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Top Selling Handmade Items on Etsy


This platform connects crafters, artists, and collectors specializing in unique items with buyers searching for such unique goods – among the top-selling products being home & goods and jewelry.

Etsy shoppers often search for personalized gifts like bridal party gifts, engagement or wedding announcements, and pregnancy stats posters on Etsy. These unique presents may include bridal party presents, engagement or wedding announcements, or pregnancy stats posters.

To maximize sales, sellers should optimize their listings and take high-quality photographs while being familiar with their competition.

Handmade items

Etsy, an eCommerce platform dedicated to art and creativity, offers the perfect environment for selling handmade products ranging from trinkets to more permanent heirlooms. Popular handmade products on Etsy include stickers, custom jewelry, and paper designs.

Handmade products attract buyers because of their individuality and personal charm, adding a layer of luxury to any purchase.

Also, many buyers like purchasing custom-made goods from sellers they trust. They will continue returning for quality goods and referring their friends and family to them; this trend will persist into 2022.

Craft Supplies

DIY enthusiasts who enjoy creative activities and hobbies need essential supplies in order to get going, which explains why craft supplies have become one of the top-selling items on Etsy.

Personalized items are an increasingly popular trend on Etsy, from birth announcement onesies and family reunion T-shirts to custom-designed mugs featuring messages or images featuring one’s name or photograph. These custom-made products appeal to buyers across a broad spectrum.

Etsy sellers often favor stationery and party decor as a great way to express their individuality while providing new sellers with an excellent source of revenue generation.


On Etsy, stylish bags and purses have long been a favorite item among customers, especially with the recent surge in eco-friendly products such as reusable face rounds, zero-waste toothpaste, and shampoos without harmful chemicals that enter our water systems.

Stickers that add a personal touch to everyday items are another popular seller on Etsy, from water bottle decals and bumper stickers to wall art and more. Sellers who specialize in stickers can find success in marketing their brand while expanding customer bases through selling stickers like these. Wall art sellers may also experience success; searching “wall art” returns over 12 million results on Etsy, with some sellers providing printable pieces suitable for every home and office room – these sellers typically sell printable wall art that allows their buyers to personalize it themselves!


While handmade items remain the top sellers on Etsy, unique jewelry can also be an effective way to draw buyers in. Shoppers seek out jewelry with personalized details or distinctive elements they don’t see elsewhere – making this niche market an attractive target.

Etsy offers many popular bath products such as soaps and bath bombs for sale that sell well among women, which also serve to market personal brands effectively.

Etsy provides a range of notebooks and journals, making them great selling points as gifts. To maximize sales, you could choose to open one or multiple shops targeting different audiences.

Art & collectibles

Etsy provides a platform that connects artists, crafters, and collectors specializing in handmade or vintage goods with customers seeking these goods. Since 2005, Etsy has provided artists and crafters an ideal marketplace to sell their unique creations to eager customers looking for handcrafted or vintage products.

Buyers appreciate products that reflect their style and taste, such as clothing items like chunky knit blankets, jerseys, and custom-designed dresses from Etsy. Digital planners and paper crafts are also fast sellers since they can be customized instantly for instantaneous delivery.

Etsy also sells jewelry, hair accessories, enamel pins, and custom t-shirts, which can be personalized with the user’s name or initials; sellers offer various colors and styles from which customers can select.

Home Decor

Home decor is Etsy’s top seller, followed by jewelry and accessories. Home decor encompasses digital downloads of decorative prints to custom-built furniture pieces.

Home decoration sellers on Etsy have discovered that buyers from Generation Z and Millennials are drawn to items that spark nostalgia or offer versatility, such as multipurpose pieces; this trend indicates they want items explicitly tailored to fit their lifestyles.

Etsy reported having 90 million active buyers as of 2021, with 40% making repeat purchases. Use product tags when describing your items to increase your chances of being seen by buyers.