways to leverage content advertising to presell your next guide is to give a book aside now.

This advice probably seems like the exact opposite of whatever you think you should be doing, however, hear me out.

Numerous savvy self-published authors possess caught on to the fact that with regard to selling books, brand reputation and exposure are a couple of the most important factors for success.

In the end, if no one knows your own book exists, how can they possibly buy it?

Gowns were “giving away typically the farm” so to speak come in.

Invest a quick look at the Kindle provided on Amazon for one typically the bestselling self-published authors Hugh Howey, you’ll notice that together with his regularly priced offerings, they also offer a few book games at absolutely no cost.

They are more than willing to give something upward without asking for anything frequently because the result is typically the latest raving fan who proceeds to buy his books all the time.

What does this tell us? In as authors trying to earn an income by selling our textbooks, we should never underestimate the effectiveness of “Free”.

Content marketing is certainly a powerful tool for increasing attention and attracting a sizable targeted audience to your textbooks without spending a lot of money to do it.

Typically the keys to success using preselling your offers using content marketing are straightforward:

Create an author internet site that showcases your work, advises readers’ questions, and gives these people a way to stay in touch with you.
Take up a blog and keep it current on a regular basis.
Send email revisions out consistently to stay top-of-mind with your audience.
Be ample and give some valuable written content away every now and again, even if somebody has never bought from you prior.
Use your content marketing initiatives to leave a “trail of breadcrumbs” that all businesses lead back to your book provides.

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