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The Winners and Losers of Sports Betting, Game by Game



Since March 2009, when I first got to use John Morrison’s Sports Betting Champ method, I’ve placed 19 wagers. The Interesting Info about ยูฟ่าเบท.

It was near the end of the NBA betting season when I made the purchase, and an entire month before the MLB season began, I was forced to wait a while before placing any wagers. Nevertheless, the NBA went undefeated with 79 wins and 0 losses this season, and I wish I had discovered this opportunity sooner!

So far this MLB season, I have placed 17 wagers and two wagers on the NBA. So far, I’ve found the following:


Game time in Los Angeles is 3/26 against Detroit.

Despite my allegiance to the Pistons, I took the advice to wager on the Lakers and came out on top.

L.A. Lakers vs. O.C. Magic, 6/9

The Magic won NBA Finals Game 3 by a score of 108-104 despite shooting over 62% for the game and 75% in the first half. I assumed Kobe would be Kobe and get the win in the end, but he missed some free throws down the stretch, and the Magic pulled off the upset for their first series win and franchise victory in franchise history. I’m so relieved to have found the Sports Betting Champion! Again, I come out on top.


Oakland Athletics vs. Seattle Mariners, May 1

I was advised to wager +1.5 on the Athletics, and I’m happy I did because the A’s led for most of the game before the Mariners rallied in the 9th to win by a score of 8-7. So naturally, I came out on top of this wager.

Matchup: Texas Rangers vs. Detroit Tigers, May 21.

The Rangers, who were +1.5 underdogs, lost by precisely one score. The Rangers were behind for most of the game, but they managed to pull even in the eighth. The Tigers took the lead for good in the ninth and held on for a 4-3 victory. Another victory is mine.

Five-twentieth, Philadelphia Phillies vs. Florida Marlins

Even though Ryan Howard hit two home runs for the Phillies, I was recommended to bet on the Marlins +1.5, and the Marlins ended up winning the game, 5-3. So it’s another victory for me.

Milwaukee Brewers vs. St. Louis Cardinals, May 25.

Chris Carpenter of the Cardinals and Yovani Gallardo of the Brewers pitched a shutout in this contest. After nine games, both teams were tied 0-0, forcing extra frames. The Cardinals lost 1-0 after Bill Hall of the Brewers singled home the game-winning run with two outs in the bottom of the 10th inning. I followed advice to wager +1.5 runs on the Cardinals and came out ahead despite their loss by a single run.

Red Sox vs. Blue Jays, May 29.

The Blue Jays defeated the Red Sox by a score of 6-3 behind the strong pitching of Casey Janssen. I bet on the Blue Jays as +1.5 odds and came out on top.

Matchup: New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox, June 10

This season, the Red Sox have yet to lose to the Yankees, and as a result, they have risen to the top of the American League East. They triumphed by a score of 6-5 over the Yankees. I wagered 1.5 runs on the Yankees and won because they fell by precisely 1.

New York Mets vs. St. Louis Cardinals, June 22.

I was advised to take a -1.5 point spread on the New York Mets. I can only win the bet if the Mets prevail by at least two runs. The Mets led most of the game, but their advantage dwindled to a single score in the ninth and tenth innings. The New York Mets went up 6-4 in the bottom of the eighth inning after Luis Castillo scored on an infield grounder. The Mets’ ninth-inning reliever shut the door, and the team went on to win 6-4, allowing me to cash in on another wager using this strategy.

San Francisco Giants vs. Oakland Athletics, 6/22

Despite my allegiance to the Giants, I was advised to wager on the A’s. As the underdog, the A’s needed to win by at least two runs for me to collect on my wager. The Athletics beat the Mariners 5-1 as starting pitcher Trevor Cahill threw seven innings of one-run ball. Bobby Crosby added an insurance run with a line drive double down the first base line. One more baseball wager went in my favor.

Milwaukee Brewers vs. Minnesota Twins, June 24.

