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Top 10 Most Popular Video Games of All Time


Whether you are a casual player or a dedicated gamer, there are plenty of popular video games to choose from. Of course, you may already have a favorite, or maybe you are just curious about some available options.

GTA Online

Designed by Rockstar, GTA Online is a massive game based on the fictional city of Los Santos. Players can choose from various activities, including flight school, vehicle races, and gambling. It also features a robust in-game socialization system.

The GTA above Online is available on three different platforms. PlayStation 5 players will receive the game for free for three months. Xbox One and Xbox 360 players can also download GTA Online for free.

GTA Online boasts a massive content creation scene. It includes businesses, side missions, and even an advanced “Heists” feature. In addition, the game has over eight years’ worth of gameplay additions. It also offers various ways to play, including free-roam mode.

Mario Kart

‘Mario Kart’ is one of the most popular video game series. It has been a staple of the Nintendo consoles since the mid-’90s. It has featured various characters from the Mario and Sonic series and Animal Crossing, Splatoon, and F-Zero.

Mario Kart has been released for every Nintendo console and several handhelds. There are also arcade games and mobile games in the series. ‘Mario Kart’ has sold more than 150 million copies worldwide.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Despite being released over ten years ago, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is still one of the most popular video games around the world. As a first-person shooter, it creates an exciting and action-packed gaming environment. It allows players to build teams of fighters and fight against other teams in the game.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has many unique features. One of the most popular features is the team-building mode. This mode allows players to create teams of players and fight against the other team to reach objectives. In addition, the game also features a battle-royale game mode.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Despite its relatively young age, Super Smash Bros Ultimate has become one of the most popular video games. It has surpassed the previous best-selling fighting game, Street Fighter 2, and has sold more than 13 million copies since September 2019.

The game’s most significant selling character is Mario. He has appeared in every Super Smash Bros. game and was the mascot of the Mario 64 series. The game was also the best-selling game on the Nintendo GameCube, with more than one million copies sold.

I Am Bread

Developed by Bossa Studios, I Am Bread is a puzzle game that puts players in the role of a single slice of Bread. The goal of each level is to turn the piece into toast. This is done by navigating a room full of household objects, flipping over to get more distance, and using the heat source within the room.

I Am Bread was first released in April 2015 for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and iOS. However, it was removed from Google Play at an unknown date.


Known as a “hero shooter” or a “team-based multiplayer game,” Overwatch is one of the most popular video games on the market. It’s one of the most popular eSports games, too.

In Overwatch, players choose from an extensive roster of heroes, each with their unique abilities. The game offers two primary modes: Payload and Capture the Flag. The Payload mode involves escorting a “payload” across the map. Similarly, Capture the Flag involves capturing points on a map.

Fall Guys

During the first month of release, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout became one of the hottest video games of the summer. It surpassed games like Fortnite, Destiny 2, and Team Fortress 2 regarding player count and watch time.

It also attracted a lot of attention from people who don’t usually play games. It was also praised for its innovative game design and fun gameplay.

Fall Guys is a free-to-play battle royale game. In this game, players control goopy jellybean-like creatures and attempt to win crowns and prizes while avoiding impostors.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Developed by Treyarch, Call of Duty: Black Ops II is the sequel to the 2010 first-person shooter Black Ops. It was released in 2012 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii U. In addition to the single-player campaign, players can play multiplayer games in various game modes.

The Call of Duty: Black Ops II single-player campaign is set in the late 1980s. Raul Menendez, a Latin American drug lord, is the game’s main villain.