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Toto verification site self-diagnosis method


The eat-and-run assassination verification procedure

According to the investigation of the slaughter assassination, dozens of new toto sites are being created every day. It would be great if all these sites were secure, but the reality is not. More than 80% of the new sites are being promoted and operated as if only the domain or brand name was changed from the previous scam site and it had nothing to do with the scam. These sites are designed to be exposed to members through aggressive marketing, so the moment you are vigilant, you will be devoured without your knowledge. So, how can you avoid eat-and-run accidents? The best way is to go through the food-and-run assassination test, but since there are members who have not been able to do that, I will introduce a method that allows you to do the verification on your own. Get the Best information about 토토검증사이트.

Self-diagnosis method

As those of you who have used the Toto site a lot, know that most of the eat-and-go sites are prone to eating-and-running accidents in a similar way. Also, since the purpose of the opening is to eat and drink, they often use the technique of recruiting members in a short time and eating the charged amount. Therefore, before using the site, you should always check whether you are offering events for members excessively or are recruiting members by promoting high odds. The Toto site is basically operated by the members’ losses and commissions. In this way, it is impossible to conduct excessive events and provide high dividends while taking their own profits into consideration due to the Toto site’s operational structure. In the case of odds, foreign dividends are imported as they are, and only the major sites set the appropriate odds. Although these odds are for the benefit of the site, they should be appropriate compensation, so you can think of the odds selected by the major sites as the appropriate odds. However, in preparation for these sites, they advertise that they offer a high dividend rate, and when approaching members, they must be suspicious.

This is a site that must be filtered if you are soliciting subscriptions through spam text messages or e-mail messages. Most of the scam sites buy DBs from other sites and promote them in a haphazard manner. This is because their purpose is to recruit members within a short period of time. If you use the site through such a route, there is a high risk of being robbed in the future, and even if it is not an accident if a financial accident occurs, the amount is not fully refunded in most cases.

Verification procedure for slaughter assassination

We are conducting thorough verification by making our own guidelines. The executives of Eat-and-Die Assassination have experienced the Toto site market for more than 10 years, forming a diverse human network. As with most sites, scam sites often open and operate sites that have experienced scams in the past. The management team of Foolish Assassination collects information about the management of the site by using a human network and checks the capital strength of the site by checking the purpose of opening and how much initial capital was invested for opening the site. When an accident occurs on the site, all information is shared with members to prevent further accidents from occurring.

Verification Procedure 1.

Eat-and-Down Verification Center Food-and-mortar assassination collects outline information about the first new site by using human networks. We collect whether you have experience of operating a site with a history of eating and drinking, and how much initial capital has been invested to operate the current site.

Verification process 2. Using the

entire search engine, check whether the current site has a past history of eating or stealing or whether there has been a reception of fraudulent incidents.

Verification Procedure 3. Validate

the secure parts of the site. By tracing back the server location and IP of the site, the site’s past robbery history is determined, and the risk level is verified in terms of security to see if a financial accident may occur or personal information may be leaked.

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