With two outs in the eighth inning, the Twins appeared poised for a victory, but things quickly unraveled. The Twins could not recover from a slow start, as the Brewers prevailed 4-3 thanks to a single, an RBI double, and two errors on defense. I had a +1.5 wager on the Brewers, which meant they could lose by no more than one score or win by any margin. Since they came out on top, I got my money back.

The Phillies play the Blue Jays in Toronto on June 27.

The odds of the Phillies winning this game are -1.5, and I’m afraid to bet on them. The Phillies had been struggling mightily as of late, and no victories appeared imminent. But tonight, for some reason, they dominated the Blue Jays, 10-0. Jayson Werth of the Philadelphia Phillies went 2-for-4 with a home run and a triple short of the cycle. J. A. Happ, starting pitcher for the Phillies, tossed his first career blank, allowing just five hits. Another wager was gained by yours indeed.

Date: June 29 Angels of Anaheim vs. Rangers of Texas

Angels starter Sean O’Sullivan kept the Rangers at bay and picked up his second career victory in a 5-2 Angels victory. O’Sullivan tossed well for six innings, allowing just two runs. With four runs in the sixth inning, the Angels took control of the game and never looked back, cruising to a 5-2 victory. I followed the advice to wager on the Angels at +1.5 and won.

Sunday, June 29: **Detroit Tigers vs. Oakland Athletics**

Tonight, the A’s cruised to a 7-1 win over the Tigers behind three singles from Ryan Sweeney and a pitching performance with 14 strikeouts. The A’s triumphed 7-1 thanks to a strong performance from starting pitcher Brett Anderson and a strong bullpen. Since the A’s won the game and the spread was +1.5, my wager was successful.

**The Red Sox take on the Orioles in Baltimore on 6/30**

Tonight, the Orioles staged a remarkable rally to defeat the Red Sox, 11-10. When the Orioles were trailing 10-1 in the bottom of the seventh inning, they staged the franchise’s biggest comeback win by scoring five runs in both the seventh and eighth innings. After six innings, the Red Sox were ahead 9-1, and I was advised to wager on the Orioles at +1.5. I was confident that the Orioles would lose that bet. I, of course, ended up victorious in this wager.

San Diego Padres (30th) vs. Houston Astros (6th).

The Astros lacked direction while starter Mike Hampton was on the field. However, after he departed, the team started to play better, and David Eckstein’s RBI single scored three runs in the seventh inning to give the Padres a 4-3 victory over the Astros. I put 1.5 of my total bankroll on the Padres and came ahead.

June 30: Colorado Rockies at Los Angeles Dodgers

Jason Marquis, starting for the Rockies, threw 86 pitches and shut out the Dodgers in game two. The Rockies only had 14 other two-hitters before this one. In addition to the ten wins he already had this season, he helped his team by bringing in 2 runs with a single in the seventh inning. The Rockies’ 3-0 victory meant my wager on them at +1.5 paid off.

Minnesota Twins vs. Detroit Tigers, July 3

The length of the game surprised me. By the top of the third inning, the Tigers’ lead had grown to six runs, and I assumed they would cruise to victory. But in the bottom of the sixth inning, the Twins tallied five runs to score 7-7. I believed the Tigers would win after breaking the 7-7 tie in the 14th inning. The bottom of the eighth arrived, and the Twins scored a run to score 8-8. The Twins could not score more than one run in the bottom of the 16th inning, while the Tigers tallied three. It took the Tigers over 5 hours to win by a tally of 11-9 in 16 innings. Since the Tigers won the game and I was advised to bet on them at +1.5, I did just that and won another bet using this method.

MLB Game Preview: Pirates vs. Marlins, July 4

Starting pitcher Andrew Miller for the Florida Marlins was pretty solid throughout the game, and the Marlins beat the Pittsburgh Pirates 5-3 with help from a two-run home run by Hanley Ramirez in the first inning. At the -1.5 odds I was given, the Marlins would have had to win by more than two runs for me to collect. I was victorious in my wager with a final tally of 5-3.

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