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Touchstone Property Management Reviews


If you are looking for a property management company to manage your property, then there are some things you must consider. These include whether they have a good reputation and if they work as an agent for the owner. You should also be aware of the security deposit and how much you will be required to pay. Also, it would be best if you considered the customer reviews that are available for the company.

Customer reviews

If you’re looking for an excellent property management company, you might want to look at Touchstone. They’ve been in the real estate business for 30 years and are a leader in the construction of commercial and mixed-use projects in urban neighborhoods. One of their latest projects, The Forum, is a new residential building in Birmingham’s Southside district. Aside from its stellar location, the development boasts amenities such as a gym and communal lounge.

To find out what other people think about Touchstone, you can read reviews about the company on several online real estate sites. These sites include HomeViews, which has hundreds of Touchstone reviews. Also, you can check out reviews of other developments in your area. And, if you’re interested in listing your own home, you can submit a new listing through the site.

The nonrefundable portion of the security deposit

The security deposit is one of the most important things to consider when leasing an apartment. Landlords in New York cannot charge you more than one month’s rent in security deposits. However, if you find a landlord that charges you more than the maximum, you can file a complaint with the Consumer Fraud and Protection Bureau, a part of the NYS Attorney General’s office.

When you move out, your landlord must return your security deposit to you unless you sign a lease that states that your security deposit is non-refundable. A non-refundable security deposit is an illegal rental agreement in New York. You can also file a small claims court action. If you feel your landlord has mishandled your security deposit, you can seek the services of a screening company. This company will perform a thorough credit check and eviction search. They will also complete a legal background check, including a background check for employment.

Work as an agent for the owner.

When you work as an agent for the owner with Touchstone Property Management, you must be friendly, have good sales skills, and cultivate a professional relationship with prospective residents. In addition, you will have to coordinate move-in dates and materials, conduct background checks, and build rapport with other colleagues.

The company offers an array of products for its customers. These include Build-to-Rent and retirement stock, as well as agent solutions. It also provides digital customer portals and call center technology. With a focus on the customer and operational excellence, Touchstone is committed to providing high-quality products and services.

After completing a digital transformation, Touchstone has introduced several new systems. This includes Fixflo, a market-leading lettings software. Additionally, the company has launched a tenant portal solution for landlords. This portal will provide full integration with Touchstone’s internal management systems.


There are several competitors to Touchstone Property Management. These include Agiloft, Kissflow Process, Promapp, Oracle BPM, Redwood, Sensus BPM Online, and Process Street. But which of these has the best software? Which of these can you count on to handle your property management needs? And which of these will give you the best value for your money?

In the early 1990s, Chuck Whalen started Touchstone Properties, Ltd. He had a vision and built a team of professionals who would deliver excellence to each property. His focus was to create loyalty amongst his clients, which led to his company’s growth. As a result, his company became one of Hawaii’s three most prominent property management companies.

Today, the company is an A+-rated firm by the Better Business Bureau. It is also a CAI-accredited association management company. With over 600 employees, it is the market leader in customer service and technical support. The company’s staff is committed to a quality-conscious work environment, and they are highly motivated. They are trained to the highest standard of telephone etiquette and are dedicated to meeting customers’ needs.